How to Create a Large Satellite Picture From a Google Map

How to Create a Large Satellite Picture From a Google Map
Stitching software helps photographers combine smaller images into larger ones to create large-scale panoramas. Using the free Paint program that comes with Windows, you can use the same stitching techniques to create large satellite views of maps you …
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Google Adds 1000 New Street View Destinations To Google Maps
Google announced a huge update to its Street View imagery today, with the addition of over 1,000 new locations around the world, including locations in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the U.S. and Canada. “Planning on stopping by Singapore this summer?
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Correcting map and location errors in Google Earth
To start, you don't actually fix the errors in Google Earth; you fix them in Google Maps, and those corrections are synced into Google Earth over the course of a few weeks. To suggest a correction, simply right-click on an area inside of Google Maps …
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Find Urgent Care Launches New Site Design and Functionality to Provide Advanced Search Options for Users in Need of an Urgent Care Clinic

(PRWEB) May 23, 2013 launched updates to its website to include an advanced urgent care search option for patients. The new advanced feature allows patients to search for clinics using advanced criteria including payment preferences, offered services, insurances accepted and hours of operation. This upgrade provides users with a new way to narrow their search and receive targeted results to fit their needs.

Urgent care facilities provide ambulatory care to walk-in patients in a non-emergency, non-hospital setting. These clinics usually have extended hours, including nights and weekends. Some facilities are open 24 hours a day or have on-call staff for late-night appointments. This allows patients to receive medical care without an appointment or long waiting period, and it keeps emergency rooms clear for true life-threatening emergencies.

Many people rely on urgent care clinics for treatment, especially patients who need fast and affordable care. Insurance co-pays are usually lower for urgent care visits than emergency room visits, and many urgent care facilities offer payment plans to low-income patients., the only comprehensive national online database for urgent care clinics, has been helping patients across the country find walk-in health clinics for seven years. Now, with its advanced search options, the site provides greater functionality to its users. Users can search for all urgent care facilities within a postal code or select additional options to narrow down the search. This allows users to carefully target their search and find the medical care they need quickly and easily.

In addition to helping patients narrow down their search by location and price, Find Urgent Care allows users to screen care facilities for specializations, equipment and services. Users can search specifically for facilities that have in-house laboratories and imaging centers, for example. Users can also filter their results to display only facilities with pediatricians, internal medicine doctors or other specializations as well as a doctors on line. This advanced search functionality allows patients to target their search and ensure the clinic will be the right fit for their medical situation.

Once a search for care centers is completed, provides the user with a Google map displaying the matching results. These search results are prioritized based on the user’s geographic area, allowing users to find the closest clinic that will provide the desired services. Each result can be clicked on to open a page with vital information about the clinic, including its hours, pricing, services offered and driving directions. Many clinics also offer pre-assessment forms through this page so users can confirm that their concern is within the scope of the clinic’s abilities.

The upgraded search options provide greater flexibility and power to an already valuable tool. We are not changing what we do, states John Shufeldt, M.D., CEO of Find Urgent Care. “We are revamping our search options to help patients find the urgent care best suited to their needs.”

About Find Urgent Care

Find Urgent Care is an online urgent care directory that helps patients find walk-in centers nationwide. Patients can locate an urgent care clinic that matches their health and payment needs, with the use of its advanced search functions. Find Urgent Care allows patients to search for a clinic via location, insurance accepted, services, and specialty options. Search results include a Google map and a list of urgent care centers that match their criteria, prioritized by distance.

Additionally, each clinic with an advanced listing on Find Urgent Care receives its own webpage that the patient may visit to learn the following information: If you are a clinic owner who would like to participate in Find Urgent Cares advanced listing fill out our urgent care directory form.

Urgent care clinic listings include:


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Presented by: City of Gatineau

Moran is a voice at the mercy of a world where chiseled words are strikingly deep and accurate. Some compare him to Leonard Cohen, others to Alain Bashund. Add two incredible musicians, Thomas Carbou and Sylvain Coulombe, and you get an evening where poetry, music and love mingle. Dates: October 18, 2013

On: Friday, 8 pm

Cost: Adult , senior , student

At: Cabaret La Basoche
120 Principale Street

City Sector: Aylmer Sector

Getting There: Google Maps

By Bus: OC Transpo STO

Ticket Info:

Phone: 819 243-8000

at Cabaret La Basoche
9, rue Leduc
Gatineau, Canada

Roofers Focus on Online Marketing this Summer to Get the Phone to Ring

Kennebunk, Maine (PRWEB) May 19, 2013

The summer is the busiest time of year for most roofers. It picks up in the spring, slows down in the winter, and gets almost deathly quiet during the winter. It is the nature of the beast. With a business that deals with working on the roofs of homes, it can be a bit difficult to work on replacing and repairing roofs during the cold, winter months. Now that spring is here and summer is on the way, local contractors are scrambling to put things into motion in an effort to gain roofing leads.

My Local Leads has been helping roofers, painters, builders, and other local contractors with their local search and search engine optimization efforts. One of the key factors in successfully marketing a local company is diversification. That means that local business owners cannot put all of their marketing dollars into one basket. They need to have different campaigns running simultaneously to gain the most from any effort.

This summer, My Local Leads will be launching a number of layered services that will help new and existing clients benefit from online marketing diversification. These services will focus specifically on organic content creation and curation, online video marketing, mobile website optimization, and more.

Local online marketing is a multi-faceted discipline. Business owners need to be able to claim, update, and manage social media profiles. Some of this is relatively straight forward. It includes claiming free Google Maps listings. There is a lot more than simply putting a name and a link on the internet, though, when it comes to getting a business noticed. Those listings have to stand apart from the rest. This includes using media rich techniques along with linking different platforms together to gain the most from each. For example, a Google Map listing works best in conjunction with a plan to actively improve online reputation and gain positive online reviews.

These new plans from My Local Leads this year will help roofers and other local contractors get a handle on their local online marketing efforts. When more than half of consumers use their mobile phones to search for local businesses and services, taking advantage of current and upcoming technologies is of paramount importance. There is a reason most local business owners need the assistance of a specialty marketing firm. The traditional marketing techniques must be used in conjunction with modern technologies. Those technologies are constantly changing. Keeping up with those changes is more than a full time job. Business owners need a specialist that knows the landscape and can hit the ground running. They simply do not have the time to develop the necessary expertise to get the most from their online marketing budget.

These specialized services from My Local Leads will provide easily quantifiable results. They also allow local businesses to focus on different aspects of the business and the marketing plan, taking everything through various phases rather than trying to spread the budget too thin right off the bat. Roofers working with My Local Leads this summer will be able to incrementally enhance their business and get the phone to ring by developing a game plan that works for local business marketing.

Before Launching Your Summer Campaigns for Local Search Marketing this Summer, Keep These Recent Updates in Mind

Kennebunk, Maine (PRWEB) May 20, 2013

With the recent reports regarding the growth of local search and mobile marketing over 2012 with no signs of slowing down, many local businesses are scrambling to try and leverage these technologies to their advantage. Even a novice can put some work toward improving the chances of a customer finding their local business online. Simply do a search for local search engine optimization online and you will find a variety of sites with easy to follow instructions.

For years, one of the key things to implement with local online marketing was proper setting up and management of a free Google Maps listing. For those who are on the outside looking it, it may come as a surprise that Google Maps are changing. Unveiled earlier this month, in a beta format, Google has a new version of its local maps coming out.

End users seem to be favorable of the changes being made. At first glance, the new map is a little crisper, cleaner. The familiar upside down teardrops are being replaced with new symbols to better represent the business they mark on the map. The colors have changed a bit as well.

One change for local businesses relying on Google Maps to help rank their sites in search engine results is the removal of one key link after the top results are displayed. Previously, a link stating More Results Near could be clicked on to expand the search area and list more than the top few listings on the Google Maps. Google made this change to improve the local search experience.

This change has already been put into effect while others are still to be fully released. Already, with the More link having been removed, it shows those who specialize in internet marketing the continued importance that the most popular search engine is placing on their own social network. Google+ profiles add relevance and weight to search results and companies that fail to properly manage such resources will find themselves being left behind.

Before spending too much time and money on local search marketing techniques, local business owners should work with a marketing firm that can help them diversify their online marketing efforts. It is through this diversification that online marketing campaigns can be successful. Online citations, positive online reviews, and quality content improve a business’ chances of being found by an increasingly more mobile and better educated consumer.

My Local Leads is launching a handful of new projects this year that can help local businesses get the phone to ring. These new service offers allow business owners to focus on specific areas of their online visibilityfrom video marketing to online reputation management. Helping businesses stay with the technology and use techniques that work, My Local Leads believes these new services will provide local business owners the control they need while also improving their profitability.

Charleston Expands Public Wi-Fi Network to Waterfront Park

Charleston, SC (PRWEB) May 10, 2013

Waterfront Park, one of the premier public gathering places on the Charleston Harbor, is the citys third park to have free public Wi-Fi access. The Waterfront Park Wi-Fi project is funded by a Google grant to the Charleston Digital Corridor Foundation.

Waterfront Park is a popular destination for residents and visitors. This park is a twelve-acre linear park and pier along a one-half mile on the Charleston Harbor entry. The park masterfully combines spectacular fountains, spacious lawns, intimate garden “rooms”, walking and jogging path and a long pier with picnic tables and wooden swings. The park received the 2007 Landmark Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The initial deployment of public Wi-Fi service in the Citys Marion Square Park last year has been tremendously successful with approximately 9,000 park visitors and merchants using this modern convenience within a year of the service being launched, said Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr. We are honored and delighted Google considered the expansion of the public Wi-Fi service to Waterfront Park, the crown jewel in the citys park system he added.

In addition, Google brought its Street View Trekker team into Waterfront Park to capture 360-degree imagery that will be featured on Google Maps for the world to see. The tour in Waterfront Park is a follow-up to the Trekkers initial hike through the Grand Canyon (follow link for gallery).

Google is proud to be part of the Lowcountry and, as a member of the community, is committed to growing and fostering the relationships that make these Wi-Fi projects possible, said Eric Wages, Google Operations Manager at the Berkeley County data center. Accessing information anytime, anywhere is what people expect. Google is happy to work with Digital Corridor to expand free Wi-Fi through downtown Charleston, so residents and visitors alike can find the information they need to be more productive.

When a visitor to waterfront Park connects to their Wi-Fi, their browser will take them to a landing page CharlestonFreeWi-Fi, where they will see instructions and terms of service to access the Wi-Fi network.

A group of students from the Charleston Charter School for Science and Math participated in demos to learn how to edit Google Maps by adding information about different historic and cultural places around Charleston. The students learned how to add links to websites, operating hours and contact information about the different businesses, museums or places on Charlestons map.

Funding for the Charleston Free Wi-Fi Network was made possible through an approximately $ 35,000 Google community grant for the projects capital costs and maintenance of the network for three years. The Charleston Free Wi-Fi Network will be owned and operated by the Charleston Digital Corridor Foundation, an entity that supports the Citys mission to attract, nurture and promote Charlestons knowledge economy.

For more information about the Charleston Free Wi-Fi Network in Waterfront Park, please visit