website continues to perform well

(PRWEB UK) 4 September 2012

Online car rental company have continued its 2012 trends of improving against its previous best with August 2012 being the busiest August in the websites records. Last month was only narrowly quieter then July 2012 with just 324 page views less, not a great difference considering the number of pages views over the month.

When comparing August 2012 site metrics against 2011 there is a remarkable difference with an increase in page views of 305.42%, visit duration and pages per visit both increased by more then 50% and bounce rate decreased by 32%.

At the time of writing Carhire is appearing third in Google results for the main keyword car hire and this is the main attributing factor according to a spokesmen for the company: in previous years we have always appeared around the 9th 12th spot in Google, of course being third in results gets an awful lot more exposure and its due to this we have encountered such a good year.

The site recently began pushing its Stansted airport car hire webpage as an experiment to see how high the page would / could rank with little improvements and changes. At the time of starting this began at 36th in the Google search engine rankings less then a month ago for the keywords Stansted airport car hire but this has now risen to 11th, with fresh content and a new page title. The web page is now receiving a lot more entrances from Google with previous numbers at around just 3-4 visitors per week, this is now receiving more then 30. uses Google analytics to track site usage and web visitor trends.

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