Winning a Facebook Contest with Social Media

Denver, CO (PRWEB) July 18, 2012

Earlier this month, Adam Lambert-Gorwyn entered a Facebook contest sponsored by Iceland Naturally. By submitting a photograph, he and his wife were selected as finalists to Win a Honeymoon in Iceland. The winners will be chosen based on having the most likes on their dedicated photograph page. See their entry here:

Adam has decided to see if social media can help win the contest. Rather than focusing purely on sending messages to Facebook friends, he is taking creative online approaches. Sending out this web-based press release is just one method.

Why has Adam decided to put so much focus and effort into winning this contest? My wife and I both lost our jobs after we married and were unable to go on our honeymoon. Lambert-Gorwyn said. A few months later, their house went under foreclosure. Their married life didnt start out well. Adam tells us This is our chance to finally go on our honeymoon to a dream destination.

As a Professional Online Marketer, Adam decided to take this opportunity to create a social media experiment. With a limited number of Facebook friends, could other social media avenues help increase the number of visitors and associated votes? There are the obvious sites such as Linked-In and Twitter, but how about utilizing Quora, Empire Avenue and social bookmarking sites such as DIGG?

While thinking about how to promote his Facebook entry on YouTube, Adam stumbled across The site is filled with people who will perform a multitude of tasks for $ 5. Whether its writing your name in sand on a beach, or drawing a caricature of you, there are also people who will create videos and place them on YouTube. Today, Adam is awaiting delivery of his videos, which he will then share through online media, including his own website

The nuances of the experiment are being tracked. Which phrases generate the most traffic? Are shares or retweets better quality? And how often can you like your own entry before people start ignoring your posts? Will Google or Facebook advertising be most effective?

Once the results of the contest have been announced, the effectiveness of the social experiment will be released on

In the meantime, take a look at the Iceland Naturally Win a Honeymoon in Iceland competition. Please place a friendly vote for A Snowy Wedding and help prove that using a variety of social media can help dreams come true. Place your vote here

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Woodland Hills, CA (PRWEB) July 25, 2012

This month, Mike Sarieddine, a humble bank worker from California, took on some of the biggest names in online innovation and angel funding with his free community driven question and answer application, AnswerMania. His strategy and efforts are inspiring to the average corporate person who dreams of starting their own empire.

It was June 23rd 2011 when Jason Calcanis, one of the worlds most notable online entrepreneurs, the man who rode out the dot com boom, and foresaw the pre-eminence of blogging and reputedly never gives up, for once, had to. Despite investment from Sequoia Capital to the tune of $ 21m, the Answer section at the otherwise popular, as it was, in Calcanis own words not a self-sustaining business interest.

He and his investors were one of many who saw an opportunity in the sector given the dissatisfaction that exists with major market players such as Yahoo Answers and Quora. Such user generated question and answer sites have regularly suffered from a lack of quality control, or havent been sufficiently user friendly to draw in large numbers.

However, Mike believes his innovation can succeed, with a fraction of the resources of the so-called big-players, by allowing the users to build the community they require, meaning problems like these problems can now be a thing of the past:

The AnswerMania application links both business and individual owners through geography, interests and expertise. Unlike industry competitors, following a straightforward registration process, users are free to pose questions across multimedia platforms to parties of their choosing, thus not only building a network of trusted pertinent sources, but potentially strong friends and business contacts within their local area.

Already, social media marketing agencies are recommending AnswerMania as a tool to not only develop new friendships and relationships but to also extend your professional influence.

AnswerMania shares all the best qualities of existing applications, but applies them in a manner that makes them as vibrant and dynamic as the online community itself. At last, web-users have a tool to, whether in your own neighborhood or across the globe, build your own network of influence by proving your own subject matter expertise — or just make friends who care about the same things.

More information on Mike and his exciting new application is available at

AnswerMania can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Android Market

TalentBin Integrates with SilkRoad to Add Web-Wide Passive Candidate Discovery to OpenHire Applicant Tracking Software

San Francisco, CA and Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 13, 2012

TalentBin, the talent search engine that turbo-charges talent discovery across the web, today announced full integration with SilkRoad Technology, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based social talent management solutions. Users of SilkRoads OpenHire Applicant Tracking Software can now seamlessly leverage TalentBins expansive talent search engine to search across social media communities, tag relevant profiles, and import new candidates into their OpenHire interface. The integration enhances SilkRoads social recruiting capabilities, allowing hiring managers and recruiters to be even more proactive in engaging with the right candidates for the right jobs.

More than 100 leading companies, including Intuit, Groupon, Dolby, and Yahoo!, rely on TalentBins Talent Search Engine for their social media recruiting needs. TalentBin crawls social media and industry-specific web communities to identify potential job candidates, zeroing in on pertinent career information (skills, expertise, etc.) and merging them into a single unified web resume. Organizations can now jointly use TalentBin with SilkRoads OpenHire to proactively search, identify, and engage with the best talent the web has to offer, slashing time-to-hire and boosting quality-of-hire like never before.

The mission of SilkRoad is to not just give our clients the most powerful and versatile end-to-end talent management solution available, but to turn their talent programs into a decisive business advantage. This is incredibly important in todays market environment, as organizations battle to attract and retain highly valuable human capital, said Flip Filipowski, CEO of SilkRoad Technology. Adding breakthrough technologies like TalentBin to our proven human capital management (HCM) suite helps us deliver on our promise. By incorporating a powerful social recruiting capability to the pre-hire process, OpenHire users gain access to greater, more relevant candidates, within the familiar interface to which they’re already accustomed, improving the speed and efficiency of talent management overall.

As part of the talent discovery process, TalentBin aggregates a candidates implicit professional activity: the skills and interests they reveal across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Meetup, Quora, and more that might not make it to their resumes. Coupled with other industry-specific social communities like Github, Sourceforge, and Bitbucket for software engineering, for example, this bolsters passive professional profiles with information thats vital to helping recruiters determine ideal job fit. The result is a more accurate, 360-degree view of a candidate that covers everything from professional skills to personal interests. TalentBin then takes it one step further, compiling all contact information such as email addresses, Twitter handles, and more to help facilitate direct candidate engagement.

SilkRoads full suite of solutions does a tremendous job of managing the employee experience from recruiting to onboarding and beyond. With our laser focus on candidate discovery, we can extend this process even further on the front-end, helping recruiters find the best talent the web has to offer, said Pete Kazanjy, Co-Founder of TalentBin. SilkRoad’s OpenHire users can take advantage of this sourcing power to seamlessly push those prospective candidates into their hiring funnel – accessing more efficient, proactive recruiting across the largest candidate pool imaginable.

TalentBin offers an API for seamless integrations with a wide range of software partners. The TalentBin solution already has over 200 million candidate profiles cultivated from over 30 professional social media communities, and growing. To make TalentBin a part of your talent sourcing and acquisition strategy, visit

About SilkRoad Technology, Inc.

SilkRoad is a leading global provider of cloud-based social talent management software. Their passion for creating the finest employee experience drives everything they do. The award-winning SilkRoad Life Suite is an integrated set of employer-branded TM/HCM solutions that power businesses with the latest Web 2.0 and social media innovations: OpenHire for recruiting, RedCarpet for onboarding and life events, WingSpan for performance management, GreenLight for learning management, Point and Eprise for Social Collaboration and Content, and HeartBeat for trusted HRMS. The Life Suite is ideally suited for businesses of every size because of its unique and open start anywhere architecture implement the complete suite or begin with one solution and add functionality as you need it. Either way, its the fastest path to develop more productive and empowered employees who can rapidly boost business performance. Visit, follow them on Twitter @SilkRoadTweets or call 866-329-3363 (U.S. toll free) or +1-336-201-5100.

About TalentBin

Based in San Francisco, TalentBin is focused on turbo-charging talent acquisition for recruiters and hiring managers with its talent search engine, turning the web into a virtually endless talent sourcing database. By crawling targeted professional networking sites to cull together composite web resumes – adding vital skills and expertise to traditionally sparse profiles it helps make fast and definitive job matches. TalentBin has aggregated over 200,000,000 professional profiles to date, and provides user access from anywhere as a web application, as a browser plug-in for Google Chrome, or within existing Recruiting CRM, ATS, or HRIS system through an API. With staff hailing from VMWare, eBay, and LinkedIn, TalentBin is funded by First Round Capital, Charles River Ventures, and Ron Conways SV Angel. For more, visit

Infuse Creatives Gregory Markel to Speak on Digital Reputation Monitoring at METal International

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 01, 2012

Founder and CEO of Infuse Creative, LLC, Gregory Markel, one of the pioneers of SEO, is confirmed as speaker at METal International Saturday, March 3rd, 2012. Gregory will speak on Defining Digital Reputation Monitoring In 2012.

METal International, (METal stands for Media, Entertainment, & Technology Alpha Leaders), is an exclusive gathering of and for dynamic executives, entrepreneurs and change-makers in the media, entertainment and technology space. Events range from talks with high-profile thinkers/personalities whove included the likes of Stan Lee, Blake Mycoskieto, and Larry King to name a few, to start-ups, legendary CEOs and game changer personalities connecting ideas and collaboration within our Media, Entertainment and Technology community.

Defining Digital Reputation Monitoring In 2012

Thanks to Google and Twitter, were now all familiar with the phrase,Real-Time.

Real-Time means RIGHT NOW!

Whether youre a corporation, politician, celebrity, government, executive or Ms./Mrs. Jane/John Doe, it’s likely that at some point, usually when least expected, your digital reputation will be impacted positively or negatively.

Gregory Markel, Founder & CEO of Infuse Creative, and Serge Stein, VP of Development, Technology & Security, will walk METal International attendees through foundational, strategic and tactical best practices for digital reputation monitoring and management, including:

Apple Earnings, Vine, and Quora’s Blogging Tool | Crunchweek

Apple Earnings, Vine, and Quora's Blogging Tool | Crunchweek

In this edition, Leena Rao, Anthony Ha and Colleen Taylor (beaming into the TechCrunch TV studio via Skype as I was a bit under the weather) discuss how Apple’s first quarter earnings report has gotten a very chilly reception from Wall Street, Twitter’s big move into video sharing with the launch of Vine, and Quora’s recent expansion from its Q&A core to full-on blogging platform. Subscribe to TechCrunch TV:

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More than 100 of Quora's all-time best answers are now available as a free
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Quora impasse

Quora impasse

Image by logicalextremes
I am not an organization, I am an individual. I do not profit from my social presence online. I am a privacy researcher with valid reasons for not using the name on my birth certificate online. I’m sure that there are many other Quora users who also use names that do not match their official government-issued identification. To disclose my full birth name, even temporarily, would do me harm. Logical Extremes *is* my name on the internet, and everyone who knows me here and on other sites knowns me by this name – for years in many cases. There are no issues of authenticity, reputation, or accountability.

– – – – –

I see that I’ve been "Blocked from editing until user responds to name change request." I did respond, and saw no further comment from "Quora Admin" – if that is your real name ;).

We are at an impasse if Quora will not recognize that there are many needs and desires for people on BOTH sides of the Quora ecosystem to have privacy in the context of civil discourse. If Quora won’t recognize that even well-established pseudonyms have validity in contexts like this, then it is precluding a lot of insightful and constructive contribution.

Quora should trust that the mechanisms it has designed to highlight the best content will also minimize the intrusion of those with mal-intent.

I strongly suggest that Quora rethink this policy. You have many users using names that are not their actual birth names, and I am singled out because I choose not to be deceptive by using a "real"-sounding name.

It would be a great detriment to Quora to suppress the contributions of only those without real-sounding names.

– – – – –

[Update] I don’t seem to be able to follow people any more, only topics. Why? My friends continue to find me and follow me, and I can’t follow back. They don’t care if I don’t use a real-sounding name. They *choose* to follow me anyway. They know me and know how to find me this way.

Que es Quora

Que es Quora sin morir en el intento, explicamos para que se usa y por que esta bueno. Si no tienes quien te invite enviame un mensaje y te invito.