Canada Drugs Suppliers Customers Side Step Drug Price Increases in USA by Using Canadian Online Pharmacies

(PRWEB) June 03, 2011, a leading Canadian pharmacy online, says Americans can side step egregious price increases on drugs in the USA. This comes after a recent article suggests that some CEOs of top pharmaceutical companies raise Americas drug prices just for the hell of it. And that some may be taking advantage of drug shortages to jack up the prices.

Im not surprised, says Aman Bhangu, a licensed pharmacist at NorthWestPharmacy.coms Canadian online pharmacy. He adds that patients dont necessarily have to put up with this. They can buy Canadian drugs and international meds from safe and reputable Canadian pharmacies online like and save up to ninety percent.

Canada pharmacy and online drugs companies offering Canadian drugs and international medications are able to offer significantly lower prices in part because most brand name drugs are subject to price controls by other western governments. Such price controls do not exist in the USA. This may explain why one big drug makers CEO is quoted in the article referenced above as saying, prices were just shoved up every year to make more money and meet earnings, to be blunt, regarding drug prices in the USA.

When I practiced pharmacy in the USA, it was really disheartening to have to tell uninsured and underinsured patients the price of the drugs they had been prescribed; it was even worse seeing the look on their face, knowing they could not afford it, says Pharmacist Bhangu. I am really proud to now be working at a Canadian pharmacy which helps these American patients afford their Canadian drugs, he concludes.

Pharmacist Bhangu stresses that American patients can safely buy from Canadian pharmacies online if they ensure the Canada drugs supplier they buy from meets some important criteria. It is important to get an understanding of the safety protocols the Canada online pharmacy company puts in place to assure that its drugs are authentic. In the case of, the website describes this in some detail on its Drug Safety & Authenticity page. It details the extensive steps the Canada drugs merchant undertakes to ensure a safe drugs supply.

Also key is the level of customer service the Canadian pharmacy and online drugs site provides. This should be verified independently before ordering Canadian drugs online. One of the best ways to do this is to determine whether the Canada drugs retailer is Shopper Approved. Shopper Approved is a leading third party online reviews and ratings company which, independent from the Canadian pharmacy website owner, collects and displays reviews from the actual paying customers of Canadian pharmacies online. is the most independently reviewed and five star rated Canadian pharmacy online with nearly 20,000 Shopper Approved reviews on display through its website.

Purchase protection is very important when buying anything online and especially so when buy online drugs from Canada or elsewhere. Thats why every purchase through is independently guaranteed by buySAFE, a buyer assurance program which has been underwritten by some very large insurance companies in the USA.

Finally, it is best to only buy Canadas drugs online from Canada pharmacy sites that have been certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and those which show the TRUSTe certified privacy seal. Never buy from fake Canadian online pharmacies that offer what they claim to be Canadian drugs online without a prescription. No legitimate Canadian online pharmacy sells Canadian drugs or international medicines without a prescription from the patients own personal doctor.


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