JMR Infotech Expands Presence in Africa; Opens Office in Kenya

JMR Infotech Expands Presence in Africa; Opens Office in Kenya
Bangalore, India, May 16, 2013 –(– End-to-end core banking solutions and services provider JMR Infotech on 8 May 2013 announced the opening of its new office in Kenya, reinforcing its aggressive expansion strategy in key emerging markets.
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GSS Infotech reports net profit of Rs 0.22 crore in the March 2013 quarter
Net profit of GSS Infotech reported to Rs 0.22 crore in the quarter ended March 2013 as against net loss of Rs 13.46 crore during the previous quarter ended March 2012. Sales rose 7.91% to Rs 9.69 crore in the quarter ended March 2013 as against Rs 8 …
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Axon Infotech reports net loss of Rs 0.17 crore in the March 2013 quarter
Net Loss of Axon Infotech reported to Rs 0.17 crore in the quarter ended March 2013 as against net loss of Rs 0.16 crore during the previous quarter ended March 2012. Sales rose 2850.00% to Rs 1.77 crore in the quarter ended March 2013 as against Rs …
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ThreatMetrix Study Finds One in Four Retail and Financial Service Employees Participate in BYOD

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) March 07, 2013

ThreatMetrix, the fastest-growing provider of integrated cybercrime prevention solutions, today announced results of the ThreatMetrix 2012 State of Cybercrime study, conducted by Info-Tech Research Group. The study surveyed U.S. business managers and IT executives within retail and financial services organizations on their level of cybersecurity planning and fraud prevention solutions.

ThreatMetrix found that while one in four retail and financial service employees participate in bring-your-own-device (BYOD), 15 percent of companies have no policy in place. As the BYOD trend replaces strictly controlled corporate-issued devices with a wide variety of consumer-owned devices, this poses a huge security risk to organizations and its customers. Without a layered approach to cybersecurity, employees personal devices can unwittingly expose corporate documents to fraud and malware.

While BYOD often enables a more efficient and productive workplace, businesses cannot ignore the additional risk of unknown devices connecting to corporate networks, said Andreas Baumhof, chief technology officer, ThreatMetrix. As BYOD becomes commonplace across industries, a layered security approach, including device identification and malware protection is crucial to protect corporate and customer data.

For companies that allow personal devices, most surveyed permit employee access to email (70%) and websites (53%), while few allow access to more sensitive data such as file servers (16%) financial records (13%). Even so, if a cybercriminal gains access to employee email, this can expose corporate information and cause significant damage through account takeover, infected URLs and other malware threats.

According to the study, personal devices are not the only devices placing retail and financial service organizations at risk. Of companies surveyed, 31 percent allow employees to access work devices for personal use and barely half of organizations limit the personal activities that employees can perform on company devices. One in four companies surveyed even allow employees to download software without approval.

Retail and financial service organizations need preventative measures in place to protect both corporate and employee-owned devices from todays highly sophisticated cybercrime threats, continued Baumhof. Ensuring that every device can be safely used in the workplace is a challenge for which few organizations are prepared. However, implementing robust BYOD policies and cybercrime prevention solutions can stop cybercriminals in their tracks and protect sensitive data.

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About Info-Tech Research Group

With a paid membership of over 28,000 members worldwide, Info-Tech Research Group is the global leader in providing tactical, practical information technology research and analysis. Info-Tech Research Group has a 14-year history of delivering quality research and is North Americas fastest-growing, full-service IT analyst firm. For more information, visit or call 1-888-670-8889.

About ThreatMetrix

ThreatMetrix is the fastest-growing provider of integrated cybercrime prevention solutions. The ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Defender Platform helps companies protect customer data and secure transactions against fraud, malware, data breaches, as well as man-in-the browser (MitB) and Trojan attacks. The platform consists of advanced cybersecurity technologies, including TrustDefender ID, which is cloud-based, real-time device identification, malware protection with TrustDefender Cloud and TrustDefender Client, as well as TrustDefender Mobile for smartphone applications.

Recently named to the Wall Street Journals Next Big Thing listing of the top 50 start-ups in the U.S., the company serves a rapidly growing global customer base across a variety of industries, including financial services, e-commerce, payments, social networks, government, and insurance. For more information, visit or call 1-408-200-5755.

Justvideos Excels in Online Video Production Service in India

Kolkata, West Bengal (PRWEB) March 10, 2013

Mr. Hemant Chabria has introduced his new online video production company Justvideos in India. It will allow the business houses market their products. The videos will catch the attention of business class people. The site is not only providing videos for marketing campaigns but for various other needs as well like short documentary films, presentations, motion graphics etc.

Need for video marketing

As soon as Justvideos is launched, Mr. Hemant Chabria, the top boss of the organization explained the needs for video marketing. Besides saying, marketing is the essential element for business growth and success, Mr. Chabria added that, among various modes of marketing, video marketing finds an edge because of its attention grabbing capacity. This made the founders intention pretty clear behind setting up Justvideos. One of the major reasons behind starting Justvideos was to dedicate a team solely on video creation for various needs.

Types of videos developed

Since it is all about creating online marketing videos, Justvideos is equipped with a high-end technical team of great calibre. The online video production company creates various kinds of videos capable of fulfilling different needs. Whether it is creation of a motion picture, animation video or white board video making, it is all available under one single roof Creation of videos for promoting a special event or documentary movies is also done by Justvideos. Even promotional videos are also taken care off by this company.

Inexpensive way of advertisement

Online method of advertising is itself inexpensive. To further reduce the cost, Justvideos creates videos at reasonable rates. Moreover, smaller farms looking out for lesser investment in advertisement would be benefited a lot because of the new online video production company Justvideos. They are efficient at preparing videos of different budgets. Simple video ad can bring a lot of return in the form of increased sales, higher brand value and goodwill. Videos leave a long lasting impression on the viewers’ mind than sales leaflets or pamphlets. Most experts opine that a professional online video production company is what required for better video creation in order to meet online video marketing needs. Due to this, is being developed to perform those professional acts.

All about Justvideos

The founder of Justvideos, Mr. Hemant Chabria. has been attached to the IT sector for around twenty years. He is the CEO of Chabria Infotech Pvt. Ltd as well. He and his team of Justvideos have adequate knowledge and expertise in creating videos for different needs. Hence, it has become a reputed and reliable company in this sector and peoples trust is growing day by day.

Justvideos’ Online Video Service Helps in Growing Business

Kolkata, West Bengal (PRWEB) March 12, 2013

In recent times, the need for online video creation service would go up due to the increased numbers of online business activities in India. Justvideos has taken the initiative to provide the business houses with a steady growth.

When Mr. Hemant Chabria started off his first IT company Chabria Infotech Pvt. Ltd way back in 1993, IT services were rare in India. Being able to walk such a long path is not only a matter of great credibility but also a huge dedication, effort and efficiency. Mr. Chabria went on to start off his new venture Justvideos which is one of the leading marketing video production companies in India. While working as the CEO of the company, Mr. Chabria also did work with lots of online marketing video tools like YouTube videos, social site advertising which ultimately gave his new venture an edge on others..

Need of online marketing videos in India

In recent times, the need for online marketing videos for Indian companies will certainly increase due to the increased numbers of online business activities in India. The American president while making a speech during his visit in India, declared that it is wrong to call India an emerging nation anymore as it has now already emerged. Hence, India can be seen as a major economic power in the world very soon as it has developed immensely in the domain of information technology. Chabria Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has been a greater contributor in the growth of IT in India and now its founders site is again taking the opportunity to be a part of the global online activity growth through online video creation service in India in order to meet various online marketing challenges. As most activities worldwide are getting online, India is also participating in that and hence, the need for various online services is increasing. In this regard, when the Justvideos owner Mr. Hemant Chabria was giving his speech during his sites introduction, he mentioned that, in the near future all business activities starting from marketing to sales would become online.

Justvideos for marketing videos

It is with this view that Mr. Chabria has setup his online video creation company which will ultimately help site business owners. They would be able to get their promotional online ad videos prepared by experts of Justvideos.

Why choose Justvideos?

Mr. Hemant Chabria, the chairman of the Chabria Infotech Pvt. Ltd. the mother company of Justvideos, mentioned that for creation of videos, it is important to have advanced equipments and skilled professionals, which we have in our team. Hence, for good quality online video creation services, it is important to get help from experts those are available with Justvideos.

Background of Justvideos

The site is developed to concentrate solely on production of videos. The creator Mr. Hemant Chabria has got around 20 plus years of experience of working as the CEO of self founded organization Chabria Infotech Pvt. Ltd.