Canadian SEO & SEM Company Numero Uno Web Solutions Announces Its Top Tips for Creating Quality Backlinks Through Q&A Sites

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) April 12, 2013

Numero Uno Web Solutions (, a fast-growing global Internet marketing firm that caters to small- and mid-size business-to-consumer companies, announces its top tips for creating quality backlinks through question and answer (Q&A) sites that are discoverable and shareable, increase online authority, and improve search engine results pages.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about creating content that is search engine-friendly. Backlinks are links that point users back to a companys web site; according to Numero Uno Web Solutions, these are an excellent, low-cost way for brands to build a sites reputation and online rank.

Search engines gauge a sites popularity, in large part, based on backlinks, says Marco Reuter, Business Development Manager at Numero Uno Web Solutions. When search engine algorithms find a site with a lot of backlinks, the search engine concludes that the site provides quality information and should be rewarded with a high ranking.

To do this, small- and medium-sized business owners need to implement a comprehensive SEO campaign that includes an inbound marketing strategy that encourages people to discover their product or service online. Q&A sites, such as Quora, can help build a companys online reputation and exposure.

A Q&A site like Quora allows business owners to give direct answers to anyone asking about a product or service, Reuter adds. They can also provide links to blog posts or product pages. Quora also integrates social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By publishing reliable information, brands can become an authority in their field, which can build trust, increase backlinks, and reinforce a sites authority status.

Quora is not a site for shameless self-promotion, as it requires users to provide comprehensive responses with quality links. Reuter concludes. A lot of small- and medium-sized businesses provide niche products and services; meaning they are experts in specific fields. And that information is a valuable resource.

As a team of online marketing experts, Numero Uno Web Solutions has a proven track record of designing unique SEO campaigns with original, relevant content that uses natural keywords, builds quality backlinks, and enhances online authority.

Numero Uno Web Solutions is one of the top Internet marketing firms due to constant innovation and overall customer satisfaction. For more information on Numero Uno Web Solutions, and to discover how the company can help maximize your companys search engine optimization and online presence, visit, or call Numero Uno Web Solutions toll-free at 1-855-SEO-XPRT (1-855-736-9778).

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