Carbon Nanotech Coming to Your Computer (Brainstorm Ep115)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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8 Responses to Carbon Nanotech Coming to Your Computer (Brainstorm Ep115)

  1. kfame227 says:

    Great video!!!

  2. feltes45 says:

    You’re network’s website isn’t working. Need any help?

  3. Julian Poulton-King says:

    Simplification but (neurones) ~100 billion/2,500 cm2 (cerebral surface area) = 100 million/cm2 and as stated these transistors could fit 1 billion/cm2. So these are ~10 times more dense, BUT it’s a false comparison as neurone’s can interact with 10,000 other neurons directly and I imagine these can interact with possibly 1-20 other transistors. How that affects computing power isn’t really understood.

  4. retroHC says:

    Shouldn’t the Carolinska Institute of Sweden all ready found a sort of treatment for parkinssons? Wouldent that be a key for fixing other parts of the brain? Found out Sweden didn’t discover the treatment but Germans. Is that true?

  5. TheVirtualban says:

    When I see a new episode of Brainstorm in my feed, I rejoice more than when I see Michio Kaku in ThinkBig or RSA in my feed. Thank you for the great channel.

  6. D0nutHutSlut says:

    The first line of the wood article made me laugh…and cry. “Crude oil is getting scarce.” Why? Cuz my relatives don’t believe this. I used to try to tell them how peak oil is a real problem that we have to deal with as a world society. One person in particular told me that there’s an abundant supply, in a few particular US states. “We’ll never run out!” I stopped trying; it became irritating. How can you convince people if they refuse to do the math and look at statistics? :-(

  7. squidfanny says:

    A BILLION Transistors per centimeter?? Holy fucking shit! Excuse the bad language, but that is amazing…… How does that figure compare to density of neurons in a brain? Wow

  8. qdragon1337 says:


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