8 Replies to “Carbon Nanotech Coming to Your Computer (Brainstorm Ep115)”

  1. Simplification but (neurones) ~100 billion/2,500 cm2 (cerebral surface area) = 100 million/cm2 and as stated these transistors could fit 1 billion/cm2. So these are ~10 times more dense, BUT it’s a false comparison as neurone’s can interact with 10,000 other neurons directly and I imagine these can interact with possibly 1-20 other transistors. How that affects computing power isn’t really understood.

  2. Shouldn’t the Carolinska Institute of Sweden all ready found a sort of treatment for parkinssons? Wouldent that be a key for fixing other parts of the brain? Found out Sweden didn’t discover the treatment but Germans. Is that true?

  3. When I see a new episode of Brainstorm in my feed, I rejoice more than when I see Michio Kaku in ThinkBig or RSA in my feed. Thank you for the great channel.

  4. The first line of the wood article made me laugh…and cry. “Crude oil is getting scarce.” Why? Cuz my relatives don’t believe this. I used to try to tell them how peak oil is a real problem that we have to deal with as a world society. One person in particular told me that there’s an abundant supply, in a few particular US states. “We’ll never run out!” I stopped trying; it became irritating. How can you convince people if they refuse to do the math and look at statistics? 🙁

  5. A BILLION Transistors per centimeter?? Holy fucking shit! Excuse the bad language, but that is amazing…… How does that figure compare to density of neurons in a brain? Wow

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