Google Takes Street View Trekker And Underwater Cameras To The Galapagos

Google Takes Street View Trekker And Underwater Cameras To The Galapagos
Google today announced that it has been taking its Street View Trekker – the compact backpack version of its Street View cars – and its underwater Street View cameras to the Galapagos Islands and that it plans to make these images available on Google …
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Earth Timelapse Imagery: Google Releases Earth Images of Nearly Three
Google has released the animation of Earth timelapse imagery showing the earth's surface over time, using high resolution satellite images. These GIF images are taken by NASA and U.S Geological Survey in an ongoing joint venture called Landsat.
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Google Maps Images : Can I Use Them ?
Google Maps Images One of the more common topics I see come up is the question of, can I use images from Google Maps or Google Earth on my web site, on a t-shirt, in the news paper, on TV or somewhere else. The question is never all that clear but …
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Remove an image from Google images

See further instructions here This video explains how to remove an image from Google’s ima…
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Click Consult welcomes new Google Images update

(PRWEB UK) 26 January 2013

Leading UK internet marketing company Click Consult has welcomed the latest update to Google Images.

Google announced in early 2013 that they had redesigned the site to make pictures easy to view and navigate. The new idea was implemented so that a user could better scroll through and manage a series of image results from one search term. The main area of work has been on the image preview. Where previously Google would send the user to a new page to see a preview of an image, it now opens the preview in the same window in the centre of the page, with the other search results listed above and below it. The user can now also scroll through all of the previews whilst the search results stay in the same position, thus preventing them from losing their starting point.

Google Images was launched in 2001 to allow users to search for image results on the web. As with the traditional website search section, Google Images has its own algorithm that helps deliver users with the most relevant image results. This has been updated in recent years, most notably to prevent pornographic results displaying when non-pornographic search terms are asked for.

Click Consult is a Google AdWords certified company that works hard to keep up to date with all of the search engine giants latest news and updates, in order to ensure that all of its work adheres to their best practise guidelines. The company has responded positively to this latest re-design.

The new update looks great. The vast majority of Google Images users will surely go to the site not searching for one particular image, and will search for a group of pictures for one particular search term. This update, therefore, makes this type of browsing effortless, said Matt Bullas, Managing Director of Click Consult. Our Research and Development team will continue to keep abreast of all of Googles new updates and re-designs to ensure that we are offering our clients the very best in search engine marketing solutions.

For more information about all of the services that Click Consult offers, visit, or call 0845 205 0292.

About Click Consult:

Based 10 miles south of Liverpool in North West England, Click Consult is a leading internet marketing company. Established in 2003, Click Consult specialises in areas such as Web Development services, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management and more. The company employs over 100 members of highly skilled staff and has a client portfolio of over 350 businesses from across the UK.

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Google Keep vs. OneNote vs. Evernote: We name the note-app winner

Google Keep vs. OneNote vs. Evernote: We name the note-app winner
Google's new software muscles in on the space currently dominated by Microsoft OneNote and Evernote, two note-taking apps that save your text, Web links, photos, audio recordings, and more, helping to keep your life organized. Think of these tools as …
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Bloody Visions: What Would the Boston Bombing Look Like in the Google Glass
And other pictures from amateur photojournalists may, if we're lucky enough, bring someone to justice. It's notable that all this is happening today, as Google has sent out the first, early-adopter models of Google Glass. The wearable computers raised …
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While WhatsApp Denies Google Inc (GOOG) Buyout; Google Babel Images
Yesterday we reported possible buyout of popular cross-platform mobile messaging app WhatsApp by Google Inc (GOOG). And, more importantly, what move could prove fatal for WhatsApp. Progressing over the rumors, today WhatsApp reached out to …
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