Cat gets mail

Everyday around lunch time our cat, The Baron (Captain Doctor Mr. Nibbles II esq.) waits for USPS to drop off his toy for the day. Sometimes we actually get …

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  1. Baby Say So says:

    cool lol

  2. Sadowski40 says:

    Again I think it’s based on personal opinion. In my opinion a dog bite hurts worse than a cat bite.

  3. tcholmes says:

    “AHA! NOW DIE YOU FOUL STINKING… oh look, a coupon!”

  4. Jennifer Spraggins says:

    Cat teeth depending on the cat aren’t that much sharper, a younger cat might be but a cat say about 9 years old, no it’s rounded like a dogs.. and their bite force is pretty strong as well. I’m not saying a cat bite hurts worse, but a cat bite and a dog bite hurt about the same… like comparing a steak knife wound to a hunting knife wound, they’re both going to hurt JUST as bad.

  5. Jennifer Spraggins says:

    My cat was vaccinated… the wound was also instantly treated and cleaned, still got infected in 12 hours.

  6. OzReel says:

    I bet a timelapse video of as many days that you could shoot would go viral

  7. Tierabelle says:

    So glad I do not have a mail flap on my door. Bill collector: Why are you overdue? Me: My cat ate my mail.

  8. Carolyn Egar Christy says:

    hahahahaha!  What a puss! <3

  9. erique82 says:

    It’s MY letter! MINE MINE MINE lol :3

  10. grecomic says:

    It’s probably just a junk flyer …this time!

  11. wellwornhand says:


  12. Yuval Gnessin says:

    Love your doormat.

  13. tikigoth says:

    The song “We’re All Immigrants” by Bobby Johnston. Its on the Wristcutters: A Love Story soundtrack.

  14. Coggs85 says:

    I must know the music that is in this video! Its wonderful! Can anyone help me out!?!

  15. MrBarry1024 says:

    loving the doormat.

  16. nessel59 says:

    Just sent this to a friend who is a mail carrier in Alabama. Wonder if he has any cats like this on his route? :)

  17. Rachel Ridenour says:

    I’m curious about where he takes it and what he does on Sundays?

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