Cash Karma- Raising the energy and results of your Usana Business

Cash Karma- Raising the energy and results of your Usana Business
Event on 2015-03-21 12:00:00

You won't want to miss this very special chance to be mentored by Melanie Smith!! One of Leanne's personal mentors and Yoga Instructor is coming to town from NY to mentor GCI!!

What you will learn:

 Solidifying your beliefs in Network Marketing

 Identifying and busting through limiting beliefs

 How to have an amazing sense of urgency (without being pushy)

 How manifestation really works and how to tune into that channel!

 How to become more aware of one’s own limiting beliefs

 How can one tap into their own energy to get to that next level

 Script ideas for inviting and following up with people

 Techniques and suggestions for those wanting to develop their self-esteem


About Melanie:

Melanie Smith's varied and visionary life has at its core the gifts of love, compassion, and endless curiosity. As a Personal Growth and Transition Expert Melanie's philosophy is simple: " The most extraordinary lives are not about what you know or what you have, they are predominantly about being mindful through the choices you make everyday, as well as living and loving as your authentic self. Moving towards your highest purpose, even in the face of fear, is what creates the most meaningful life."

Melanieʼs early success as an award- winning actress gave her the opportunity to expand her skills and knowledge in many different areas. Beyond accomplishments expressing herself through dance, choreography, music, advertising, writing and producing, she is also a respected entrepreneur. Her lifestyle and yoga center, which she owned and operated, was considered by sources such as Vogue, Yoga Journal, Philadelphia Magazine and others to be one of best and well respected in the country. Building on her studies in Psychology, Public Relations, Entrepreneurship and philosophy, Melanie is a powerful Motivational Speaker and a contributing writer for national health and wellness magazines. She is also a Grief Recovery Specialist, Gestalt trained Life Coach, Nutrition and Whole- life Counselor, as well as a Yoga Teacher holding the highest level of certification (ERYT500).

Her current interest in fragrance and Aromachology is yet another progression of her work and research, layering on years of study in different modalities that move people beyond their limitations towards their fullest potential and greatest purpose. Her curiosity is peaked by the science that connects fragrance with memory. It is her love and compassion for others that lead her to seek opportunities for new approaches to Grief and Loss Recovery. Melanieʼs deepest passion is to help people on a personal and global scale live a life of joy and fulfillment with a whole and open heart. Melanie has studied extensively with Harvard professor and NYT best selling author Tal Ben-Shahar to earn her certification in Positive Psychology. She is a founding fellow of Harvard Universityʼs institute of coaching and will complete her Phd. in Positive psychology and life coaching by the end of 2015.

at Burlington Golf & Country Club
422 North Shore Boulevard East
Burlington, Canada

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