Navigation on the iPhone just became free – and you can add to the map yourself

Berlin, Germany and Menlo Park, CA (PRWEB) May 19, 2010

skobbler, creator of the best-selling navigation app in Germany, today announced an industry first on the iPhone with the launch of an entirely free, turn-by-turn iPhone navigation app for North America based on a live user-editable map. Powered by CloudMade, the map leverages continual updates made by a growing community of a quarter of a million mappers worldwide – ensuring drivers always navigate using the most up-to-date road map available.

Building on the recent launch of a paid premium version of skobbler in Germany which topped the sales charts in Apples App store within 24 hours of release and stayed at the top of the navigation category ever since skobbler offers users the same advanced navigation technology to North American users, but for free. The app opens up the world of mapping to drivers and pedestrians who will feel a sense of community pride and ownership, knowing that their map updates result in a more accurate navigation experience and map of their area.

Now available from the Apple App store with no trial period, in-app purchase or subscription requirements, skobbler offers reliable turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation especially in urban areas. It features a map bug-reporting tool, engaging 2.5D graphics, night/day modes, in-app iPod music playback and bookmarks for favorite destinations.

skobbler introduces the notion of Its Your Map, actively enabling consumers across America to help build the most detailed, free, up-to-date map of their local neighborhood. From the outset, this app is not intended to compete directly with the market leading navigation apps, instead it shows consumers the value of contributing to a free map of the world.

To initiate a map update, a user either reports a map or routing issue while using skobbler, or joins the OpenStreetMap community and makes the changes themselves, helping optimize their in-car or on-foot navigation. The more updates, the better the map and resulting navigation.

skobbler is designed to utilize the huge potential of OpenStreetMap for navigation, and to introduce the fun of mapping to even more consumers. This revolutionizes the way that maps are used in navigation; encouraging users to map their world, said Marcus Thielking, skobbler co-founder. Users who add new map content or edit OpenStreetMap are helping to build a market-changing navigation solution. Although we know were not quite ready to challenge the expensive premium navigation solutions, well quickly get there.

This heralds an entirely new approach to creating global maps, said Nick Black, Head of Products at CloudMade. Rather than accepting the limitations of static maps from anonymous map suppliers that sit inside todays GPS devices, consumers themselves are taking ownership of creating and maintaining maps with stunning detail, accuracy and relevance. Today, the community is already making over 7,000 additions to the map every hour of every day.

Using a traditional navigation app, if a driver discovers a road they are driving down has recently turned into a one-way street, it would continue to route them down that road until a map update becomes available, a time lapse of 6-24 months. skobbler is changing the pace of the navigation industry by allowing its users to flag road changes or bad routing immediately and report them to the mapping community for correction. It also gives users the option to join this growing community to update road layouts themselves and see their changes appear in skobbler shortly after that. These changes are then available to all skobbler users and will lead to outdated maps becoming a thing of the past.

How Live Updates Work

If a wrong turn, bad route, new road, one-way road, blocked or missing street is spotted while using skobbler, users have two options:

OpenStreetMap#01 入門

OpenStreetMapの説明ビデオ#01 “まえがき”編個人的に手元にあったOSMプレゼン資料でつぶやきビデオ作りました。 OSMの詳細についてはOpenStreetMap Japanのサイトをご覧ください。
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Its Your Map- Empowers Map Users to Become Map Makers

Menlo Park, CA (PRWEB) May 20, 2010

CloudMade, the platform and tools company serving consumers, mappers, developers and advertisers around the world, has announced Its Your Map, a new initiative that empowers consumers to make outdated and poorly detailed maps a thing of the past. Its Your Map calls on communities across America to take pride and ownership in creating the most detailed, free hyperlocal map of their neighborhood and provides them with the tools to achieve this goal. In taking part, consumers can easily impart their local knowledge and receive instant gratification by seeing their contributions appear in thousands of mobile phone apps and websites all over the world.

Just as millions of Wikipedia users helped create the worlds most comprehensive encyclopedia, maps are following the same path. Major map providers are large, slow-moving organizations that still use the same archaic model as print encyclopedias, struggling to accurately represent the ever-changing world. It can take between 12-24 months for these companies to update their maps leading to the all-too-often scenario of receiving directions to turn onto a road that no longer exists or recently became one-way. These maps also lack the details that many rely on for outdoor pursuits such as locations of water sources, cycling paths, hiking trails, restrooms, ski runs, etc.

CloudMade takes a radically different approach by working alongside OpenStreetMap (OSM), the Wikipedia of maps that has over 250,000 users worldwide dedicated to updating and creating the most detailed free map of the world. Its Your Map stretches the bounds of this community by opening it up to non-technical people with user-friendly apps that enable them to become map contributors on a number of different levels.

Aspiring map makers can get involved in three different ways:

For those with little spare time Download skobbler from

Skobbler is a free turn-by-turn iPhone navigation app for both drivers and pedestrians that blurs the lines between map user and map editor. While using the app, users can actively report road changes, new roads, one-way systems and blocked or missing streets to the OpenStreetMap community, which will then make the required changes to the map. Once these changes are made, they are automatically reflected in thousands of web sites and mobile applications using CloudMade, including of course the skobbler app, which will take the changes into account next time a navigation route is requested by a user.

Want to do more? Add POIs important to you Download Mapzen POI Collector from

Mapzen POI Collector is a free iPhone mapping application that allows POIs to be added or edited directly to OpenStreetMap while on the go. Its a simple five-step process to add a POI and users can choose from hundreds of categories including: shops, restaurants, gas stations, public buildings, tourist spots to POIs often missing from major maps, such as water sources, restrooms, dumpsters, chairlifts, car washes and fishing spots.

Take control of your neighborhood map Sign Up to Mapzen OpenStreetMap Editor at

People who would like to get more involved can use the free, easy-to-use Mapzen OpenStreetMap editor, which makes it simple to add roads, POIs and update the map themselves. Users can add or edit many types of map features including: roads, bicycle routes, hiking trails, train lines, bus routes, hospitals, schools, museums, zoos, nature reserves, parks and beaches. Mapzen also has the ability to connect to Facebook and Twitter, so users can coordinate their mapping efforts with other users and broadcast their recent mapping conquests.

Were moving into an era of personalized mapping, where consumers are so frustrated with outdated maps and missing data thats important to their interests, that theyre taking matters into their own hands, said Nick Black, Head of Products and Co-founder of CloudMade. Already this month, 7,017 edits were made per hour by members of the OSM community – up from 3,621 last year. By introducing Its Your Map, we expect this number to grow even faster as people take ownership and pride in maintaining and updating a free map of their area.

The crowdsourced mapping model is more cost-efficient than the current map update solutions offered by topdown mapping methods and delivers more accurate maps than you might think, said Brady Forrest, Chair for OReillys Where 2.0 conference. We believe community owned and updated maps have the potential to offer better, more detailed coverage than traditional maps created by governments and corporations.

“I contribute to OSM because I like creating something that everyone can use, said San Francisco OSM contributor, Greg Renius. Its a really cool feeling when you see the map edits you made somewhere and say hey, I helped make that!

The effort to map America and the rest of the world is already well underway. Every two days, 1,000 new people join in to map their local areas and favorite locations, with many spots across America having already been mapped.

Consumers experience these community-generated maps though mobile applications and web sites using CloudMades maps. Some of the most popular apps on mobile devices are Ride The City – New York City (a cycling app for New York), Ubique (an augmented reality app for travelers), Trails (an app to record and retrace favorite hiking / cycling trails), WorldView (an app that lets users view web cams from across the world), Dopplr (a social media atlas for swapping travel plans), GayCities (a travel guide tailored for gay interests), to name a few. With CloudMade, any web or mobile developer can create powerful map display, search and navigation solutions. The starting point is

To find out more about how to get involved in Its Your Map go to

About CloudMade

CloudMade powers several market leading location and map based applications from prominent mobile and web developers. Its mapping platform and tools enable thousands of developers and organizations to create innovative geo-enabled products. CloudMade was awarded Best Emerging Startup at the Mobile Premier Awards at Mobile World Congress 2010.

The CloudMade suite of products includes: Navi Studio (a package of modular components including off-board turn-by-turn routing and navigation, forward and reverse geocoding and local search); Style Editor for creating stylized and customized maps; Data Market Place, a Turkish bazaar of geodata for subscribing to datasets; Location Based Advertising (LBA), earn revenue from highly targeted location based advertising; Mapzen, a web and mobile app that makes editing and adding Places of Interest to OpenStreetMap easy and fun. CloudMade offers comprehensive libraries for both web and mobile developers wishing to build applications on CloudMades mapping platform. For more information visit

About OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap is an online community of over 250,000 people who are making a free map of the world. Every day in countries all around the world, people just like you are walking, cycling, driving, running and sailing the roads, trails, paths and rivers of the world, making a map for anyone to use and share. Find out more about OpenStreetMap here:


FortiusOne Partners with Open Solutions Group to Rapidly Deliver Maps and Analysis to the Department of Defense

Arlington, VA (Vocus) May 12, 2010

FortiusOne today announced their partnership with Open Solutions Group Inc. (OpenSGI), a technology consulting enterprise located in Northern Virginia and Southern California that delivers geospatial technology solutions to the US Department of Defense. OpenSGI’s Enterprise GeoCache product will be integrated into FortiusOne’s geospatial visualization and analysis platform, GeoIQ , to deliver up-to-date, high resolution imagery for seamless analysis and collaboration.

OpenSGI’s Enterprise GeoCache provides a portable solution for geospatial data delivery that leverages the highest resolution data and imagery in seconds. The Enterprise GeoCache includes 30 terabytes of worldwide geospatial data, pre-processed for high speed delivery of maps over the web. The global dataset consists of NGA holdings and custom products such as commercial satellite, scanned maps, vector data sets, elevation and analytical models, and Open Street Map tiles. When integrated into FortiusOne’s GeoIQ platform, the latest imagery and maps are delivered for visualization, analysis, and collaboration through GeoIQ’s easy-to-use web-based interface.

“This partnership enables us to fulfill a critical need within the government sector,” said Sean Gorman, CEO and Founder, FortiusOne. “The combined GeoIQ and GeoCache solution allows analysts to access both up to date, valuable imagery with dynamic, analyzed geospatial data for better decision making.

Analysts and decision makers can then collaborate around this analysis and insight in order to quickly identify risk and changing trends.”

“GeoIQ changes how organizations can collaborate around and perform geospatial analysis and visualization, said Brian Levy, CEO and Founder, OpenSGI. “As we have experienced with the most recent crises in Haiti and Chile, there is an enormous need for rapid, up-to-date maps to provide timely situational awareness on the ground. By integrating the most current imagery and analysis available, we are enabling a faster and more effective response in crisis situations.”

FortiusOne and OpenSGI will be exhibiting this joint geospatial solution at the 2010 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference , May 23 27 in Phoenix, AZ. Visit booth #1021 to see the combined value of FortiusOne’s dynamic geospatial analysis with OpenSGI’s Enterprise GeoCache – integrated to deliver high resolution imagery and analysis in a fraction of a second.

About FortiusOne

By delivering easy-to-use, browser-based solutions, FortiusOne makes it possible to visualize and analyze massive amounts of data, make decisions and solve problems without extensive training using traditional mapping tools. FortiusOne’s GeoIQ is a complete data management, visualization, and analysis platform that enables intuitive exploration, sharing and collaboration around geospatial information. For more information, visit .

About OpenSGI

Open Solutions Group Inc. is an information technology consulting enterprise located in Northern Virginia and Southern California. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most cost effective and cutting edge information technology solutions through open innovation and industry collaboration. We provide a unique offering of services focused within Geospatial Information Systems, Location Intelligence, and Cloud Computing. Our staff has over 25 years of experience providing commercial and open source GIS solutions and integration services.

Contact Ruth Stiver, 703.647.2142

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