Duck Duck Go!

This is another search engine, but it is far better than Google! There is absolutely no spam sites! NOTE: This is not me in the video.
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PosterBurner Seizes Opportunity to Sponsor Fast Growing Search Engine DuckDuckGo

Chesapeake, VA (PRWEB) May 25, 2010

Today, the award winning website where users print custom posters, announced it became the first sponsor of the fast growing search engine

“We have been following DuckDuckGo for a couple months now through sites like Reddit and Hacker News. As soon as we saw they started accepting sponsors, we jumped on the opportunity” said founder Rick Stephenson.

Many people have been recently switching from Google to DuckDuckGo. It offers much more privacy, and with zero-click info, less spam and clutter, it’s results get you information faster. prints and ships thousands of user uploaded posters each year. They have recently branched out into canvas printing with the website “The RoyalCanvas launch surpased all of our hopes,” said Stephenson. “We were shipping canvas prints to customers while we were still in testing mode. The reaction from customers when they get the canvas has been amazing.”

You can learn more about DuckDuckGo and it’s founder at Gabriel Weinburg’s blog.

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Search Engine Duck Duck Go Offers Users WOT Protection Against Scam Websites

Valley Forge, PA (PRWEB) December 4, 2010

By turning on a simple setting on DuckDuckGo’s Result Settings page, searchers can see the crowd-sourced ratings aggregated by website reputation rating system Web of Trust (WOT.) The traffic light style WOT reputation ratings appear next to links, so users will be able to see immediately which sites are good, which are questionable and which to steer clear of.

“DuckDuckGo has been the leader in removing spam, protecting privacy, and using crowd-sourced information to improve results. With the addition of WOT’s crowd-sourced ratings, DuckDuckGo plus WOT is the perfect solution to search with peace of mind,” said CEO and DuckDuckGo founder Gabriel Weinberg.

“The WOT community is better at detecting scam sites than automated systems alone. It requires input from real consumers to identify bad customer service,” said Vesa Per

A brief look at DuckDuckGo

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