Casamentos Sem noção!

Canais que Gostei
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22 Responses to Casamentos Sem noção!

  1. JRx45 says:

    She landed head first dum-hard at 1:04. That’s not even funny but I could not stop myself from laughing.

  2. neil tristan yabut says:

    kakonyohan eh!

  3. Marcelo Lima says:

    Cade a noiva peituda affs

  4. VickiAnd Mary says:

    02:18 This is not funny :/

  5. irishxxkelt says:

    There are an awful lot of STUPID, OBESE and DRUNKEN people in these clips. People could have been killed or ended up in wheelchairs.

  6. Steem eNerJ says:

    [singing] Im always getting EVERYTIME videocamera!

  7. Rafael Domingos says:


  8. Tudo que gosto de compartilhar says:


  9. kill bear says:

    false advertisement

  10. rafael anternor says:

    Cade a Noiva Peituda 

  11. Itabone Danone says:

    Vhvv n kpp0hn b

  12. Edejamir Costa says:

    greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat shit

  13. Alexandra Guardian says:

    Haha. Funny accident

  14. JOSÉ R RIBEIRO Ribeiro says:


  15. Gloria Cristina M e Silva says:

    holambraa!!! eu fui pra lá no meu passeio de escola!!

  16. Hans Gurtner says:

    Ein seltsamer Film So zerstückelt. Könnte mir jemand die Handlung erklären ?

  17. Rui Alexandre says:

    P quem vai casar cuidado:) hi hi

  18. Lela Lelis says:

    depois disso, meu sonho de casar acobou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rs

  19. emilly salles says:

    kkkkkk Perguntem > ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. Seph Céli-Ô says:

    1:40 role gourmet 

  21. Lidyanne Victoria says:

    0:36 que idiota kkkkkkk

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