Catalpha Advertising & Design Unveils Redesigned Website

Towson, MD (PRWEB) April 22, 2015

Catalpha Advertising & Design released its newly-redesigned website earlier this month to showcase its new, mobile-friendly format. Because Google had changed their algorithm to penalize non-mobile-friendly websites, Catalpha Advertising & Design decided to update its website to present the same information in a new, easy-to-read format.

While Catalpha Advertising & Design had a separate mobile website, it contained different information than the company’s main website. With a responsive format, Catalpha Advertising & Design was able to make its entire website available on mobile devices.

The original website had navigation that was sometimes difficult to decipher, due to new information being added on as the business offered new services and went in new directions. The new website is brighter and features updated navigation to make it easier for clients and other visitors to find the information they are looking for.

“We have mapped a more streamline flow to the navigation … With the numerous services we provide we needed a more natural flow of content so our visitors can quickly find the information they need in a natural progression. Before we almost had two sets of navigation that made it a bit more difficult to get around the site. Now everything is streamlined and has a natural flow,” explained Don Keller, owner of Catalpha Advertising & Design.

In addition to improving Catalpha Advertising & Design’s search engine rankings, the new website serves as a demonstration of the type of work the company provides for its clients.

“Our new site was a long time coming, but worth the wait. It provides a great example of what we propose for our clients — a great online experience, rich in visual and copy that answers a multitude of marketing, branding and design questions. We feel confident we have positioned our internet presence to support and sustain us for a number of years,” Keller added.

The new website went live the second week of April.

About Catalpha Advertising & Design

Catalpha Advertising & Design is an experienced, award-winning branding and digital marketing firm. Specializing in website design, online marketing, advertising and more, they continue to help both small, local businesses and multinational corporations connect to their customers. To learn more, visit

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