Lori Taylor of Social Caffeine named in Forbes Top 50 Power Influencers

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) April 30, 2013

Lori Taylor, founder and editor of the Social Caffeine blog, has been named a Forbes top 50 social media power influencer for the second year running.

The list, compiled for Forbes by enterprise innovation consultant Haydn Shaughnessy, features the world’s thought leaders in social media marketing. Taylor is listed alongside other key players in the world of social media including Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith, the Huffington Post’s lead writer on social media, Sean Gardner, and travel blogger Ann Tran.

“It’s a huge honor to be included in the Forbes top 50 for the second year in a row,” Taylor said.

“As this is only the second list ever put together by Forbes, I’m aiming to be in every list from here on,” she added.

Shaughnessy explained he had included Taylor in the list for her groundbreaking work forging links between social media and direct mail marketing.

“Lori writes an eclectic blog covering Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and general social media tips but her main work is in social media and direct response,” Shaughnessy said, explaining Taylor’s position in the top 50.

He added that he had a difficult job on his hands compiling the top 50 list, as the competition was tough.

“Social media is a very democratizing form of communications and to assess influence you really need to know who is first among equals,” Shaughnessy said.

“That means assessing who has a real following real in the sense of real people and not just bots, real also in the sense that the following is active in social media and not just a passive consumer.”

Shaughnessy used the social audience measurement tool Peek Analytics to help him compile the list. A key metric he considered was “Pull”, which shows how broad an influencer’s reach is.

“If an individual has a Pull of 10x, that means that the audience the individual can reach is at least ten times greater than what the average social media user can reach,” he said.

Shaughnessy added that pull wasn’t everything. To be included in the list, influencers must be writing on their own blog.

“There are also some basic criteria for involvement experts must be creating their own content, and it has to be about social media,” he said.

Lori Taylor was also named in Forbes’ first ever list of the top 20 women social media power influencers.

“My catchphrase is ‘You make the rain, we make it pour,'” Taylor said. “Right now, it’s pouring all around me.”

In addition to editing the Social Caffeine blog, Taylor is CEO of REV Media Marketing, a social media and direct response marketing consultancy.

Technology Advancements and Declining Costs Drive the Global 3D Printing Market, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

San Jose, California (PRWEB) April 24, 2013

Follow us on LinkedIn 3D printing is a transformative technology that is used in the manufacturing of a wide range of tools, parts, and appliances through the simple use of a digital model. Creating prototypes of new products represents the major commercial application of 3D printing, while direct digital manufacturing using the technique is limited to short production runs in few industry verticals. Market outlook in the 3D printing market is bullish with technology advances expected to drive market growth. Expanding application areas and funding support from government agencies are also expected to spur demand for 3D printing systems and services. Rising use of 3D models, ability to create customized products and declining cost of 3D printing systems and materials are encouraging the adoption of 3D printing as a replacement for conventional prototyping and manufacturing processes in consumer and professional markets.

The nascent stage of technology development and dominance of conventional manufacturing practices indicate that 3D printing is unlikely to drastically disrupt activities in the traditional manufacturing sector, at least not in the near future. 3D printing, in the short-term, is expected to be primarily used for rapid prototyping, and for direct manufacture of extremely complex and highly customized low-volume products. With increase in printing speed, elimination of restrictions on object size, and favorable manufacturing economics, the balance is likely to tilt in favor of 3D printing technology. Consumer products, automotive, medical, aerospace, and machines constitute the major end-use markets for 3D printing products and services. One of the most promising applications of 3D printing is in the field of healthcare, where 3D printers are being used to manufacture products such as custom-fit hearing aids, dental and orthopedic implants, and prosthetic limbs.

As stated by the new market research report on 3D Printing, the United States represents the single largest market for 3D printing products and services with growth driven largely by the availability of low-cost printers and increased adoption among hobbyists and entrepreneurs. Government support for 3D printing technologies as a means to stimulate growth in the domestic manufacturing sector also bodes well for the markets growth. A key benefit of 3D printing is localized manufacturing, which represents a huge opportunity for developed nations that have outsourced manufacturing operations to low-cost destinations in the developing world. While developed regions such as the US and Europe have been at the forefront for developing and adopting 3D printing technologies, the volatile economic environment in the past few years has turned the focus onto emerging markets including China and India. Asia-Pacific represents the fastest growing regional market for 3D printing products with a projected CAGR of 21.4% over the analysis period. Growth in the market for 3D Printing Services is forecast to be driven by the rising demand for online 3D printing-as-a-services, owing to the spurt in demand for consumer 3D printer systems.

3D Printing Products are expected to witness rapid growth encouraged by the development of easy-to-use, less bulky, and multi-use 3D printers with the ability to rapidly produce conceptual models and prototypes. The adoption of consumer 3D printer systems is triggered by the emergence of online communities such as Shapeways and Thingiverse, which offer customers a wide range of digital product designs for download and subsequent printing using 3D printers. Availability of low-cost open source manufacturing kits is also driving hobbyists and individuals to adopt 3D printing technology.

Major players profiled in the report include 3D Systems Corporation, Bits from Bytes, Arcam AB, envisionTEC GmbH, EOS GmbH, MakerBot

Serapid Announces New Staff Member

Sterling Heights, MI (PRWEB) April 24, 2013

Serapid, Inc., a leading supplier of lifts, quick die change and horizontal transfer systems, is pleased to announce that Dan Bovinich has joined the organization as Mechanical Designer and CAD Manager.

Bovinich will be responsible for Solidworks CAD standards as well as the design and engineering of tool and mold products for Serapids Quick Die Change sector. Additionally, he will assist in the design for heavy industry and theatre installations. Bovinich is an expert SolidWorks CAD mechanical designer and has managed staff training programs for SolidWorks programs.

Bovinich has over 20 years experience in mechanical design and engineering and comes to Serapid most recently from Davalor Mold, where he served as designer, and previously he was Sr. Mechanical Designer at Energy Conversion Devices & United Solar Ovonics, as well as Engineer at InMold & GP Plastics. Bovinich is currently an organizer at Eastern Michigan SolidWorks User Group, and has served as a mentor at F.I.R.S.T. Bovinich was a participant in the 3rd season of the game show “BattleBots on Comedy Central network.

About Serapid

Winner of multiple awards in product design and excellence, Serapid, Inc, is a leading supplier of lifts, quick die change and horizontal transfer systems. Serapid specializes in Rigid Chain Technology for applications in diverse industries including architecture, nuclear, medical, defense, automation, engineering, manufacturing, theater, and entertainment. Serapid has a longstanding commitment to continued innovation in product design as well as to providing leadership in the advancement of engineering practices worldwide.

3dcart Version 5.4.1 Focuses on Stronger Security and Smarter Shipping

TAMARAC, FL (PRWEB) April 25, 2013

Today, 3dcart officially debuted version 5.4.1 of its popular ecommerce software suite. The latest version includes highlights like new third-party add-ons Address Verification (USPS) and Kount, as well as simple Recaptcha integration and a new support ticket feature built into the admin panel.

New features, bug fixes and feature improvements to 3dcart focus on building more efficient business. Online merchants can save money by ensuring they ship packages to the right places on the first try and stopping fraud before it happens.

Version 5.4.1 highlights include:


Event on 2013-07-05 19:30:00


Bei Natalie Cole hat sich das Talent ihres berühmten Vaters Nat King Cole in großem Maß auf die Tochter übertragen. Sie debütierte bereits als Elfjährige im Song „I´m With You", einem Duett mit ihrem Vater. Als junge Erwachsene halfen ihr die Produzenten Marvin Yancey und Chuck Jackson den Fuß ins Showgeschäft zu setzen.

Bei Capitol lancierte sie bereits mit ihrem ersten Album „Inseparable" die Hitsingle „This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)". Fünf R&B-Songs wie „Sophisticated Lady (She´s A Different Lady)" und „I´ve Got Love On My Mind" führte sie in den Jahren zwischen 1975 und 1977 in höchste Chartsregionen.

In den frühen Achtzigerjahren wechselte sie zu Epic Records, wo 1987 ihre Liedersammlung „Dangerous" erschien, die sich 2 Millionen Mal verkaufte und drei Hitsingles, darunter „Jump Start" abwarf.

1991 war die Zeit reif für etwas Neues. Cole nahm „Unforgettable….With Love" auf, ein Album voll mit Jazzstandards, inklusive einem Duett mit ihrem Papa. „Ich singe Jazz, bin aber keine Jazzsängerin" kommentierte Cole zunächst vorsichtig. „Unforgettable….With Love" hielt sich fünf Wochen an der Spitze der Popcharts und brachte Cole 6 Grammys ein. Nicht weniger als 14 Millionen Stück gingen davon über die Ladentische.

Im letzten Dezennium kehrte Natalie Cole mit spektakulären Alben wie „Snowfall In Sahara" zum R&B zurück. Auf den superben „Ask A Woman Who Knows" und „Leavin´" fokussierte Cole mit samtiger Stimme die Ballade, egal ob sie nun jazzig, folkig oder soulig war.

2009 musste sie sich einer Nierentransplantation unterziehen, eine Erfahrung, die sie in ihren Memoiren „Love Brought Me Back" mit ihrem Publikum teilt. Auf ihrem aktuellen Album fokussiert die wunderbare Sängerin das latineske Idiom. Zu Spanisch hatte schon ihr Vater eine spezielle Beziehung.


Gregory Porter ist als Sänger ein Spätberufener. Er begann erst mit 27 Jahren ernsthaft zu singen. Im stolzen Alter von 39 Jahren brachte Porter 2010 sein erstes Soloalbum heraus. Es hieß „Water" und bot ein wunderbares Klangkaleidoskop wie es die Szene Harlems in ihren besten Zeiten lieferte.

Porters Gesang reflektiert bewusst und unbewusst die ganze Geschichte der afroamerikanischen Tradition. Sein geschmeidiger, aber sich niemals anbiedernder Bariton ist genauso ideal für sanften Soul wie für knackigen Bebop oder erdigen Blues. Und wenn er mal eine Ballade singt, etwa Nat King Coles „Mona Lisa", dann tut er dies überaus würdevoll.

Sein dynamisches Lied „1960 What?" wurde überdies im „Opolopo Kick & Bass ReRub" zu einem Hit auf den Tanzflächen. Sein Stimmduktus war auch auf seinem zweiten Opus „Be Good" von größtem Charisma. Porter komponiert den größten Teil seines Repertoires selbst. Coverversionen wie Nat Adderleys „Work Song" sind die Ausnahme.

Der im ländlichen Bakersfield in Kalifornien aufgewachsene Hüne lebt längst in New York, wo er nicht mehr aus der Szene wegzudenken ist. Seine Lieder sprechen beredt von enttäuschter Liebe und anderen existenziellen Beschwernissen, allerdings nicht ohne einen robusten Optimismus durchscheinen zu lassen.

Sein groovendes „On My Way To Harlem" evozierte nicht nur die sepiafarbenen Bilder der Harlemer Glanzzeit, sondern gemahnte auch an große Kollegen wie Marvin Gaye und Les McCann, Leon Thomas und Lou Rawls. Gregory Porters Handelsware ist pure Emotion.

Dates July 2013

Jazz Fest Wien 2013 – Natalie Cole / Gregory Porter

05.07.2013, Fri – 19:30


The structure of the opera house was planned by the Viennese architect August Sicard von Sicardsburg, while the inside was designed by interior decorator Eduard van der Nüll.
On May 25, 1869, the opera house solemnly opened with Mozart´s DON JUAN in the presence of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth.

Today, the Vienna State Opera is considered one of the most important opera houses in the world; in particular, it is the house with the largest repertoire. It has been under the direction of Dominique Meyer, along with musical director Franz Welser-Möst, since September 1, 2010.

Capacity: 2,284 (It offers 1,709 seats, 567 standing spaces, 4 wheelchair spaces, and 4 wheelchair companion seats.)

at Wiener Staatsoper
Opernring 1
Vienna, Austria


Event on 2014-01-15 19:00:00

Tragedia lirica in drei Akten (1844)

Musik von Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto von Francesco Maria Piave nach der historical tragedy "The two foscari" (1822) von Lord Byron

In italienischer Sprache mit deutschen Übertiteln

Musikalische Leitung: James Conlon
Inszenierung: Thaddeus Strassberger
Mit Placido Domingo, Arturo Chacon Cruz

ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester
Arnold Schoenberg Chor (Ltg. Erwin Ortner)

Eine Koproduktion mit der Los Angeles Opera

1844 sollte Giuseppe Verdi das erste Mal eine Oper für das Teatro La Fenice in Venedig schreiben, er bot als Vorlage dafür das Drama The Two Foscari von Lord Byron an, worin nicht das karnevaleske Venedig voll romantischer Liebesabenteuer gezeigt wird, sondern die strengen politischen Gesetze und Strukturen der Serenissima im Mittelpunkt stehen. Allerdings werden darin der berühmte Rat der Zehn als leicht zu täuschen und Adlige als rachsüchtig und intrigant vorgeführt, deshalb lehnte die Zensur den Vorschlag ab. Verdi komponierte stattdessen für Venedig die Oper Ernani; I due Foscari konnte er dann am 4. November
1844 in Rom im Teatro Argentino präsentieren.

Der venezianische Doge Francesco Foscari muss seinen Sohn Jacopo wegen eines angeblich von diesem ausgeübten Mordes in die Verbannung schicken – es handelt sich aber um eine Intrige seines Gegners Loredano. Foscari ist innerlich zerrissen zwischen der Liebe zu seinem Sohn und seiner Pflicht als Doge. Lucrezia, die Frau Jacopos, glaubt fest an die Unschuld ihres Gatten. Sie will ihn in die Verbannung begleiten, es wird ihr nicht erlaubt. Als Jacopo schon auf der Galeere ist, die ihn nach Kreta bringen soll, erreicht Francesco ein Brief, der die Unschuld von Jacopo beweist. Aber es ist zu spät: Jacopo ist auf der Galeere gestorben. Francesco muss als Doge abdanken, diese Schmach und der Verlust seines Sohnes brechen ihm das Herz, er stirbt.

Byrons Drama ist ein Kammerspiel, wenig geeignet als Stoff für eine große Oper. Verdi wies daher seinen Librettisten Francesco Maria Piave an, zusätzlich mitreißende Momente einzubauen: „Strapaziere deinen
Geist und erfinde etwas, das ein wenig Furore macht." Trotz großer Chorszenen und leidenschaftlicher Gefühlsausbrüche hat das Werk seinen intimen Charakter behalten. Es gelang Verdi gerade deshalb mit
I due Foscari eine Erneuerung seines Stils, seine Figurenschilderung verfeinerte und verdichtete sich. Verdi verwendete hier mit den Figuren verbundene Themen, die dem Werk bei transparenter Orchestrierung
eine kunstvolle Struktur verleihen – er bietet damit, von der Musikgeschichte meist unbemerkt, einen Gegenentwurf zu Richard Wagners gleichzeitig entwickelter Leitmotivtechnik.

Musik von Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto von Francesco Maria Piave nach der historical tragedy "The two foscari" (1822) von Lord Byron

Dates Jannuary 2014

I due Foscari

15.01.2014, Wed – 19:00


I due Foscari

18.01.2014, Sat – 19:00


I due Foscari

20.01.2014, Mon – 19:00


I due Foscari

23.01.2014, Thu – 19:00


I due Foscari

25.01.2014, Sat – 19:00


I due Foscari

27.01.2014, Mon – 19:00


The Theater an der Wien (The Theatre on the Wien River) is a historic theatre on the Left Wienzeile in the Mariahilf district of Vienna. Completed in 1801, it has seen the premieres of many celebrated works of theatre, opera, and symphonic music. Since 2006, the theatre has served primarily as an opera house, hosting its own company.

While ´Wien´ is the German word for ´Vienna´, the ´Wien´ in the name of the theatre is not the name of the city but rather the name of the Wien River (Wienfluss), which once flowed by the theatre site; ´an der Wien´ means next to (that is, on the banks of) the Wien. In modern times the name has become somewhat opaque, since the river has been covered over in this location; the covered riverbed now houses the Naschmarkt, an open-air market

at Theater an der Wien
Linke Wienzeile 6
Vienna, Austria

Paparazzi Bots, 2009 – Ken Rinaldo

Paparazzi Bots, 2009 – Ken Rinaldo

Image by jaygoldman
Paparazzi Bots are autonomous robots standing at the height of an average human. Comprised of multiple microprocessors, cameras, sensors, code and robotic actuators they move at the speed of a walking human, avoiding walls and obstacles while using sensors to move toward humans. They seek one thing, to capture photos of people and to make these images available to the public elevating them to celebrity status through this momentary anointing. The robots also achieve celebrity status through their association to the famous people at Nuit Blanche that are captured by the Paparazzi Bots. Each Paparazzi Bot can make the decision to take the photos of particular people, while ignoring other humans in the exhibition, based on things such as whether or not the viewers are smiling or the shape of their smile. When the robots identify a person they stop, automatically adjust their focus and use a series of bright flashes to record that moment.

The recent emergence of social networks and their ability to connect people through software is a prime example of the co-evolution of humans and their intelligent machines. Our social need for technologically mediated connectivity and social space is easily exploited in this new critical juncture in our emerging machine human-relations.

CDN Industry Veteran Peter Papavasiliou Joins Yottaa as New VP of Support and Operations

Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 23, 2013

Today, Yottaa Inc., the performance automation company, announced the addition of Peter Papavasiliou as the new Vice President of Support and Operations to its growing team. Papavasiliou joins Yottaa with two decades of experience in the technology space, building large-scale infrastructure and operations for SaaS companies.

Papavasiliou most recently worked on product development and operations at Concentric Cloud Solutions, and prior to that developed the content delivery vision and strategy within the Internet Service Provider sector for Juniper Networks. From 2005 to 2010, he ran Services and Operations at Brightcove, helping to propel the company from a 20-person startup to a team of 300-and-growing.

Prior to that, from 1999 to 2005, Papavasiliou worked as Senior Director of Network Infrastructure and Strategy at Akamai, where he was responsible for leading the team that built Akamais content delivery network from a few hundred servers in a few locations to over 23,000 servers in over 1,000 Service Providers networks.

What really excites me about Yottaa is the unique way they are improving web performance on a global basis, says Papavasiliou. Yottaa is approaching the web performance and content delivery model in a truly innovative way. Traditional CDNs only move content closer to an end user; Yottaa has the technology that transforms the page based on an end users browser, device and last mile connectivity. The service improves web sites in real time. Its truly transformative technology with an enormous market opportunity.

Said Coach Wei, Yottaa CEO and Co-Founder, of the new addition: “Yottaa is pioneering and leading a new industry category that automates the optimization of online experiences across the mobile and desktop web. We are seeing tremendous enterprise adoption for our services. Peter has a strong track record in building, scaling and operating Internet-scale systems and services. We are really excited that a veteran of his caliber is joining us. With his leadership, Yottaa is on the way to becoming the most reliable and dependable cloud service for enabling the next generation of online experiences.”

About Yottaa

Trusted by over 85,000 websites, Yottaas all-in-one web optimization solution delivers speed, scale, security and actionable insight for any website. Our customers enjoy site-wide performance gains, better visitor experience and higher conversions; and protection from service outages, malicious bots and hackers.

Sektor 58: An Unconventional Kickstarter Campaign for a ‘Space-Epic’ RTS Game

London, United Kingdom (PRWEB) April 09, 2013

Crowdcell Ltd announced today a new Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to complete the development of ‘Sektor 58’, a Space-Epic action RTS game with RPG elements, for PC, Mac and Linux.

View the Kickstarter campaign here

“One of the unusual things about this Kickstarter campaign is that unlike other crowd funding projects launched in this genre, we are a long way into development”, said Jerry Anderson, CEO of Crowdcell Ltd.

“We felt that it was important to have more than just a concept to show the community and have invested heavily in producing a playable Alpha. Now we need help to finish development and launch the game”.

The game story is centered around two factions who are engaged in an on-going power struggle to control ‘Sektor 58’, a solar system of habitable planets in a galaxy many light years away.

There will be both single and multi-player versions of the game.

In single-player mode, players will follow the core story and command a Battalion of Resistance fighters consisting of Drones, Droids, Troopers and other ‘Bots’. They will be sent on inter-planetary missions to locate and destroy the enemy.

In the multi-player version, players will be able to challenge friends to one-time tactical battles, with one side playing the role of ‘The Resistance’ and the other, ‘The Syndicate’ (the enemy).

In order to progress in the game, players will need to:

Engage in intense fire-fights, outwit and overcome Syndicate forces in various combat scenarios.
Hack into Syndicate Cyber-Systems enabling them to take control of their bots.
Arm their battalion with powerful futuristic weaponry with monumental destructive power.
Request ‘orbital drops’ of backup fighters from their Transporter.
Make tough tactical decisions and use effective battle management skills.

The required funds will be used to hire additional (and much needed) programmers, environment artists and audio specialists who will work with the current team to make this game a premium title and one of the most exciting games of 2013.

Kickstarter Project: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1750875302/sektor-58

Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/sektor58

Website: http://www.Sektor58.com