Tineye Lee – Aint Nun Wrong

[08 of 09] Tineye Lee is unstoppable! His third youtube release features instant hits such as “Aint Nun Wrong”, “Chilax”, and “Turbo”. Also, don’t miss the h…
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Image by suzannelong
I can’t believe I forgot to mention the TinEye Music iPhone app to Brad when we’d been chatting the night before his talk. And much later on the Zap Friday, Paul and Leila from Idée arrived with the news their app was now live on the iTunes store.

Twitter e giornalismo, ecco qualche consiglio

Twitter e giornalismo, ecco qualche consiglio
Per un controllo delle immagini i giornalisti più esperti raccomandano alcuni strumenti come TinEye, WholframAlpha o anche solo Google Images (Drag&Drop). Inoltre talvolta le immagini contenuto dati utili alla localizzazione che possono confermare per …
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目前几乎所有的主流互联网搜索引擎都提供搜索图像的功能(在此之前还有专门的垂直搜索引擎 Tineye,Picitup),最常用的形式是,通过用户输入关键字来检索相关图像。然而很少有人注意到另一种搜索形式:以图搜索。在谷歌 …
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3 outils pour trouver la source d'une image
Le principe de TinEye est assez simple : il permet de rechercher sur le web des images similaires à une photographie en votre possession. Vous pouvez utiliser une URL ou une image stockée sur votre disque dur. Des extensions pour navigateurs (Google …
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Thinking of Bill Murray Helps Calm Points

Thinking of Bill Murray Helps Calm Points
I hit a horrible tee shot off the tee and I hit a 5-iron short of the green and I kind of chunk it around and chip up and got like a 5-footer for par. My caddie looks at me, 'How are you feeling?' I'm like, 'I'm freaking out. I feel awful. I'm so …
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Something worth holding on to
Then there are some intelligent ones who take photos of the items they want to remember and then chunk it into the bag. Finally, there are those like my 4-year-old grandson, Jackson. His mom had snuck some of his toys over for one of the sales. Problem …
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Putting an end to laziness
2) Chunk it down or 3) Hire it out. What do I mean by hire it? It means let someone else do it. (And if they are willing to do it for free — BONUS!) An author, an expert at writing, delays installing his printer. Why? He doesn't feel confident doing …
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aafad 284/365 number one with a bullet …

aafad 284/365 number one with a bullet …

Image by lamont_cranston
you know what’s cool?

the tineye reverse image search site!

you know what’s not cool?

testing it out with one of your own pictures to see what would come up.

i shoulda known.

turns out one place it is being prominently (number one! number one!) ‘used’ is at www.starwarsaddiction.com/swac/article/1720/sc/1. my creative commons asks for attribution, no commercial gain and share alike. oh well.

it’s possible the guys at swac got the image from a third party. but, there’s no easy way to contact them through their website to ask.

oh well … that’ll learn me to satisfy my curiosity! i’m not game to check any others … i guess this is what will continue to happen with my creative commons set up. not that it really matters – there’s no way of stopping someone from copying your pictures.

i’m not changing it though! 😛

Believe in better

Believe in better

Image by minipixel
Spot the difference.

I was fiddling about with Tineye (which is great) , the other day when I came across this…

Very cheeky!
This photo has a Creative Commons licence (Attribution, Non-commercial, No Derivative works). No permission was sought or granted for usage.
If anyone happens to have a copy of this ad, please let me know. It may be from the Sky TV guide from Halloween 2009 at a guess.


Sky ad

Utilizando o site TinEye.com

Suas fotos podem estar sendo utilizadas sem sua autorização. Saiba como investigar utilizando o site TinEye.com. Leia o artigo completo em http://bit.ly/gr5gP8.
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