The New Technorati Search

The New Technorati Search

Image by Matthew Levine
The new search has been massively streamlined to give the users more of what’s relevant — more signal, less noise. As one of Technorati’s major strengths is up-to-the-minute searching, the new layout gives special emphasis to the freshness of your search results.

This was my first major project at Technorati, and I’m altogether quite pleased with the results.

The design is the work of the Technorati’s brilliant Scamper Robinson, and tonight’s rollout followed a marathon session with Andrei Scheinkman tag-teaming it with me to make sure everything went smoothly.

Go check it out!

Philadelphia SEO Company, 1 SEO Announces Blog Optimization Services

Philadelphia (PRWEB) April 19, 2012

In the age of online journalism and internet marketing, blogs have become an integral part of successful websites. They don’t necessarily substitute the popular “news” or “events” links in small print at the bottom of websites to relay information, but they act as powerful tools of initiating and maintaining an informal connection with customer population, keeping the viewer up to date with whats happening. The sharing, commenting, and discussions happening in blogs help a website gain credibility because the users easily connect to a human account of day-to-day happenings instead of the curt and concise language of the webpage.

With blog search engines like “Technorati” tracking millions of blogs, and big players like Google literally paying to get their adverts clicked on blogs. Blogs have gained a standing for a business promotion and marketing activities. Sensible and key word oriented blogging helps direct internet traffic to a webpage, and no one can ignore the fact that more visitors mean better business. People are ultimately attracted to a thought process and will be inadvertently drawn to the website, and as one should note, this is ultimately what his or her goal is. In the age of RSS Feeds and third party e-mail subscription applications, it is quite probable that if a blog is interesting and attractive enough, users will return to the page repeatedly, consequently increasing the probability of navigating the business website as well.

Another benefit of active blogging is that it provides a direct platform for customers to interact with the business by commenting on the posts. Instead of pop-ups requesting surveyswhich people generally ignorefor the simple reason that they came to the website to meet their needs and not to participate in a surveycomments on blog posts give instantaneous and unbiased feedback, because a user writes whatever comes to his or her mind. Most people dont consider running a Google search to gather opinion before adding a personal comment to a blog. However, when one does this, he or she can address issues by replying at the same time as well as getting to know the pulse of the visitors; because it is vital for a business to understand consumer behaviour.

A good blog must have well researched and properly drafted content, so that it reaches out to a large number of potential customerscapturing their interest. A website blog should be updated dailyif not weekly, and must complement with the thinking of the target audience, otherwise people will lose interest. If someone envisions a bright future ahead, and depends on the internet for some fraction of business, blog management is essential.

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