Cash Is for Losers!

Cash Is for Losers!
Kristen Geil, a writer for an Internet marketing firm in Chicago, heard about Venmo for the first time two summers ago. Her new roommate, who had just arrived in town from New York, was raving about this app that allows users to send and receive …
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Experience Advertising has been Ranked the Top Affiliate Marketing Agency for
Experience Advertising, Inc. has garnered national attention since 2007 for their award-winning Internet marketing management services which include: affiliate management (OPM), social media management, SEO, SEM (Google AdWords and BingAds …

7 Incredible Viral Moments That Turned Out to Be Marketing Stunts
There have been a lot of questions about whether or not overnight Internet darling 'Alex from Target' is a real viral sensation or a just a marketing ploy. Here are 7 other viral sensations that broke our hearts when we found out they weren't real:.
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