Releases SEO Prospecting Software For Online Professionals

Santa Maria, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2008

New California website today announced the release of SEO Online Gold Prospecting Software, the first online marketing software to truly give online marketing professionals an easy way to mine for potential clients who actually need online marketing services.

“In talking with Online Marketing Professionals, one thing that became very clear was that they were in serious need of an online marketing software that would make it easy to prospect for potential clients online who actually need online marketing services,” said CEO, Andre Bell. “That’s what SEO Gold Prospecting was designed to address.”

Sitting in front of a computer screen hoping to find pre-qualified businesses to offer online marketing services to can be time-consuming and frustrating for busy professionals. Existing SEO software forces users to manually enter hundreds and in some cases thousands of keyword combinations by hand when mass panning large numbers of sites to uncover potential clients.

SEO Online Gold Prospecting Software eliminates that hassle by visiting targeted sites and automatically reading keywords directly from the sites, then automatically checking in Google the position of each keyword found. This eliminates manually entering keywords by hands to check the search engine position of many sites quickly.

“The initial response to SEO Gold Prospecting has been even better than expected,” continued Bell. “I think what we’re seeing here is that online marketing professionals are drawn to some of the other benefits as well.”

For example, Bell said that many online marketing professionals were finding the ‘addendum’ field an important added plus — a feature not available in any other online marketing software. “We thought it was important, when creating SEO Gold Prospecting, to give even more than what people were asking for,” said Bell. “That’s why we didn’t stop with just the obvious features of a Google keyword tool. We really tried to cover all the bases.”

With SEO Gold, online marketing professionals will now be able to:

Mother’s Day Gift: An Excellent Website for Work-At-Home-Mom

Milford, CT (PRWEB) May 14, 2006

Mother’s day is here. Developed by a working mother, is up running to provide an excellent information for every mom who wants to venture the internet business.

The site gives very good introduction on internet marketing, talks about several marketing techniques: affiliate marketing, email marketing, clickbank marketing, ebay marketing, google marketing, Podcasting, Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization.

It introduces several internet marketing gurus who developed excellent products over the years in their field that will teach WAHMs various aspect of internet business.

The site also provides several sitesell tools that help your own website sells: such as google adwords wrapper, link cloaker, and links to overture keyword search tool, google keyword tool, overture bid tool, etc.

Those are essential tools for WAHMs to develop their own niche products.

Another great feature is that it contains a marketplace which have more than 10,000 digital products for many categories: Business to Business, Health and Fitness, Home & Family, Money & Employment, Computing & Internet, Marketing & Ads, Fun & Entertainment, Sports & Recreation, etc. You can find virtually any topic that interests you.

Best of all, if you are interested in creating multiple stream of income on the internet, you can signup their free newsletter and get 5 ebooks written by internet marketing gurus for free.

Recently this site added a discussion forum. People can join the forum, post questions, or talk about their own internet adventures, and learn from each other.

Happy Mother’s Day


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