Canada | 2 Day Masterclass | 30th April – 1st May 2014

Canada | 2 Day Masterclass | 30th April – 1st May 2014
Event on 2014-04-30 10:00:00

The Deasys are the photography studio to watch and follow, re-defining portrait photography in a fresh and new way. Tim & Beverly Walden, USA 

About The Chicago Masterclass

A two day Portrait Photography Masterclass by Padraic & Sonia Deasy providing an in-depth look at the Deasy Photographic business model and sharing their unique studio lighting techniques. This workshop is for professional photographers yearning to learn new techniques; and dying to give their business the wings to fly. Padraic and Sonia Deasy have been conducting this workshop to packed houses everywhere – from Latin America to all over Europe and Australia.

Their photography workshop aims to let your business grow exponentially. The upcoming Chicago Masterclass is extremely personalized and limited to only 20 seats.It's always productive to look outside our own backyard and learn from successful people from all over the world.  It allows us to see things from a different perspective, giving us a fresh injection and approach to how we are doing in our own profession. 

Padraic and Sonia Deasy are Deasy Photographic – Ireland's leading portrait studio who, through the last 5 years of economic turmoil, have maintained and grown a lucrative and successful portrait business.

Like most of the world, in 2008, Ireland too had officially entered a recession.  By 2012, the unemployment rate grew to 14.8%.  Yet through these tough economic times, based in the small town of Newbridge with a population of just 25,000, Deasy Photographic continued to sustain a healthy business by adapting their business model to suit the difficult economic climate. They have been shooting 350 sessions annually with high average sales and more than 350 limited edition sessions every year on top of that!   


Day 1 – Photography as a Business – Best practices and practical advice on running a portrait studio

Back to Basics – You shall be introduced to the Deasy Photographic way of managing your portrait studio. These systems are almost like a template that can be exported and applied to any photography business anywhere in the world. So let’s get going and get your foundations right.

Shooting – With their guidance and experience, you will learn to make your clients visualize the concept, before shooting for it. Unlike most studios that shoot to sell, you will learn how to sell the idea before you shoot!

Enquiries – What good is an opportunity that knocks on your door, only to walk away! This module will show you how to convert enquiries into bookings with ease.

Selling – Selling is an art, and yet it can be used with scientific efficiency. This step by step selling guide enhances overall customer experience at your studio and increases average sales. Watch your customers smoothly transition from initial contact to closure with this streamlined system.

Handling Client Relations – Managing relationships has never been so important. Understanding your customer’s pulse and giving them what they want – is key to your business. In the long run, this will allow you to reap the rewards with high average sales and continued referral business.

Pricing for Profit – Your passion is now your business too; and you need to know how a streamlined product range and simplified price list will help you achieve your business objectives and derive maximum advantage.

Marketing – In today’s ever connected, constantly changing business scenario- Marketing and Branding are game changers. You will be introduced to social media marketing strategies and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques that go a long way in helping you convert prospects into new business. 


Day 2 – Photography Lighting Techniques – Insights and hands-on techniques on using lighting as an effective tool in photography

Lighting Ratios – Designed to help you master the use of strobe lighting to achieve outstanding portraits. Fine-tune your lighting skills by using a variety of lighting equipment and understanding their best working combinations.

Quality of Light – Demonstrates a variety of techniques with multiple light setups, high key and low key lighting. The quality and direction of light, matched with your subject and composition, define the overall effect of the image, whether it’s soft and warm or bold and graphic. You will gain an in-depth understanding of lighting techniques and the quality of light to get that magic touch in your photographs.

Depth of Light – Shows you how to best alter the shadows by using reflectors and fill lights.

Lighting Styles – Guides you how to ‘Light’ portraits by utilizing a variety of modifiers to create drama and a unique touch in your images. You will be introduced to the different lighting styles; and the use of these techniques to unlock your creative instincts and make an evocative and powerful masterpiece


  • 2 Day Essentials Workshop.
  • The Deasy Photographic Pdf. Handbook – which will be used extensively as a point of reference, so please bring a laptop.
  • Lighting Document Pdf. with detailed lighting diagrams and lighting modifier effects.
  • Snacks and Lunch.

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The Deasy workshop in Phoenix, AZ, was wonderful.  It was comprehensive, yet intimate.  There was great structure and clarity to both days.  At no point did it feel like content was rushed or going off track.  There was plenty of time for questions and time to get to know both Sonia and Padraic as well as the other attendees.  For myself returning from six months overseas it pulled together many of my thoughts for how I want to redirect my business which after ten years was needing something else.  The workshop has given me a blueprint for changes and a path to follow to ensure the changes can occur.

Sonia and Padraic shared everything and since the workshop they have also been great at answering any questions coming up from implementing some of their ideas.  I would highly recommend this workshop to any photographer who has been in business for a while yet needs to finesse their systems and maybe refresh their approach to their business.

Crackle Bingham Missoula, MT, USA.  



When I’m having a hard time getting American students to understand the intricacies of branding, I turn to the website of Padraic and Sonia Deasy to illustrate one of the best examples anywhere in the world of how to create a meaningful, memorable brand: This is powerfully evident from the moment you step into their studio or visit their website.

They've done a masterful job of creating an exceptional line of products that is perfect for their target market; their marketing is spot on; their studio facilities further extend the brand; and the client experience they and their staff provide is designed to assure client loyalty. Deasy Photographic is very simply a text-book case on how to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment. Any photographer who wants to do it right would be fortunate indeed to learn from Padraic and Sonia!

Ann Monteith  | Photographer, Teacher, Author | Past-President, Professional Photographers of | America Pennsylvania, USA

at Aspire Pro Studios
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Winnipeg, Canada

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