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Man Man is a fearlessly unique band from Philadelphia. The group's fifth full length album On Oni Pond features an arresting reconstruction of the group's visionary sound stripped to its core and rebuilt as something new and compelling yet still very much Man Man. This marked shift is a direct result of an intensive collaboration between the band's frontman, Honus Honus, and drummer Pow Pow, who has assumed a new-found prominence in the songwriting process, bringing an exhilarating array of new rhythmic ideas to the mix. "With this album we got to do something that very few bands or creative people get to do which is a reboot, and one that feels natural," comments Honus Honus.In a review of a track called "Head On," Pitchfork writes that Man Man "have taken their licks and endured, evolving from their excitable and divisive Beefheart/Zappa-influenced early work into rich and resonant piano pop that values populism over provocation."The compositions on the new album were honed by the band members along with producer Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, First Aid Kit) into a compelling mash-up of Fear Of Music era Talking Heads, classic soul, psychedelia, hip hop, and 50's rock and roll. With its imaginative yet economical rhythms, huge hooks, and overriding sense of urgency, On Oni Pond melds these seemingly disparate influences into an unexpectedly lush, melodic album, exquisitely consolidated by the band's unique and affecting vision."This is a strange and beautiful record but it's also head on and fearless," says Honus Honus. "It's not a record that's going to flirt with you, this is a record that's asking you out. If you get into bed with us there's going to be a relationship."Man Man's latest also expresses Honus Honus' evolution as a lyricist. Consistently inventive, the lyrics now have a new poignancy and insight that makes this album as personal and reflective as it is joyous. The thematic centerpiece of the record is the bittersweet, deconstructed soul anthem "Head On." Simultaneously melancholy and inspiring, the track features a unique take on personal resilience exemplified by the lines, "Are you dreaming of death? Are there ghosts in your chest?" and "I need new skin for this old skeleton of mine 'cause this one that I'm in has let me down once again over time," which build into the refrain "Hold onto your heart, hold it high above flood waters, hold onto your heart, never let nobody drag it under."With On Oni Pond, Man Man has delivered a beautifully weird and unforgettable collection of songs. From the pounding syncopated drumming, psychedelic organ and impassioned crooning of "Pink Wonton" to the sneering new wave dub of "King Shiv" and the big beat bratty swagger of "Loot My Body," this is an undeniably ambitious band reborn to new, focused greatness.

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It's hard to say exactly when it happened.
It could've been during one of the 100+ shows STRFKR played over the past two years—ecstatic sold-out dance parties that started in tiny, sweaty rooms before word of mouth spread and forced a move to larger (and even sweatier) venues.
It might've been when touring guitarist Patrick Morris officially became a full-time member in late 2011, rounding out a line-up that included multi-instrumentalists Josh Hodges, Shawn Glassford, and Keil Corcoran.
Most likely, though, there wasn't a single defining moment when the change occurred. With evolution there rarely is.
Instead, progression happens naturally and steadily—each step leading inevitably to the next until you reach a point when you realize how far you've come without even being fully aware of how you got there.
In early 2012, during a rare break in the group's touring schedule, Hodges retreated to secluded Astoria, Oregon. But this time, rather than completely isolating himself to work on new material (as had always been the case in the past), Hodges invited the other members to visit often and truly collaborate in the process of writing STRFKR's third full-length, Miracle Mile.
And so it was that STRFKR became a band.
As a result, whether participating in all-night lyric writing sessions, fleshing out song skeletons originally conceived during European soundchecks ("Malmo") and long van rides ("Leave It All Behind"), or completing half-finished ideas kicking around Hodges' brain and hard drive, there isn't a single song on Miracle Mile that every member of STRFKR didn't contribute to and ultimately improve.
For proof, look no further than first single and opening track "While I'm Alive," a song that bursts out of the gate with what can only be described as swagger. Not overconfidence or false bravado, but the undeniable sound of a band that knows exactly who they are: swirling keyboards that take you up, down, and all around, rhythmic guitars, irresistible basslines, and drums that keep an unrelenting beat.
Disco-y standout "Atlantis" is the paragon of this formula, with vocal and musical hooks seemingly custom fitted to a spot so deep inside your eardrums they'll never dislodge.
But upbeat isn't Miracle Mile's only tempo.
In fact, it's in quieter moments like "Isea," which briefly slows down the album's pulse with gentle "oh-oh-ohs" over acoustic guitar, that the record truly coalesces as a complete whole that couldn't have come together any other way.
Just like STRFKR.

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Panel to Address Mentoring as Instrumental to Succession Planning; LifeMoxie Mentoring Hosts Interactive Virtual Panel of Mentoring Leaders


LifeMoxie Mentoring, a consulting firm revolutionizing succession planning, mentoring SaaS, and the evolution of talent, in partnership with The Mentoring Council, is hosting a Virtual Panel of Mentoring Leaders on Thursday, June 20, 2013 from 3:00 -4:00pm EST.

Leaders from Southern California Edison, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), and StarGas Partners will discuss how they use mentoring to drive their succession initiatives. They will share strategies, experiences, and fresh perspectives on leveraging mentoring in any organization.

Panelists are members of The Mentoring Council, an exclusive online community for mentoring program leaders. Registered members receive unlimited access to best practices, resources, education, forums and panels to explore mentoring as an organizational competitive advantage. Members connect with their peers to benchmark progress by discovering how others are using mentoring to drive key business strategies.

Registration is complimentary for this interactive virtual roundtable. As an added bonus, those who register will receive an advanced copy of Ann Tardy’s new article, “Forget Succession Planning! Focus on Legacy.” For more information or to register, email Christina MacCarrick, Director of The Mentoring Council at mentoringcouncil(at)lifemoxie(dot)com.

LifeMoxie Mentoring develops smart mentoring solutions to mobilize leadership. Using their proven 7-step process, they prepare mentoring leaders to effectively drive organizational objectives. Since 2003, LifeMoxie Mentoring and its founder Ann Tardy have been rousing the remarkable in people and organizations. With offices in San Francisco, Chicago, and the New York area, they partner with leaders to mobilize leadership and ensure workforce effectiveness. Learn more at

ArcLight Cinemas Chooses Christie for Remote Monitoring and Network Operations Center Support on California Theaters

Cypress, CA (PRWEB) June 07, 2013

ArcLight Cinemas can rest easy knowing that its 90 Christie digital cinema projectors installed at the chains seven locations in California, including its newest addition in San Diego, are protected with 24/7 remote monitoring and reporting through Christies Network Operations Center (NOC) and additional Managed Services offerings such as round-the-clock phone support and quick access to locally-stored spare parts.

As one of the first theater chains in the U.S. to convert to digital projection, ArcLight Cinemas (along with sister company Pacific Theatres) recognized the need to safeguard its investments early on with Christies NOC and the Managed Services team, who work alongside a national dealer network to design, deploy and support fully-customized visual display systems whether it be projection equipment or lobby displays that integrate into all cinemas.

Joe Miraglia, director of design, construction and facilities for ArcLight Cinemas, stated, Christies NOC support services are an excellent fit for our ongoing needs. The professionalism from their staff, and reporting tools continue to be a significant benefit for our organization. No matter whether its a small inquiry or a major outage, we know the Christie NOC team is there to support our needs.”

As part of the NOCs reporting capability, customers can choose customized software and weekly and monthly reports through an automated system that distributes information to cinema operators to help them run their theaters more effectively. According to Miraglia, the collection of data that reports how the theaters are performing overall was important. I get weekly equipment inventory reports that tell me how much space is on my server and I receive notices about software updates and incident performance reports. The monthly analysis really tells me whats happening along with the trends and patterns within my company, and thats huge for me.

We are pleased that ArcLight Cinemas put their confidence in Christies Managed Services team and our NOC, said Sean James, vice president, Managed Services at Christie. With new technologies and programming constantly evolving, a state-of-the-art NOC for remote monitoring, in particular, provides a safety net for theaters embarking on the digital age of 2K and 4K digital cinema projection.

Miraglia said Christies track record and history in the cinema industry gave them the edge over the competition. He was also confident that they made the right choice because of Christies Ed Vitelli and his teams extensive IT background. The analytical and systematic approach that Ed and his team incorporate into their analysis impressed him. Their approach was aligned with that of ArcLight Cinemas, helping to reduce down time and guest-facing incidents.

Managed Services functions as a single point of contact. The service team can support all lobby displays and projection equipment, multi-media and audiovisual hardware, associated software and business application systems, as well as servicing other manufacturers warranties. Extended services from Christies Managed Services team include on-site preventative maintenance and emergency repair service, quick access to locally stored spare parts and online training. In addition to providing end-to-end solutions for projection and in-lobby digital displays in the cinema environment, Christies Managed Services team also has a technology-agnostic approach in that they support all your cinema equipment including a wide array of manufacturers, projectors, technology platforms, visual displays, servers, switchers and networking products.

About ArcLight Cinemas

ArcLight Cinemas, created by Pacific Theatres, represents an evolution in the movie going experience. With locations in Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Pasadena and El Segundo, the chain offers an unprecedented combination of technology, amenities, comfort, and customer service. ArcLight Cinemas dynamic programming ranges from the newest Hollywood blockbusters to independent art house fare, cult favorites and classics and 21+ screenings, making it one of the most popular destinations for discerning moviegoers. Its signature amenities include black box auditoriums, extra-wide seats with double armrests, stadium seating, reserved seating at many locations and a wide variety of counter and caf

David P. Weldens New Book Unveils a History of Secrets about the Origin of Human Race

(PRWEB) June 03, 2013

In his latest book, The Stone, Alien enthusiast David P. Welden provides evidence that aims to prove the existence of an alien race called Anunnaki, also known as ancient astronauts, and its role in the creation and evolution of human beings.

Mr. Welden actively participated in Zecharia Sitchins expedition to gather proofs on the existence of ancient astronauts or Anunnaki. In The Stone, he shares the astounding discoveries they made and evidences they gathered that prove not only the existence of Anunnaki, but also the role this alien race played in the creation and evolution of humanity through genetic manipulations.

Mr. Welden also presents his own investigations on UFO sightings and alien abductions by sharing the stories related by individuals involved, as well as his own ideas and conclusion based on information he gathered from years of studying alien life forms on planet Earth and their connection to mankind.

David P. Welden is a businessman and inventor who holds nine patents for his inventions in the United States of America, one of which is the Welden Direct Fired Steam Generator. He started writing The Stone in 2002, which, according to him, was one of the most rewarding experiences of his life.

For more information about David P. Welden and his book, The Stone, visit his webpage at The book is also available at for Kindle and in paperback edition.

Technology Developments and Growing Adoption of Electronic Devices Drives the Electronic Components Market, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

San Jose, California (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

Follow us on LinkedIn – Electronic components have played a significant role in the evolution of several path-breaking technologies that have changed the world in the 21st century. For instance, telephones and computers have revolutionized the world of communications and information technology respectively. The role of electronic components in driving this technology driven world is significant, given their extensive use in a wide range of electronic applications right from traditional computers, telephones, televisions and audio players to more advanced electronic gadgets such as mobile computing devices, mobile phones, LCDs, LEDs, DVD/Blu-Ray players, portable media players, video game consoles, home-theater systems, microwaves and printers among others. As key building blocks of electronic circuitry used in a range of electronic devices, electronic components represent the backbone of the electronics sector.

The market continues to be driven by demand from major downstream industry segments such as telecommunications, computing and consumer appliances, which are the most prolific users of these components. However in recent years, newer application areas such as automotive electronics, medical device electronics, defense and aerospace electronics, including state-of-the-art weaponry and industrial equipment, among others, have emerged to spearhead growth. Product and service innovations and developments in end-use markets create significant opportunities for growth. Digitalization of consumer entertainment has led to rapid proliferation of digital media devices such as MP3 players, media servers, DVD and Blu-Ray players, manufacturing of which necessitates the use of electronic components. Electronic component manufacturing continues to become increasingly complex, intricate and dynamic due to the ever-changing technology trends in intelligent electronics. Long-term growth in the market particularly depends on incremental technology developments and customization based on unique application requirements.

Growing adoption of PCs, ultrabooks, smartphones, and other consumer electronic devices is creating demand for passive electronic components. Demand for passive components is primarily driven by cheaper, smaller and high quality parts in a range of electronic devices. Advanced technological features, higher performance levels, greater frequencies and capability in providing increased densities are stimulating demand for passive components. Given the rapid demand for complex and advanced electronic components, manufacturers need to stay focused on end-user requirements in order to trigger sales growth. The miniaturization trend sweeping through the electronic devices market is generating strong demand for advanced passive components with small form factors such as case sized capacitors.

As stated by the new market research report on Electronic Components, Asia-Pacific represents the largest and the fastest growing market worldwide with a projected CAGR of about 6.6% over the analysis period. Growth in the region is led by rapid industrialization, booming economies, urbanization, growing employment opportunities, and rising spending power among the growing base of middle class population. Increased production of electronic devices in response to growing consumer demand is providing a major boost to market opportunities in this region.

Major players in the marketplace include ABB, Abracon Corporation, Alps Electric Co., Ltd., Alstom Signaling, Inc., American Electronic Components Inc., American Relays, Inc., Eaton Corp., ELECTRONICON Kondensatoren GmbH, Fujitsu Component Limited, Gilard Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Hamlin Breed Electronics Ltd., Hammond Mfg. Co. Ltd., Hasco Relays and Electronics International Corp., Hitachi AIC Inc., Ibiden Co. Ltd., KEMET Corporation, Kyocera Corporation, Microsemi Corporation, MITSUMI ELECTRIC CO., LTD., NEC TOKIN Corporation, Nippon Chemi-Con, United Chemi-Con, Nippon Mektron Ltd., Omron Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Schneider Electric EPCOS AG, TE Connectivity Ltd., Teledyne Technologies Inc., Token Electronics Industry Co, Ltd., Yageo Corporation, and Yueqing Meishuo Electric Co. Ltd., among others.

The research report titled Electronic Components: A Global Strategic Business Report announced by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., provides a comprehensive review of market trends, issues, drivers, company profiles, mergers, acquisitions and other strategic industry activities. The report provides market estimates and projections in US$ for all major geographic markets including the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe (France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Russia, & Rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, Taiwan, Korea, and Rest of Asia-Pacific), Middle East, and Latin America.

Product segments analyzed in the report include Resistors (Semi-Fixed Variable, Carbon Variable, Other Variable, Carbon Film Fixed, Metal Film Fixed, Metal Oxide Film Fixed, Wire Wound Fixed, Network Resistors, Chip Resistors and Other Fixed), Capacitors (Variable, Aluminum Electrolytic Fix, Tantalum Electrolytic Fixed, Ceramic Fixed, Organic Film Fixed, Metallized Organic Film and Other Fixed), Transformers (RFTS & IFTS, Audio Frequency, Power, High Frequency Power, High Voltage, Flyback, Deflection Yokes and Others), Resonators, Connectors (PCB Connectors, Rectangular I/O Connectors, RF Coaxial Connectors, and Other Connectors), Relays (Electromechanical Relays and Solid State Relays), Switches (Toggle, Slide, Rotary, Keyboard and Other Switches) and Printed Wiring Boards (Single Sided Rigid, Double Sided Rigid, Multilayer Rigid and Flexible).

For more details about this comprehensive market research report, please visit

About Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) is a leading publisher of off-the-shelf market research. Founded in 1987, the company currently employs over 800 people worldwide. Annually, GIA publishes more than 1300 full-scale research reports and analyzes 40,000+ market and technology trends while monitoring more than 126,000 Companies worldwide. Serving over 9500 clients in 27 countries, GIA is recognized today, as one of the world’s largest and reputed market research firms.

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Lucintel Report Outlines $821.8 Billion Market for Global Basic Petrochemicals Industry by 2018

Irving, Texas (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

Revenue in the global basic petrochemicals industry is estimated to reach $ 821.8 billion in 2018 with good growth over the next five years (2013-2018). Lower feedstock cost advantage and end-user segment market demand are the main drivers of the industry. Technological evolution and emerging applications of chemicals in various areas drives the demand.

Lucintel, a leading global management consulting and market research firm, has conducted a competitive analysis of the industry and presents its findings in Global Basic Petrochemicals Industry 2013-2018: Trend, Profit, and Forecast Analysis. Global basic petrochemicals consist of basic building blocks of chemicals such as olefins, aromatics, and synthesis gas. The industry is capital intensive and fragmented as there are large numbers of players worldwide.

As per the study, growing demand from end-user markets such as automotive, construction, chemicals base products, consumer durables, and non-durable products will drive demand over the forecast period. Asia Pacific (APAC) and North America are forecast to witness the highest growth over the next five years. Increasing population ratio in the APAC region drives the demand of consumer durables products such as food and packaging materials.

Both APAC and the Middle East are key areas in the production of basic petrochemicals as they have reserves of crude oil and natural gas, which increases the self-dependency on the raw materials for manufacturing. North America is anticipated to have great opportunity in the future market due to the discovery of shale gas resources. The US has a more economical feedstock to produce lighter hydrocarbon chain as compared to naphtha-based produced ethane.

This industry research report provides an overview of the global basic petrochemicals industry, tracking eight market segments of that industry in four geographic regions. The report studies manufacturers of basic petrochemicals, providing a five-year annual trend analysis that highlights market size, profit and cost structure for North America, Europe, APAC, and the Rest of the World. The report also provides a forecast, addressing market opportunities for the next five years (2013-2018) for each of these regions.

For a detailed table of contents and pricing information on this timely, insightful report, contact Lucintel at +1-972-636-5056 or via email at helpdesk(at)lucintel(dot)com. Lucintels Opportunity Screening, Chemical Consulting and Business Strategy Consulting services support decision makers in achieving their growth objectives.