Experience Advertising Releases Infographic on the Growth of Social Media Advertising

Sunrise, FL (PRWEB) May 20, 2013

Experience Advertising, Inc., a leading online marketing agency, has released their latest infographic on the growth of social media advertising. Social media advertising has increasingly become central to the online marketing budgets and strategies of all sizes of companies, due to the fact that social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have grown tremendously in the last 3 years. People are spending large amounts of time on social networks, so it has become imperative for companies to leverage social networks through community building and effective advertising.

Recently it has been predicted that the percentage of revenue generated by social media will increase by 19 percent. (Source : BIA/Kelsey – an advisor to companies in the local media industry). Evan Weber, CEO of Experience Advertising, stated, “Effectively advertising on social networks like Facebook and Twitter has become just as important has effectively advertising in Google and Yahoo search. Therefore, companies need to be devoting marketing budget to growing out their communities on social networks as well as making their social network advertising have a positive ROI.”

Social media advertising derived revenue in the US is expected to grow from $ 4.6 billion in 2012 to $ 9.2 billion by 2016. The Local portion of the US social media ad revenue is expected to grow from $ 1.1 billion in 2012 to $ 3 billion in 2016.

This growth is why 2012 has come to be known as the year social media came of age. Facebook Sponsored Stories and Promoted Tweets grew tremendously in 2012 and are expected to continue to grow year over year.

Native social advertising is branded content that is blended into the experience of a social network. (Source : the market analysts at BIA/Kelsey). Spending on native social advertising will surge from $ 1.5 billion to $ 3.9 billion in 2016.

Here is the data on the most popular social networking websites:

Twitter: The brevity of Twitter has secured its place within the Internets landscape. People are far more like to read these succinct tweets as opposed to a lengthy advertisement.

Facebook: Facebook caters to more detail. Here you can see videos, photos, and more accurate descriptions.

A study attributes 84% of engagement or clicks to Like that link to Facebook ads.

Brands increase fan counts on average of 9% monthly.

Foursquare: This is location-based, prompting users to check into certain places with their smart phones. When people feel a sense of pride toward something, even if it is ironic, they are likely to stand behind it. Users will get rewarded for being loyal. Free food, discounts, or privileges can be yours if you are mayor of a specific location.

Google+: Google+ allows you to work with many of Googles suite of tools, like Google AdWords and Google Maps, in addition to their search engine. Many individuals like this sort of all in one approach. This allows for targeted advertising and navigation services.

Instagram: Instagram has a very loyal following. It is a free photo-sharing app and social network that swept the Internet in 2010. Over 100 million people use Instagram, and the number will likely continue to grow. You can follow other people, they can follow you, thus ensuring you are well connected to all of your friends.

Blogs: Blogs are free, accessible, and allow users a great amount of freedom. Blogs are highly effective vehicles for companies and clients to connect in an online space. They can include testimonials, and can link to and from Facebook, Twitter, and many other pages. Users can also subscribe to them.

The Growth of Social Media Advertising infographic clearly demonstrates that social networking has become entrenched in peoples’ lives and therefore demands companies to devote resources and advertising budget to growth their presences on social networks. Experience Advertising, has a team dedicated to building a company’s presence on the various social networks and effectively managing online advertising budgets. If you are interested in having your social media marketing managed effectively, visit Experience Advertising for a free analysis and quote. The info graphic was created by Blue Polo Interactive.

Adwords Training Jul – Dec 13

Adwords Training Jul – Dec 13
Event on 2013-04-17 13:00:00

Learn from Digital Marketing Experts

Our hands-on courses will help you get the most from your digital marketing. We teach you the practical skills that are required to succeed online. All of our courses are a full-day (usually starting at 10am and finishing around 5pm), and are designed to be interactive and engaging for participants with a mix of teaching and hands-on exercises aimed to help you understand more about your chosen subject.

We offer standard and advanced levels that can usually be booked in the same week, or for a more rounded digital marketing education, why not look at combining different subjects.All Course Includes:

  • Course manual
  • Refreshments and lunch
  • Duration: 1 day (10am – 5pm)
  • Location: Jellyfish HQ in Reigate, Surrey

Our training facilities

We have great facilities at our HQ in Reigate, Surrey, located just 3 minutes walk from Reigate station. Each participant will be supplied with a laptop for the duration of the training session. Lunch will be provided and soft drinks are available throughout the day.


What our clients say

"Jellyfish are comprised of a team of true digital marketing experts and they know their field inside out! As a company at the forefront of the changing landscape that is digital communication, they don’t simply rely on harnessing new technology and techniques, they actually develop them! I have been impressed at every level with the Jellyfish proposition and their approach to training was no different. It was very well organised, well delivered and actually an enjoyable social experience too. 10/10 every time…"


Jellyfish and Training Testimonial from Jos Dewing, Director of Online, All Leisure Group Plc

at Jellyfish House
31 London Road
Reigate, United Kingdom

iLocksmiths Sold Their Locksmith Franchise in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, NY

(PRWEB) May 11, 2013

The iLocksmiths franchise is something everyone should consider when wanting to start a successful business.

May 1, 2013 Bay Ridge – The iLocksmiths team has just announced that it is now opening up the opportunity for those who want to become franchise owners, to become a franchisee with the well known company. Not only does this give individuals who have the business mind to excel, and truly earn great profits, it gives those who have the investment amount to truly expand, and work with a well known company, allowing them to truly see the highest profits, based on their initial investment with the iLocksmiths team.

“To become part of iLocksmiths is like having friends all over the US.” This is exactly what it will feel like for those who choose to engage with the well known company, and invest in becoming a franchise member. There are going to be quite a few perks. Not only does iLocksmiths have a broad customer base, but with over 500 techs, and being a fully licensed company, they are a leader in the locksmith industry, meaning as a franchise, there is very little marketing and other promotional work that has to be done, in order to see instant profits like in the new bay ridge locksmith franchise.

When one makes the decision to become a franchisee, they are going to be able to get in to the business for as little as $ 39,000. Depending on the market, how busy the market is, and the expected profits for the franchisee, the total investment amount can range from as little as $ 50,000, and can go all the way up to $ 300,000, for the busier markets, where most of the business is done. Regardless of the market investors enter in to, they are going to see great profit margins from the onset, same as the locksmith in bay ridge and are going to see how great it can be to be a part of one of the most well known and trusted locksmith companies in the US. Along with the investment new franchisee members get their own website, with the iLocksmith name on it, and their phone number on the site, so future customers are directed to their region.

With initial investments as a franchisee one gets exclusive rights in the area, with no other franchise member around them. New investors also have their techs trained by the professional iLocksmiths team, meaning they are trained by the best in the industry. Full web support and Google adwords campaigns are also a part of the investment amount, as are graphics, and full email lists for customers in the local area. Plus, for investors that want to make more, when a second investment is made, you receive 20% discount on the second franchise location.

iLocskmiths has been in the locksmith service business for over 11 years, serving the greater NY region. To find out more about the franchise opportunity, or iLocksmiths in general, potential investors can visit the company site – http://bayridge.ilocksmiths.com about this great new franchise opportunity.

Первая неделя работы с AdWords

Первая неделя работы с AdWords

Полезные советы для тех, кто работает с AdWords первую неделю. В этом уроке вы узнаете о том, как создать простую рекламную кампанию, проверить показ объявле…

Google Analytics & AdWords Training – October Dallas 2013

Google Analytics & AdWords Training – October Dallas 2013
Event on 2013-10-29 09:00:00
How to decide – which days to sign up for

Day 1 – Analytics 101: Introduction and User Training is a one-day course aimed at both in-experienced and experienced Google Analytics users with responsibilities in the areas of marketing, content, analysis, sales and web development who need to understand Google Analytics reports in greater detail, interact with Google Analytics and improve the way they go on to use the information presented.

Day 2 – Analytics 201: Advanced Analysis and Measurement – 1 is a one-day course aimed at people with responsibilities in the areas of marketing, content, analysis, sales and web development who need to improve the quality and scope of data collected by Google Analytics and to improve on its subsequent analysis.

Day 3 – Analytics 202: Advanced Analysis and Measurement – 2 is a one-day course aimed at people with responsibilities in the areas of marketing, content, analysis, sales and web development who need to take their analysis of organic search, paid search and social media to the next level.

Day 4 – Analytics 301: Advanced Tracking and Technical Implementations is a one-day course aimed at those with responsibility for managing the deployment and/or the administration of a Google Analytics implementation or for those whose role requires them to have a deep understanding of Google Analytics advanced tracking capabilities and common implementation practices in simple through to complex environments using the very latest technologies Google has to offer.

Day 1 – AdWords 301: Advanced Optimisation Techniques, is designed for individuals who have graduated from the AdWords 101 and 201 courses or have equivalent experience. It focuses on advanced optimizations that can be used to drive more profit from campaigns. It also dives into some of the more advanced tools and features that AdWords has to offer.

Day 2 – AdWords 302: Advanced Conversion Optimisation, follows on from 301 and focuses on both advanced measurement and increasing success through conversion tracking, ROI analysis and advanced bidding strategies. It also explores the benefits of testing particular elements of online advertising campaigns and gives actionable advice on how to devise and conduct strategic tests.

Day 3 – AdWords 101: Introduction to Paid Search Management, is a one day Google AdWords training course aimed at online marketers, web executives, webmasters, agency account managers/directors, and campaign managers who need to set-up, manage and optimise Google AdWords paid search campaigns, following industry best practice to start generating profitable website traffic.

Day 4 – AdWords 201: Building Profitable Paid Search Campaigns, is aimed at an audience similar to that of the AdWords 101 course, but is for those who require Google AdWords training to give a deeper appreciation of the product’s many advanced concepts and who need to further optimise AdWords campaigns to improve profitability.What are the benefits of attending?

After successful completion of Day 1 – Analytics 101: Introduction and User Training, students will be able to understand how Google Analytics can be used to accurately analyse how visitors arrive at their website, how they behave and the ways in which they interact with their website’s content.

After successful completion of Day 2 – Analytics 201: Advanced Analysis and Measurement – 1, students following this Google Analytics Training will be able to understand how the product can be used to improve website performance.

After successful completion of Day 3 – Analytics 202: Advanced Analysis and Measurement – 2, students following this Google Analytics Training will be able to understand how the product can be used at the next level to improve performance relating to the areas of organic search, paid search and social media.

After successful completion of Day 4 – Analytics 301: Advanced Tracking and Technical Implementations, students will be able to implement and configure Google Analytics for all but the most complicated of websites.

After successful completion of Day 1 – AdWords 301: Advanced Optimisation Techniques, students participating in this Google AdWords training course will understand how to make use of the more advanced tools and optimisation techniques available within Google AdWords. This will help to drive more profit from campaigns.

After successful completion of Day 2 – AdWords 302: Advanced Conversion Optimisation, students will know how to measure their campaigns' conversion effectively and usethe knowledge to develop more effective bidding strategies. Students will also understand how to fine tune campaigns through effective, measurable split testing techniques and campaign analysis.

After successful completion of Day 3 – AdWords 101: Introduction to Paid Search Management, students will have planned their first campaign and learned step-by-step how to set up and manage it in a cost effective way. They will be familiar navigating around the interface, know how to build and develop effective keyword lists, and understand how to track and measure performance at all levels so that they can go on to optimise their campaigns in the future.

After successful completion of Day 4 – AdWords 201: Building Profitable Paid Search Campaigns, students will be able to manage, optimise and develop more sophisticated Google AdWords campaigns. They will know how to refine and improve their keyword lists, diagnose problems and how to set up effective remarketing campaigns on the Google Display Network.What’s the format of the training?

The seminars are hands-on courses where attendees use their own Google Analytics account and their own data, completing exercises under the direction of an experienced instructor. In our opinion, this format is the most effective for adult learning and knowledge retention. Our seminar leader presents material using PowerPoint, engaging students with relevant theory, practical examples and exercises to reinforce key concepts.Who are the instructors?

Most of our Google Analytics workshops are delivered by Matt Trimmer, Principal Consultant and Managing Director of ivantage, who brings his practical consulting experience and passion for the Internet into the classroom to vitalize the sessions. Read Matt’s biography on our team page. Matt is a Google Analytics Seminar Leader.

Most of the Google AdWords workshops are led by Sharron Lonsdale who, by virtue of also being a Google Analytics Seminar Leader, is able to give Matt an occasional break as a Google Analytics instructor. Sharron is a Senior Consultant at ivantage and possesses a thoroughness and attention to detail which ensures that students do not leave a course without having got the most from it. Read Sharron’s biography on our team page.I would like to talk to the instructors before I attend – how do I do that?

Please contact the instructors directly (see below) or, for sales information, call
+44 (0)33 0808 0010.

at ivantage@Le Meridien, Dallas, TX
13402 Noel Rd
Dallas, United States

Was genau ist AdWords?

Hier erfahren Sie alles über das leistungsstarke Online-Werbe-Tool von Google und wie Sie mit dessen Hilfe neue Kunden erreichen und den Umsatz steigern. Sie…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Google Extreme – FTW

Google Extreme – FTW
Event on 2013-06-24 16:30:00

GOOGLE EXTREME • 2 hours •    


Want to maximize the profitability of your Google Adwords ® campaign?  This advanced course focuses on search advertising. Utilization of various reports, ad split testing for maximum conversions, and how to attract “buyers only”, are a few of the many key strategies taught in this course.

at James E. Guinn Complex
1150 South Fwy
Fort Worth, United States

Business leader Howard Jacobson interviews “The Reconnective Journey” presenter Tim Emerson in a live teleseminar Monday, April 15 at 1 p.m. EDT

(PRWEB) April 13, 2013

When Reconnective Healing practitioner Tim Emerson was approached by Howard Jacobson, author of Google AdWords for Dummies, owner of AskHowie.com and Vitruvianway.com — in other words, a coach whose clients are themselves business owners he was floored. Jacobson wanted to promote Emersons The Reconnective Journey: Get Unstuck, Heal your Life, and Live your Dreams, an 8-week teleclass combined with group healings and with The Reconnection, an energy-frequency alignment process. Monday, April 15, Jacobson will host a live interview with Emerson about The Reconnective Journey, at 1 p.m. EDT; registration and call details are available at http://bit.ly/114Lvd9.

So why? To help my clients who know what to do, how to do, and why they’re doing it — and yet they still are bumping up against some invisible barrier that keeps them stuck, explains Jacobson. Emersons clients report clicking into place, new insight, a pervasive ease and relaxation I don’t remember feeling since I was a kid, a stronger sense of self, working like the energizer bunny ever since, a smooth speedy path since, possibilities are opening up, and I havent been happy in a long time, and you dont even realize you arent until you suddenly are, among several other testimonials on http://thereconnectivejourney.com, The Reconnective Journeys web page. Jacobson himself has been a client, and his comments are listed too, along with other business owners and individual testimonials.

Emersons page is also an impressive exercise in providing free content up front. Marketing is showing people what you do, maintains Emerson, and several video presentations on his page do exactly that, including Why were stuck, What keeps us stuck, and How to get unstuck in 9 Steps, 12 Misperceptions about the Law of Attraction and what to do about them, Leaving the Comfort Zone, Facing Fears, and Why to do it (the Heros Journey), and several more. Emerson is also the author of the forthcoming book, Getting Unstuck: Healing your Life, and maintains a popular Facebook page and his own Kwan Yin Healing site, including free teleseminar recordings and free meditation and self-healing tips, along with his blog and forum material. His business model also strongly rewards early sign-ups with generous discounts.

Emerson started formalizing his work after the economy sank in 2007. I heard people continually talk about finding jobs, changing careers, and starting or expanding business as something that simply couldnt happen until the economy recovered and its simply not true, notes Emerson. My professional business writing students were getting jobs while still in the course, he adds. Emerson also ran a successful business consulting business prior to teaching. Every time, the problem was the same, he explains. People wanted me to fix the other people, blind to the reality of the role they themselves played in creating the problem instead.

People keep seeking new approaches, new techniques, new strategies, but these just end up in a growing pile of interesting but partial solutions, Emerson observes. The Reconnective Journey is a comprehensive sweep through the physical, then the emotional, then the mental, and only then adding spiritual and finally the awareness components. The point is to use what we have to build an increasingly solid foundation so that the normally elusive elements fit firmly in place in a way that makes sense and generates practical, demonstrable differences, Emerson stresses. The process is heavily supported by Reconnective Healing work, both group sessions and The Reconnection, a two-day procedure included in the program.

We are energyfrequency and vibration. Nothing else. Yet we act in defiance of this basic reality. Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie got it and preached it, interviewing hundreds of successful people who likewise stressed this. But it remains a mystery to the masses. Thats not necessary. Its not really that hard, says Emerson, adding this clarification. Its like having an automobile with 95% of the engine ever more polished and better engineered. Yet, as long as that 5% is missing or not working well, that cars not going anywhere. And Im about moving people into results by cleaning out that usually ignored 5% and integrating it into the other 95% that they already do well. His page includes a video explanation of Levels of Being and Raising Vibration in practical terms.

Emersons business, Kwan Yin Healing, was organized in January, 2012, to house his growing clientele looking for not only physical healing, but also relieving emotional and mental turmoil, realizing spiritual awareness in down to earth ways, and realizing practical. This is the first time Ive formally offered this program, so the cost is much lower than next time, once road tested, explains Emerson. The goal is to put together a supportive group ready to journey beyond their limits to a personal transformation that extends into their day to day life in solid, observable ways.

Az AdWords-fiók beállítása

Lépésről lépésre megtanulhatja, hogyan állíthatja be AdWords-fiókját, és kezdheti meg a hirdetést még ma. Megtudhatja, hogyan készítheti el első hirdetését, …