Career Advice: Breaking into the PR Industry

Career Advice: Breaking into the PR Industry

My Instagram – More on my blog – I currently live in NYC and work in fashion/beauty public re…

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31 Responses to Career Advice: Breaking into the PR Industry

  1. Nojeen Murad says:

    Hey I just want to know what is the average SAT score for getting into this field, all replies are helpful x

  2. Tracy Terzis says:

    im so sorry, but what is pr exactly? what do you do?

  3. Tijera Slack says:

    I can handle it. I was in the U.S. Army almost 9 years. We worked long hours and change was normal. At least I’ll be working with fashion instead of guns. lol

  4. Curtis Thompson says:

    Syma M

  5. Ari says:

    what is a “liberal arts background”? I am not native, maybe i´m not getting it..

  6. Mark Pine says:

    Sounds like the story of my life;) Nice video. 

  7. DTRforgoodnesssake says:

    This video was extremely helpful! I am about to start my last year of high school and the administrators at my school do not know very many things about the PR industry so I’m glad this video was here to help me on my research path :)

  8. alice flores says:

    Would you consider making a video oh blogging step by step and any pitfalls.

  9. George Haber says:

    Having been in the business for more than 40 years, and having taught public relations and marketing in undergraduate and MBA programs on Long Island, permit me to toss in my two cents worth of opinion: First and foremost, if you want to get into public relations, make sure you are an excellent writer–i.e., you’re able to write letters, proposals, speeches, and press releases, at the very least. And if you’re not a good writer, get one to help you do it! Learn all you can about marketing public relations, and start thinking creatively–i.e., start thinking of how to promote anything and anybody you come across. Have a good liberal arts education, but realize many of your clients and prospects may be in health care, technology, computers, etc….So you better have a handle on topics and issues in these areas as well!

  10. Chealsy Vargas says:

    can you do an updated pr career advice??

  11. behapppyyy says:

    Great advice! Just subscribed! :)

  12. Tatiana Martsiyash says:

    What is the salary startup and end?

  13. Isaac Newton says:

    whats your twitter handle 

  14. GlamGrilCRM says:

    How big is writing at your job? What advice would you give to someone who love’s PR but not the greatest writer.

  15. skylinejones says:

    Great vid.

  16. lanadelheyy says:

    Your have the most helpful channel in the world. I really wanted to be a fashion PR but after this video I know it’s definitely the right choice for me. But I do have one reservation. Is it common for a male to be in this industry? 

  17. j garne says:

    Thankyou very much! It was extremely helpful!

  18. CassandraxBeauty says:

    Katy send me here and your videos are amazing totally subscribing to you :)

  19. New Media Press Release PR says:

    What about using a digital notepad on your computer for staying organized?

  20. fatuma hussein says:

    Thank you so much I’ve been looking for something like this. I’ve been set on getting into PR for a while now, but just needed a little bit more info. 

  21. Taylor Buchanan says:

    More vids on PR pwease lol

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