Launches Website For Real Writers

Carlisle,CU (PRWEB) January 24, 2006

The launch of a new article submission website has the writing world abuzz. recently opened it’s virtual doors to the world of writers and webmasters by offering a way for them to work together in order to generate free website traffic.

Under it’s new design, offers a free submission service for writers who wish to garner interest in their website through the use of article marketing. Writers, either professional or amateur, are now able to post their work for the world to see. “We will help get your articles circulated and help with your site’s popularity,“ commented Ian Williamson, owner and operator of In return, writers have the potential to generate a lot of additional website traffic, or visitors, to their own site.

But, it’s not only the writers that are buzzing about the new site. Webmasters who are in search of content for their websites have found a goldmine. In fact, had already featured more than 2,200 articles before it even officially announced the new service. Webmasters can use any of the content on free of charge and the only condition is that the original author is given credit for their work. “If you are looking for fresh content for your website or newsletter, then you have come to the right place,” Williamson added.

In order to be accepted as an author on, the writer must follow a very simple guideline. “Please feel free to submit your articles to our site,” Williamson noted. “We accept articles on a broad range of subjects, but please submit only your own articles and not copies of other people’s work.”

In recent years, article marketing has grown to be a powerful internet marketing tool for entrepreneurs, businesses and freelancers alike. In the ever-growing community of the world wide web, an affordable avenue for advertising is a must. Thanks to the addition of this new website, writers and webmasters have another way to increase traffic and visibility for their business without spending a dime. was developed by internet entrepreneur, Ian Williamson. In 2006, Williamson hopes to increase the number of article submissions and continue with his goal of increasing free website promotion for everyone. If you are a interested in submitting an article, or gathering quality content for your own website, visit


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Slot Tips – Winning at the Slots Updates Free Slot Tips Archive to Include Online Casinos and State Lotteries

Watertown, MA (PRWEB) April 4, 2006

Combined, the site has over 21 free slot tips for land-based and online casino slot machine games while recent additions provide tips and advice on playing online casino slots and state lotteries.

Many of the tips have been extracted from the Winning at the Slots e-Book, Expanded Edition. The e-Book provides tips and advice for winning on popular land based slots and has been expanded to include a section on playing Online Casino Slots with specific tips on many online slot games.

In the e-Book is a payout percentage chart that shows just how a small change in payout percentage can eat through a bankroll in as little as 15 spins.

Site visitors can download a free 32 page mini e-Book on playing online casinos, extracted from the Expanded Edition and optionally enter a contest to win a complementary of the Winning at the Slots e-Book, Expanded Edition. Visitors do not have to sign-up to download the free mini e-book.

On the site is a free slots quiz where visitors can “test their slot playing knowledge ” and read the background history on the first slot machine and its’ inventor, Charles Fey.

The site also includes some not so basic slot terms and a list of slot machines and casinos where the tips have been tested.

In addition, for those planning a vacation getaway, links to popular Internet travel sites open in a new window for easy, side by side comparison of different packages.

Webmasters and site owners can join the Winning at the Slots Affiliate program free and submit their link for consideration into the Winning at the Slots link directory.

The Winning at the Slots e-Book, Expanded Edition and the Free Mini e-Book can be downloaded in either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format.

Visit site for more information.


A Whole Life At A Glance: The Art of Mosaic Photography

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 24, 2006 proudly announces an amazing and affordable service called mosaic photography. Based on a unique technology, mosaic personalized photo mosaics present an entire personal photographic album masterfully compiled into one vibrant image. Mosaic photography gives a rare opportunity to observe a person’s whole life in one mere glance. Naturally, it appears to be hugely attractive for those who tenderly treat their past and treasure their memories.

“Photo mosaics are a sensation,” said Kevin Mann, The founder of “A glamorous and unique art form. Imagine hundreds of your fondest memories in one breathtaking picture. Personalized photo mosaics are an unforgettable experience.”

Photo mosaics are surely expected to impress anyone who might take a look at it. As the wise Latin sentence conveys, “Life’s short, but the art is eternal”, so it seems very natural for a person walking down the path of life to desire to leave some traces in this world. The ways it can be done are different, but people always wish to use some technical devices to immortalize such traces. In particular, during ancient times people used rock carvings or petroglyphs, and later these things were substituted with video recordings or photographs. However, a photograph allows one to engrave upon it a particular rare moment of life, whereas a photo mosaic furthermore gives an opportunity to aggregate a myriad of such precious moments. Also, a single photo mosaic can artfully embody all stages of human life, each of which possesses their own speciality. Childhood is the sweetest time. Adults always strive to reach independence, nostalgically remembering childhood as the times when they were genuinely free. Adolescence is the second sweetest time. The first love that may grow into the greatest love story makes it truly unforgettable. Further, as years go by, the problems grow as well, making people loose in a whirlpool of daily routine. The photographic mosaic involuntarily makes one recollect what mattered a while ago and is supposed to stay important forever. An album of one’s personal pictures turned into an impressive photo mosaic, while representing parts or episodes of life, allows one to trace the entire chain of human steps and the solemn events they gradually bring forth. These are someone’s yesterdays, todays and even tomorrows in a way, united in one delicate picture.

The process of making such personalized photo mosaics involves a complex method requiring an application of high professionalism and rich experience in computer sciences and photography combined with a profound sense of creativity. In a sentence, it can be depicted as a harmonious compilation of personal photographic pictures to gracefully produce a collective image.

There are also few steps to be done to take advantage of this service. Initially, the only step you will be asked to do is to upload the original pictures and select one as the main image. These pictures will be used to create a prospective photo mosaic. The customers are free to submit any digital pictures stored on their computer. However, recommends that the quantity of the images to be processed range from at least 20 to ideally 30 or more pieces.

The service is affordable for everyone with prices starting as low as $ 19.99. The order process is convenient and easy as well. facilities the procedure so even computer novices should have little difficulty. Furthermore, is strongly committed to ensure top quality, having photo mosaics printed on high quality photo paper exclusively. was founded in 2005 to satisfy a constantly growing demand for personalized photo mosaics. The origin of the art of mosaic photography dates as far back as to the early 1970’s and, due to their notable contribution to people’s never ending aspiration to immortalize themselves, the art has enjoyed a steady development. continually pursues new ways to improve its service adding more convenient and attractive features. invites you to visit their website at to get more information about the art of photo mosaics and consider ordering a personalized photo mosaic to please oneself and one’s nearest and dearest.


Kevin Mann Founder

1109 Carla Joe Drive

Lilburn, GA 30047

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