Henry J. Sienkiewicz Shares Philosophy of Untangling from Worlds Webs in New Book

Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) June 06, 2013

The world is an increasingly complex, interconnected place that pounds people with unrelenting images, sounds and messages via social media, the Internet and cell phones. In this new book, author Henry Sienkiewicz draws from Eastern and Western philosophy to examine what he calls a hyperconnected web of the modern world. He challenges readers to embrace active contemplation and its tenants of silence, stillness and solitude as one way to counteract the entanglements of the world.

Untangled: Contemplation and Entanglement reveals its message through the metaphor of a journey in Taiwan undertaken by Boy Scouts and adult leaders. As they walk the trail, they take in their surroundings, at times following a path made by others and at other times forging their own way. Just as their neatly coiled twine became snarled during the journey, so too can mental backpacks become entangled messes in daily life. But entanglement, as the author points out, isnt automatically a bad thing whether it affects a relationship, spirituality, the physical world or someones career; it might be accidental or inconsequential. As he writes, Entanglement may be the vines that catch your feet. Or it may be the limbs that brush your arms. Or it could be the rope that safely holds you onto the mountain.

Active contemplation provides a way to sort through entanglements at all levels. Untangling from the complexities of the world allows people to make well-informed choices, providing an approach to making the world more understandable and offering insights into who they are, how they relate to the greater community and what is truly important. Group discussion questions at the end of this evocative book further enhance the readers experience.

This is the second book for author Henry J. Sienkiewicz , who also wrote Centerlined, which focuses on interpersonal and organizational dynamics. Sienkiewicz, a thought leader in innovative technology, cybersecurity and organizational dynamics, has a bachelors degree from the University of Notre Dame, a masters degree from Johns Hopkins University and graduated from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. The award-winning technologist and Eagle Scout has experience in not only technology but in languages, defense and political theory. Sienkiewicz retired as an Army Reserve lieutenant colonel in July 2008 and since then has served in the U.S. Federal Senior Executive Service.


For additional information, please visit http://www.untangledthebook.com.

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Untangled: Contemplation and Entanglement

Henry Sienkiewicz

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-1826-3

Ryan Cabrera, Jason Castro, Deleasa with Like Violet, Ben Lemieux

Ryan Cabrera, Jason Castro, Deleasa with Like Violet, Ben Lemieux
Event on 2013-06-08 19:00:00

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  • Doors: 7:00 PM
  • Advance: 15.00
  • Day of Show: 15.00

Artist Information

Ryan Cabrera:  Platinum selling recording artist Ryan Cabrera picked up the guitar at the age of 16 which sparked his passion for writing music After spending night after night in bars, clubs, and any restaurant that would take him, he landed his first record deal. By 21 he was in the studio with his mentor Johnny Rzeznik (goo goo dolls) writing and producing his first major label debut Take It All Away. Cabrera quickly hit the road touring and hasn't stopped since. Currently he is in the studio working on a new album.  LISTEN

Jason Castro: “I’ve heard it said that music is the language of the soul,” says internationally-renowned recording artist Jason Castro. “I think it’s something God created for our souls to be able to rejoice in.”Now, as this mellow Texan with the blue eyes, bright smile, and distinctive dreadlocks prepares to release his first full-length Word Records album, Only A Mountain, he finds himself with the chance to rejoice alongside a broad new audience of fellow believers. The prospect, he says, is thrilling: “This album to me is really kind of a breakthrough,” Castro confesses. “It feels like this veil has been lifted.”

Produced by Matt Bronleewe, Ben Glover, and David Garcia, Only a Mountain is set to be released January 15, 2013. Its eleven original tracks – all written or co-written by Castro – are primed to appeal to fans both old and new, whether they discovered his unique voice via his captivating run on American Idol, or have found their lives touched by one of his melodic, heartfelt performances in the years since. The songs on Only A Mountain are fueled by “the realization that life is beautiful,” Castro says. “It’s a lifestyle philosophy that I carry: What good can we do today? How can we be a light in the challenging world in which we currently live? I feel like I’m coming into my own. This is just my story to tell.”  LISTEN

 Deleasa: LISTEN

at The Space
295 Treadwell Street
Hamden, United States

Interpreters Unlimited, a Full Service Language Agency that Provides all Forms of Interpretation and Translation Service, Granted Interlinked an Exclusive Interview

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 04, 2013

At the recent FSX Investment Conference held at the Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco, California, Sayed Ali, CEO of Interpreters Unlimited granted an exclusive interview available on Interpreters Unlimited’s Public Profile on Interlinked’s IDeal Room.

During the interview Mr. Ali explained that Interpreters Unlimited is a language service company providing written translation of documents, in person interpretation and over the phone interpretation. They represent over 130 different languages, including American Sign Language, and have over 8,000 interpreters and translators nationwide.

Mr. Ali stated that they are looking forward to continued growth, adding “I think it is an excellent opportunity in this field. This industry is growing over 14% annually. ” The language service industry is currently around 29 billion annually and expected to reach 39 billion by 2014.

For more information watch the complete interview and visit Interpreters Unlimited’s Public Profile on Interlinkeds IDeal Room.


Interpreters Unlimited is a full service language agency that provides all forms of interpretation and translation service. Our service offerings include in-person interpretation, document translation, telephone interpretation, video remote interpretation, and sign language interpretation in over 130 languages. With 42 years of experience, IU is currently one of the oldest language service providers in the industry. For more information, visit https://members.interlinked.com/?c=InterpretersUnlimited & http://www.iugroup.com.


Interlinked is designed to be the most efficient and powerful system available in assisting its members in finding one another, building relationships and ultimately do business together. Interlinked is a private network and it is not open to the public. You must be invited or apply to be part of the community. Our proven process utilizes four primary systems: one, through our custom automated campaigns (IRocket), second through media InterlinkedTV, thirdly our Ideal room, fourth, through our relationships with strong partners and events. For more information, go to http://www.interlinked.com.

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Fairfield University Named Simon Spotlight Award Winner for Innovative Program

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

Fairfield University will be honored with a 2013 Senator Paul Simon Spotlight Award for creating an international program that is benefitting a community in Nicaragua and educating both Nicaraguan and Fairfield students.

Our work in Nicaragua epitomizes one of the best aspects of a Fairfield education, said Lydia Greiner, MSN, APRN, a faculty member in Fairfield Universitys School of Nursing, who submitted the application which described the on-going collaboration among Fairfields nursing students, Nicaraguan students of social work, and community members to address health concerns. The endeavor springs from Fairfield University and Universidad Centroamericana (UCA), in Managua, Nicaragua, signing a 2004 collaborative agreement, which has forged a strong institutional link between two Jesuit institutions from very different realities.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Northwestern University will also be honored with the Spotlight Award, which will be presented by NAFSA: the Association of International Educators at an event in Washington, D.C. later this year. Named for the late Senator Paul Simon of Illinois, the Simon Awards recognize outstanding and innovative achievements in integrating international education on U.S. college campuses.

Lynn Babington, Ph.D., dean of the School of Nursing, said international experiences broaden students thinking and prepares them to be global citizens. The School of Nursing is thrilled to join MIT and Northwestern in receiving this national recognition, Dr. Babington said.

The public health nursing work in Nicaragua has addressed a variety of health issues, including HIV/AIDs awareness, cardiovascular health, and hygiene. Each project is carried out by Fairfields School of Nursing students, led by Assistant Professor Greiner, working with UCA social work students as well as community leaders, assisted by UCA students in the Teaching English as a Second Language program. Fairfields nursing students participate as part of their clinical experience for Public Health Nursing, a service-learning course.

Dr. Mayra Luz Perez Diaz, president of UCA, finds the initiative to be a highly innovative form of collaboration allowing for faculty and students from both partners to have an internationalization and intercultural experience.

The Fairfield-UCA partnership also involves the exchange of undergraduate students between the two schools; the creation of a scholarship by Fairfield that enables one UCA student per semester to study at Fairfield; and the establishment of a study abroad program open to undergrads from any institution in the U.S.

We are proud to present the 2013 Simon Awards to these colleges and universities for their comprehensive commitment and remarkable achievements in bringing global education opportunities to their students, said NAFSA Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer Marlene M. Johnson in a statement. They are excellent models for how higher education across the country can and must innovate to prepare our students for the global economy we live in today.

Fairfield University is a Jesuit University, rooted in one of the worlds oldest intellectual and spiritual traditions. More than 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students from 36 states, 47 foreign countries, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico are enrolled in the Universitys five schools. In the spirit of rigorous and sympathetic inquiry into all dimensions of human experience, Fairfield welcomes students from diverse backgrounds to share ideas and engage in open conversations. The University is located in the heart of a region where the future takes shape, on a stunning campus on the Connecticut coast, located just an hour from Manhattan.

Seamless Medical Systems Raises $2 Million in Funding

Santa Fe, NM (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

Patient engagement leader, Seamless Medical Systems today announced it has closed $ 2 million in early stage funding.

The financing will support Seamless Medicals growth strategy in three main areas: integration of their patient engagement platform with leading electronic medical records companies, expanding market penetration and accelerating product innovation and future platform updates.

Seamless Medical investor Dr. Hala Toubbeh said, Seamless is working to improve patient engagement throughout the entire care continuum, from registration to the exam room and then driving communication between patients and practices outside the office. I see no one else as focused on improving the patient experience like Seamless Medical is with SNAP

Standing Out from the Crowd Essential When Creating a Personal Brand, Find the Edge Expert Says

Manchester (PRWEB UK) 29 May 2013

Offering something different to the crowd is essential when looking to win new business and generate new opportunities, personal branding expert Jennifer Holloway has said in a new Find the Edge article.

In the post, which was published today on the site, she discusses why flying under the radar is rarely a good idea, and how anyone can start to create their own personal brand immediately.

She said: ‘People buy people – If youre just a face in the crowd, you make it harder for them to spot you and, better still, buy into you.

‘The trick is to promote your brand with language that fires up peoples synapses, instead of sending them to sleep.

‘For instance, ‘motivated, ‘creative’ and ‘innovative’ are amongst the most frequently used words on LinkedIn. How many words like these do you use?’

Holloway says that using bland, empty words like those can cause individuals to blend in all too easily, and by doing something different, it’s easier to make ripples.

She said: ‘Alternatively, why not look for words that are more precise in their description of your brand? Words that will sound more engaging when they hit peoples ears?

‘For instance, instead of just saying youre approachable, why not say youre cordial, courteous, big-hearted or gallant?’

The article can be viewed in full here: http://www.findtheedge.co.uk/sales-marketing/branding/dont-be-part-of-the-wallpaper-learn-how-to-get-yourself-noticed.

Jennifer Holloway is a personal branding expert, author, and business owner. More about her can be found here: http://www.findtheedge.co.uk/expert-panelist/jennifer-holloway.

Kenny Goodman, founder of Find the Edge, said: “Standing out is the best way to get your brand out there, and noticed by all the right people.

“Jennifer has a great deal of experience in developing personal brands, and I always look forward to reading her posts on Find the Edge.”

Find the Edge is a website where business and thought leaders converge to share the knowledge and information that has helped them get to the top of their chosen profession. New articles are published on a daily basis.

Anniversary of Self-Help Bestseller by L. Ron Hubbard Commemorated with International Celebrations

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) May 27, 2013

Thousands gathered across major cities across the United States and around the World for the annual celebration of the self-help best seller “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health,” by L. Ron Hubbard. The Greater Los Angeles celebration, held in Hollywood this weekend on L. Ron Hubbard Way welcomed several thousand Angelinos to entertainment, speeches and awards for top Dianeticists from across the region. Events across the globe recognized the continued success and widespread use of Dianetics, which has long been established as the best selling self-help book of all time. Dianetics contains the anatomy and full description of a portion of the mind that is the source of nightmares, unreasonable fears, upsets and insecurity, and more importantly how to get rid of it.

Author of Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard was born in Tilden, Nebraska on March 13th 1911, and was first and foremost a writer in prodigious volume, publishing more than fifteen million words between 1929 and 1941. Hubbards prolific writing career funded his research into the mind enabling him to travel across much of the United States, the Caribbean and Asia.

His research was interrupted only by World War II, where he served as Lieutenant in the US Navy and saw action in the Atlantic and Pacific. In early 1945 at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital, while recovering from injuries sustained in combat, he employed early techniques of Dianetics to assist in speeding recovery of otherwise terminal patients.

Upon honorable discharge from the navy in 1946 L. Ron Hubbard continued his research and refinement of Dianetics to the benefit of some 350 cases. He was also a Los Angeles Police Department Special Officer where he conducted research into criminal behavior, and found a life of crime could be traced back to a loss of self-respect.

With case material collected from several decades of research L. Ron Hubbard completed Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, which was released on May 9, 1950. Heralded as by newspaper headlines as “Dianetics-taking U.S. by storm,” “Dianetics – Overnight Whirlwind Success” and “Dianetics: A study of the mind – fastest growing ‘movement’ in America.”

To advance the subject and meet demands for formal instruction, Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundations were formed across the country; New Jersey, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Between May 9th 1950 and December of that year, L. Ron Hubbard delivered more than 140 lectures, including a now legendary address to six thousand at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium.

Dianetics has since become a global phenomenon with the book now available in 165 nations in 50 languages. More than 21 million copies of “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health” have been sold which has appeared on a record 116 bestseller lists internationally.

Today, L. Ron Hubbard’s works are studied and applied daily in over a thousand Dianetics centers, Scientology churches, missions and organizations around the world. His most famous works and the newly released biographical series are available in libraries throughout the world.

For more information on Dianetics, visit the Dianetics website at http://www.dianetics.org. For an interactive audiovisual overview of the life and works of L. Ron Hubbard, visit http://www.lronhubbard.org.