Canned dragons 4 dinner

Canned dragons 4 dinner

Image by Meir Jacob | מאיר יעקב
I am not sure he liked the idea of the dinner he was invited to :))))

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3 Responses to Canned dragons 4 dinner

  1. dela7 says:

    Baracute… This is cool. Not sure I would like to have that for dinner either. Looks like it might bite back. Nice work. Would you please consider adding this to the OOB Group?

  2. Meir Jacob | מאיר יעקב says:

    Thank you dela7, the best way to have a dragon is roasted. But then, problem is that being a dragon it may huff and puff and roast you right back

  3. dela7 says:

    Baracute… Thanks for adding this to the OOB Group. I think I will wait a while before trying any dragon, they look a little bony for my taste. LOL!!!

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