Car Wraps NYC Launches as Impressions Holdings New York Vehicle Wraps Firm

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) May 02, 2013

Impressions Holdings is an innovative online marketing organization which sells its services based on one thing adding value to its clients through easily quantifiable metrics. The concept which drives Impressions in the marketplace is the idea that increased amounts of targeted traffic will convert to higher percentages of qualified leads which inherently translates to more revenue. This is exactly what Impressions intends to do for new website, Car Wraps NYC.

Car Wraps NYC is a top provider of vinyl signs and vehicle wraps in the Greater New York Area. Their staff is detail oriented and results driven. Their superior service has allowed them to stand apart from others in their industry.

Impressions Holdings decided to work with Car Wraps New York when they found that industry-wide, the online presence of vehicle wrappers was behind the times.

Car Wraps NYCs new website includes a variety of features which exemplify the services provided by this vinyl wraps team. On the home page, this company displays examples of the potential of vehicle wraps in New York through a sleek slider. The site also includes a number of contact and request forms, as well as informational pages about the various wraps offered by Car Wraps NYC.

Fleet Wraps in New York include things like corporate buses, taxi or car service vehicles, and cargo trucks for transportation of goods. Car Wraps NYC is the place to go for projects of any size, but their team is known to provide high-end fleet wraps.

Car Wraps NYC believes that a white panel truck is simply a waste of advertising space. With the price of billboards in New York, mobile billboard advertising is an excellent and affordable option.

Despite its name, Car Wraps NYC provides more than just vehicle wraps. Car Wraps New York produces fantastic vinyl signs which can promote your business virtually anywhere, not just on the road.

With such high quality work, dont hesitate to contact this company via their brand new website at

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