Artificial intelligence getting smarter as it watches over the UAE

Artificial intelligence getting smarter as it watches over the UAE
DUBAI // Advanced surveillance systems that use artificial intelligence to detect suspicious behaviour and raise the alarm are keeping people safe in the UAE. This was revealed by Marwan Khoury, marketing manager of Axis Communications ME, who said …
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How IBM Could Save Your Life Through Artificial Intelligence
I attended IBM's huge EDGE conference this last week, and the second day was devoted to the company's strategic future. A good chunk of the discussion was based on Watson, the technology IBM created to win Jeopardy! Apparently, IBM is using this tech …
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RTS Tower AI
I tried to find article in the forum for Tower targeting AI did not find any so, I decided to open a thread for tower AI target prioritisation and let you guys know my take on it which myth help you or give you ideas on your AI development. Now I'm …

When Will Artificial Intelligence Replicate the Human Mind? Physicist Louis Del Monte’s New Webisode Explains

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) May 14, 2013

In his newest webisode, Artificial Intelligence Explained, author, physicist and CEO, Louis A. Del Monte provides the history and future of human-like artificial intelligence.

Can super computers beat a human in chess or Jeopardy? Can these smart computers carry on a conversation with another human being? Louis Del Monte schools us on the historical achievements of super computers, current science, and astounding possibilities of an artificial intelligence.

It doesnt hurt that Louis Del Monte is a physicist and master engineer of integrated circuits who understands the capability of semiconductors.

With his background and study of artificial intelligence, he gives reason to think that by the year 2029, computers will be able to replicate the human mind, become self-aware, and be considered a life form. More startling, by the year 2050, computers will have advanced to the point that they will far exceed the intelligence of a human mind.

Intrigued yet? Find this video on artificial intelligence, as well as other webisodes on scientific mysteries on Lou Del Montes YouTube channel.

Del Monte is the author of Unraveling the Universes Mysteries available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and soon-to-be published title on time travel. You can find articles on Huffington Post, and on his blog, Science Questions & Answers, where you can find links to his Twitter channel, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and LinkedIn profile. To contact Louis Del Monte, visit

Louis A. Del Monte is an author, physicist and the Chief Executive Officer of Del Monte & Associates, Inc. For over thirty years, he was a leader in the development of microelectronics for IBM and Honeywell before forming a high-tech e-marketing agency and authoring Unraveling the Universes Mysteries. He has a B.S. degree in Physics and Chemistry and an M.S. degree in Physics, published numerous technical papers, and developed several patents fundamental to the fabrication of integrated circuits. Del Monte is the recipient of the H.W. Sweat Award for scientific/engineering achievement and the Lund Award for human resource management excellence.

PhotonQ-The Darth Vader Artificial Intelligence Network

PhotonQ-The Darth Vader Artificial Intelligence Network

Image by PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE
Today at the Contemporary art museum in Paris.
What a GREAT suprise with this room =P LOVED IT !!!!!

Here is a global view of the Darth Vader Network.

"Last Manoeuvres In The Dark. Is made up of from a set of terracotta of Darth Vader masks, arranged in a millitary formation, a distant reminder of the XI’an Army =)

It is endowed with an artificial intelligence system, developed to work out the darkest musical hit of all time.

Each mask is fitted with a powerful microprocessor. Connected to a central computer, they operate as a network.

dARTh Vader, the epitome of villainy, is here multiplied ad infinitum, drawing a (J?)curve ; ) of absolute darkness."

By Fabien Giraud and Raphael Siboni.

Made my day =P

Lucintel Estimates Global Robotics Industry to Experience Moderate Growth in 2013-2018

Irving, Texas (PRWEB) May 04, 2013

The global robotics industry experienced good growth during 2007-2012, but growth is expected to moderate over the next five years and reach an estimated $ 38 billion by 2018. Growth is expected to be driven by robotic usage in education with artificial intelligence, prospective huge demand for robots used in restoration work at disaster sites such as Fukushima, rescue robots, and growth in robotic toys.

Lucintel, a leading global management consulting and market research firm, has analyzed the industry and offers its findings in its comprehensive research report, Global Robotics Industry 2013-2018: Trend, Profit, and Forecast Analysis.

This report is geographically segmented in four regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World. Europe dominates the industry. Competition seems moderate because it is a highly capital-intensive industry.

Lucintel has identified that high prices, highly technological and complex features, human dependency, and ethical issues regarding complete automation are the major growth challenges. Industrial automation, demographic changes, product quality improvement, operational efficiency, execution of repetitive work, and ability to work in risky environments are the industry major drivers.

This market analysis reports is an indispensable reference guide for materials suppliers, product manufacturers, investors, executives, distributors, and many more that operate in this market. To make business, investment, and strategic decisions, you need timely, useful information. This Lucintel study provides understanding of recent industry scope and overview, global macroeconomic overview, relative market attractiveness by region, annual industry trend, emerging trends, industry forecasts, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, product launches, and mergers & acquisitions that determine the regional and segmental opportunities, competitive landscape, and profitability trend and analysis of the major industry players. The key insights sections portray beneficial information on an industry segment’s growth and regional growth trends.

For a detailed table of contents and pricing information on this timely, insightful reports, contact Lucintel at +1-972-636-5056 or via email at helpdesk(at)lucintel(dot)com. Lucintel provides cutting-edge decision support services that facilitate critical decisions with greater speed, insight, M & A due diligence and cost efficiency.

Lucintel now offers free Live Chat on its website to answer visitors questions in real time with precision. Visitors can directly chat with our experts through Live Chat to receive assistance and information regarding Lucintels product and service offerings.

Vida Eterna (Eternal Life) Documentary Presented to the Latin American Audience on History Channel, With Main Interviewee, Jose Cordeiro, of The Millennium Project

(PRWEB) May 06, 2013

Vida Eterna (available in Spanish and Portuguese) considers the long quest for immortality among humans throughout history and the latest scientific advances that could make it possible in the next few decades. Is there a fountain of eternal youth? Will there ever be one? Can we have a world without physical death? What technologies will keep extending our lives in a healthy way? Will we really see the death of death? What are the social, philosophical and religious implications?

“The search for the secret to eternal life seems to come to an end: Researchers claim to have the formula for immortality” reads the introduction to this original documentary produced by History Channel. Several doctors, historians, futurists, scientists, philosophers and religious leaders were interviewed all over Latin America and the USA. Venezuelan futurist Jose Luis Cordeiro was the main technical adviser and interviewee. He was accompanied by Colombian scientist Hernando Ramirez Llinas and Argentinean producer Laura Eliosoff during the media tour in Mexico to launch the premiere on Saturday May 4, 2013, all over Latin America.

The documentary lasts for two hours and considers the philosophical and religious implications of physical immortality as well. It takes the viewer across many countries in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru) and the USA. For example, Rodolfo Goya (Director of Neurobiology at Universidad Nacional de la Plata, Argentina) and David Ettinger (Lawyer at Cryonics Institute, USA, founded by his father Robert Ettinger, considered the father of cryonics) cover the issues of cryopreservation, while Hernando Ramirez Llinas (Colombia) discusses artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, including many other transhumanist ideas.

Jose Luis Cordeiro is the Director of the Venezuela Node of The Millennium Project and a famous Latin American futurist following many technologies, including life extending technologies and therapies. During the main presentation organized by History Channel in Mexico City, Concepcion Olavarrieta, Director of the Mexico Node of The Millennium Project, was also present, as well as other futurists like Guillermina Baena (Executive Secretary of the Ibero-American Chapter of the World Futures Studies Federation) and Lilia Morales y Mori (World Transhumanist Association, Humanity+). Former students in Singularity University, where Jose Luis Cordeiro is also an invited professor at NASA Research Park, such as Martin Garcia also participated, together with Marcus Dantus, Director of Academia Wayra of Telefonica, and many other invited guests and journalists from the press, radio and TV. During the media tour, Jose Luis Cordeiro also showed the latest report Latin America 2030 by The Millennium Project, where four scenarios are considered during the next two decades, including one scenario where aging is defeated by rapid advances in science.

The Millennium Project is a global participatory think tank that produces the annual State of the Future report, the Futures Research Methodology series, Collective Intelligence and related software, and special studies. The Millennium Project has about 50 Nodes around the world that identify participants, translate questionnaires and reports, conduct interviews, initiate and conduct special research, workshops, symposiums, and advanced training. The Millennium Projects mission is to improve thinking about the future and make that available through a variety of media for feedback to accumulate wisdom about the future for better decisions today. Its recent report Latin America 2030 is also available online (

History Channel currently reaches about 44 million homes in Latin America. History is the absolute leader in historic programs and also the number one producer in original documentaries from the past to the future. Its award winning programs include The Battle of the Gods and Chaos as well as famous series like The Price of History and Treasure Hunters among many others. History Channel broadcasts across the Americas in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, with original productions.