Casey Gollan Provides 15 Uncommon Ways for a Company to Promote its Blog Posts

(PRWEB) June 12, 2013

Blogging is big business these days, but if a company’s well-crafted words aren’t attracting readers and sales then Casey Gollans latest news bulletin titled 15 Uncommon Ways to Promote Your Blog Post is essential reading. He claims that by putting these strategies to the test, a company’s blog readership will grow at a steady rate and lead to a robust online presence.

Business blogging is a proven way to strengthen a brands online presence and drive traffic to an official website, confirms Gollan. But take note writing the post is only half the battle. It’s necessary to promote those posts in order to grow, he warns. And in his latest bulletin he comes up with 15 great ways in which to do this.

Business blogging does not have to be intimidating, it just has to be optimized well and strategically shared with the people that are looking for the content you provide the most, he says.

By putting these strategies to the test, your blog readership should grow at a steady rate and lead to a robust online presence.

Start by sharing posts with relevant Linked In groups, Gollan advises. Use a business LinkedIn or professional profile to share recent post with groups that are related either topic or industry-wise.

Meanwhile, mention sources on Twitter. The popular social media channel is an easy way to expand a company’s audience to that of the person being mentioned. For instance, a post mentioning an in-demand professional should be sent to that individual and their name tweeted to the company’s followers.

Often that professional will notice their tweet mentioned and give thanks through either a direct tweet or even retweet a company’s tweet to their own followers. This is a great way to get eyes on a blog post and maybe even begin a connection with someone very influential, advises Gollan.

Then again, a ‘how-to’ post could be re-purposed on YouTube. YouTube is the third most popular website in the world after Google and Facebook and people constantly look to YouTube for lessons on how to do something. ‘How to’ posts do just that, says Gollan. Optimize that post with key words then sit back and watch the company blog count soar for that particular post.

Its a good idea too to upload a post to file sharing sites such as SlideShare and Scribd. It’s better to convert the post into a PDF so that it can be shared easily, says Gollan in his latest news report 15 uncommon ways to promote your blog post These are the sites people go to to find answers to questions and they are showing up more and more frequently in organic search engines.

It’s important not to forget older posts so that they too can be shared on Twitter. A brilliant company blog written some time ago maybe didn’t attract attention then. But it can be shared again on Twitter via plugins for Tweeting old posts. This not only automates the process but ensures a steady stream of traffic to the company website.

A blog post that fully explores and then answers a common question, can be shared on Yahoo Answers or Quora, he says. The quality of the questions and answers are more sophisticated on Quora, so use the site when a company really wants to make an impression.

A great way to grow an audience is to interview industry experts, says Gollan. For instance, if a company is in the bookkeeping business then they should interview accountants, tax attorneys, or other bookkeepers to get top tips on the subject.

Potential clients are another good group to interview, says Gollan. Jewellery designers could interview fashion bloggers. Those who work in events for the hospitality industry could interview wedding planners or caterers. Not only will that involve establishing a connection with a potential client, but it’ll also introduce the business to their followers.

Another idea to boost

blogging potential in an unusual way is to convert a post into a podcast. People love to listen to podcasts on the way to and from work or while cleaning the house. Use this medium to get a company’s content on more peoples radar. Or what about an advertising exchange? Gollan advises partnering up with other business blogs and exchanging banner ads on each others sites. This is a quick way to build fellowship and potentially double readership.

Pinterest is another social networking site which has a huge traffic following and worth looking at its benefits. Then there are Google Plus and email newsletters.

And dont forget add a recent company blog post to an email signature is another great form of blog promotion. To find out other ways to promote blog posts take a look today at Casey Gollan’s website

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