categories suitable for digital marketing

categories suitable for digital marketing

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Came across this McKinsey diagram from 1997ish today. Interesting measures – "potential for relationship building" and "fit with interactive media". I find myself agreeing pretty much with the relative location of the different product categories. Having tried recently to do some ‘community’ [fuck, hate that word – because there’s nothing vaguely community about what we’re really doing] for an FMCG I can say that it’s harder to build relationships around food products, than say software or music. Purely because people tend to care less.

But how do you measure ‘fit with interactive media’? Has this measure changed?

What do you think of this diagram…? what would you add / change?

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  1. Heh, I can relate to the "gasoline" spot in the bottom corner, having tried to help a Big Oil company change its evil ways through the use of new media back at the fag end of the dotcom boom in 2001, when big companies still thought there was gold in them thar portals, but the poor little startups ran out of money so now it was big corporates’ turn to shine… oh how we laughed and took their money. Was that a bad thing to do?

  2. I disagree that it’s harder to build relationships around food products – it just depends on what the product is and what it stands for. Look at the growing appetite for healthier food. For organic food. For FairTrade food.

  3. well, yeah – you’re right frankie. but relatigvely speaking it is more difficult taking the food groups as a whole to build communities around food. the way kellogs have done it is to make food part of a social requirement – dieting. some food producers – such as organic farms – manage to create a story / narrative around the production which can sustain a community of interest but it tends to be relatively niche.

  4. Why are consumer electronics low on the ‘fit with interactive media’ scale? These they interact with media. Media is part of the product. See iPod and iTunes. Also, building relationships is not just about social interaction. Sharing knowledge is a relationship too. Like we are doing now… community around a pic of a diagram 🙂

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