Robert Weil, a Business Owner in the Nashville Area, Thinks That Businesses in the United States Could Be Thriving, but Two Basic Accounting Rules Keep This from Happening

(PRWEB) April 05, 2013

Robert Weil, a business owner in the Nashville area, thinks that businesses in the United States could be thriving, but two basic accounting rules keep this from happening. Having seen the effects of these two rules in his own businesses, Weil is now on a crusade to change the way business tax accounting is done.

He has been to Washington and met his local Congressman, but now he has taken his arguments to the Web for the whole world to see at

As Weil puts it, American businesses are suffering. Unemployment is high, with no relief in sight. Manufacturing has all but left these shores. And all of this is unnecessary.

“There are many reasons for the economic doldrums here in America. We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world, nearly double that of the United Kingdom. We have enough regulations to bind any business into an immobile knot. Business leaders are paralyzed by continual indecision in Washington, never knowing how to plan for the future. All of these are systemic problems that must be addressed over time through the painfully slow political process.

“However, if we can start with changing two simple accounting rules, American business could once again be leading the world, unemployment would no longer be a problem, and manufacturing might actually begin to come back home.

Is this some accounting trick, just moving numbers around to make the balance sheet look better? No. Its a fundamental separation of tax accounting from financial

accounting, entailing the elimination of Depreciation and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) from tax accounting. Those two components of existing tax accounting do more than anything else in the tax code to drive businesses out of business and they never should have been a part of tax accounting to begin with.

The Save American Business website goes on to talk about the history of taxation in America, where the rules came from, spreadsheet examples, and some very common sense solutions to provide relief to companies while increasing revenue in Washington.

About Robert Weil, founder of

At the beginning of 1995, Robert Weil and his wife Julie started Visual Sound in their apartment. Since then, Visual Sound has become known as one of the premier guitar effects and power supply manufacturers in the world. The Weils have also started a new jeans company called Southern Blues Denim Company. Robert has used his own experience as a small-business owner to shape the thoughts and ideas for Save American Business. Interviews Matthew Paulson about Generating Substantial Revenues through Google AdSense

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) January 21, 2013

Google AdSense is a program that enables web publishers to earn money by presenting relevant advertisements alongside their own online content. The benefits that marketers can enjoy from this program include ease of use, control over the ads that appear on their pages, access to comprehensive metrics and reports, and substantial revenues, and perhaps no one knows about these benefits better than online marketer Matthew Paulson. The genius behind maintains a successful Google AdSense campaign and generates impressive passive incomeand he recently shared valuable tips and tricks during an interview with’s CEO James Schramko.

At the beginning of the interview, Paulson shares that using his distinct AdSense template has been an exceptionally good business move for the past couple of years; in 2012, he made a total of $ 104,454. “This month Ill be on track to do about $ 20,000 just based on the kind of cycle or the seasonality of the type of content sites that I do. So, Ive been doing pretty well; Im pretty excited about it, since my opportunities will go up again after that,” he says.

While Schramko relates how Google AdSense did not become an essential aspect of his own marketing strategy for his own sites, Paulson describes how he discovered that the program made him realize the potential power of his online properties. “I kind of determined where I think the best ad spots are and I also tried to identify kind of a content area that people or advertisers really bid on heavily, because that will give you really high cost per click.”

When it comes to content production, Paulson recommends another revolutionary Google tool the AdWords keyword tool that can be harnessed to help marketers produce content that drives good traffic. He points out: “You can use the AdWords keyword tool to figure out the kind of topics or keywords that people or advertisers are spending a lot of money on, so then you can write content about those things. If those ads show up on your site and people click on them, you know you can get a pretty high click through rate or cost per click. When you have a whole bunch of clicks, that adds up pretty quickly.”

Managing a small or large number of websites is not a major contributor to success, according to Paulson. He says that 80% of his revenue comes from just three quality sites; as long as good quality traffic can be generated from a few sites that are performing well, and if the ads on these sites are optimized, then it would be a much better idea to add content and cultivate quality in those web properties rather than focus on acquiring more sites.

For Paulson, leading web users to his sites entails more than simply relying on a single traffic sourcea concept that is relevant to Schramko’s Own the Racecourse marketing philosophy of utilizing several different channels to get good, organic traffic.

“There are, I think, a lot of people that have content websites…and make the mistake of only focusing on the main Google search results,” he explains, pointing out that in his business, driving traffic means getting consumer attention from Google Video, Bing Video, email newsletters, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, news sites, finance, sites, and others. “There are tangential search engines like YouTube, Google images and Google news, and there are just plenty of opportunities there; the pool of people that are competing for those rankings is just so much smaller and its just a lot easier to get those placements that you want in some of those other search engines.”

Towards the end of the interview, Paulson relates that to make the most of Google AdSense, its best to keep in mind that posting ads should ideally be a separate concern from posting quality content. “I dont know that the level of quality of the content has a huge click through or effect on the click through rating. I think if the ads are interesting to the user, theyre going to click on them regardless of the quality of content,” he shares.

The conversation also touches on ways to sell links, the benefits of offering sites for sponsored posts, and tips to further maximize AdSense. To read the full interview transcript and to find more information on James Schramkos podcasts, visit

Effective Team Resource Management Tips, Super Fast Business and Fast Web Formula News Revealed in James Schramko’s Latest Video

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) January 17, 2013

Successful companies are rarely one-man operations; it takes a dedicated team of skilled and knowledgeable individualsnot to mention a perceptive and organized leaderto ensure that all tasks and responsibilities are carried out well. A recent news video from chief James Schramko provides excellent tips on managing a team effectively and utilizing the best online tools available to streamline processes and get good results.

“I’ve seen posts lately about managing teams and determining what system to use. Really, my advice is to keep it simple,” says Schramko. He proceeds to discuss a couple of ideal business management practices that will work to improve efficiency and communication among team members:

Use online tools that enable quick information sharing and file management. The CEO recommends DropBox for keeping documents in one accessible place where changes can be easily tracked and deleted files can be retrieved. Google Drive (previously known as Google Docs) is also a handy little tool for sharing standard operating procedures with a group of people. The right individuals will be able to see the document and whoever is editing the file in real time. Google Drive can also be especially useful to podcast co-hosts who happen to be in different locations at a time, Schramko says; both people can view the document simultaneously and highlight the next parts of their current conversation.

Prepare and plan well for upcoming meetings. Sending out a brief asking people to prepare certain things needed at the meeting beforehand can save valuable time and contribute to a smoother and more productive session. The right people should discuss the right things and the length of the meeting should be sufficient for the matters at hand. “If you can get together regularly with the people who are contributing to your business, even if they are contractors, then do that. You should see tremendous gains,” Schramko adds.

The news video also touches on ways to manage multiple sites to go after different parts of a market and discusses a trick for using whiteboards to carefully map out a sales funnel.

In addition, Schramko reveals his plan to roll a number of his sites back to SuperFastBusiness.comnow his powerhouse site. “It gets nearly 40,000 page views a month and more than 1,000 podcast downloads a day,” he shares. “I want to house most of my quality content right there so youll see me develop this even more. My goal is to get to 100,000 page views in a month and Im sure it wont be too long until we reach that.”

Lastly, the highly motivated and successful entrepreneur announces that his business coaching forum community Fast Web Formula is fast approaching the 600-member mark.

“Welcome to all the new members, and if you havent joined yet, consider Fast Web Formula,” Schramko encourages. “Thats where Im putting all of my focus for my front end products… You can literally get access to most of my best products instantly when you join. I look forward to helping you daily with answering questions.”