Casio Pathfinder PAG-240 Compass Altimeter Watch Review

I review the solar powered Casio PAG-240 Pathfinder Watch. This watch has great features like an barometer, compass, sunrise/sunset and altimeter on your wrist. Since it is solar powered it is always is ready to go. I use this watch when hiking because it can not only take abuse, but provides an ability to monitor altitude changes, compass direction and barometer readings for predicting weather and tracking incoming weather changes (like storms). If you want to have all this data on your wrist it is hard to beat. If you like this video, consider purchasing gear (like this watch) through my Amazon store. It costs you nothing extra, but helps support my work. Thanks!

18 thoughts on “Casio Pathfinder PAG-240 Compass Altimeter Watch Review

  1. Thanks for the nice review, and useful tips. Is it easy to calibrate the altimeter to meters rather than feet? Ditto with the temp readings — Celcius rather than Fahrenheit?

  2. No I have never needed to calibrate it. I just set it to my known altitude and it just works. You will need to set it to correct altitude every 24 hours as pressure systems change as well. When I’m camping I just remember/write down my current altitude when I go to sleep. When I wake up in the morning I set the watch to that altitude and keep on hiking.

  3. Do you need to calibrate the altimeter other than the barometer zero-ing you were referring to? I have a Highgear Summit and the calibration process is so-so…the whole system seems no as accurate as the this Casio, which is pretty monster, btw…  Nice review…

  4. I’m not military so I don’t know the conditions you’ll use it in. I will say that the barometer instrument on it is open to the air so it could get clogged. It is rated very high for water resistance though. However the watch is pretty rugged build and I think you’d have to work at it to really break the thing. A G-Shock without the barometer may be more rugged, but then you don’t have the altimeter functions.

  5. @CrawlingRoad would you recommend this for military use? The durability and everything. I like it but I don’t want it to get clogged with mud and broke. Can I have some input on this matter?

  6. They have an atomic version, but it’s much more money. This one seems accurate enough for anything I’m expecting to do outdoors. I mainly use it for the barometer which I find works really well for predicting when the weather is changing.

  7. it’s pretty nice, just one thing that kinda concerns me, does this one have the exact time? I mean, does it adjust by itself? or I have to adjust it, thinking about accuarcy obviously…?

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