Why I took up the triathlon challenge

Why I took up the triathlon challenge
A 6am start for swim sessions is tough but the open water practice is invaluable, especially in the dreaded washing machine-like mass start. Once you've had a 6"4in triathlete swim over you in … So running 5km after a 750m swim and 20km cycle is …
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Fresno's Measure G ballot counting halts when process is protested
Election worker Nysen Armenta, right, with Lisa Goff, left background, feed vote-by-mail ballots to a machine, which takes an image of the voter's signature, at the Fresno County elections warehouse. ERIC PAUL ZAMORA — THE FRESNO BEEBuy Photo …
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BEDFORD: Two more reasons Chris Christie's selfishness is ruining America
For anyone who doesn't yet think that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie' selfishness is ruining America, here are another two stories to add to the evidence room. No, we're not talking about Christie's throwing Mitt Romney under the bus for a photo op …
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Wylie Dufresne on Alder and the New Phase of wd-50

Wylie Dufresne on Alder and the New Phase of wd-50
That process ceased to be that enjoyable from a creative standpoint. I do like to embrace challenges and opportunities, but [creating entrées] wasn't something that continued to excite me. … We've been taking bread — all kinds —and putting it into …
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The Good, the Great and the Awesome from Raw 5/27/13
He has shown great chemistry working with Del Rio and the more opportunities he has to compete with the top stars in the industry, especially the better workers, the more likely he will be to continue learning and succeed. Secondly, the dissension …
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Local students receive Children's Challenge awards from Del Mar-Solana Beach
The Del Mar-Solana Beach Optimist Club held its Vic Kops Children's Challenge Awards on May 22 at Lomas Santa Fe Country Club, honoring 10 exceptional young elementary school students in the areas of community service, art, courage, fellowship …
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Year of Change: County Adapting To Leaner Times

Year of Change: County Adapting To Leaner Times
Where it creates a challenge for operations is: Part of the state law is that if you had your 25 years in and you retire, you actually do not have to pay anything. At 21 to 25 years you will pay …. In management, they're learning how to be a manager …
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Getting to know your neighbor: The bagels are warm and the coffee is fresh, at
“Before they knew it,” the students were operating a direct water line coffee machine and a hot chocolate machine, which had been donated. The cafe started selling toaster pastries, Gatorade®, … The students are being exposed to New York State Career …
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Letter: Teachers aren't the problem
We were dealing with highly predictable machines, so doing things according to a checklist made sense. … They might learn at an alternate education system like the national guard youth challenge programs for drop outs and troubled and failing students.
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Q&A with Robert E. McKillion Jr., Baldwin County schools' Secondary Teacher of

Q&A with Robert E. McKillion Jr., Baldwin County schools' Secondary Teacher of
The greatest challenge as teacher has been maintaining the level of interest for my students so much so that they want to extend their learning beyond the concepts of which I have taught. I am constantly seeking ways to make learning relevant …
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Google: The future of search is Now
"We have had a mini-revolution, based on deep learning, a set of technologies that look like the old neural networks from the 1990s that researchers hoped would turn into a way to create brains, machine robots that became sentient and took over world …
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Sectarian killings reported in Syrian village – KSAZ 10
Mountain Dew ad pulled, criticized for racial stereotyping. PepsiCo is once again learning the risks of celebrity partnerships after an ad for Mountain Dew was criticized for portraying racial stereotypes and making light of violence toward women …
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Smart Cameras Challenge PC-based Vision Systems for Dominance

Smart Cameras Challenge PC-based Vision Systems for Dominance
Many machine-vision component vendors now offer what has become known as a "smart camera" in response to changing markets and new customers that demand the accuracy and capabilities of vision but need to keep down the cost of deploying such a system …
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Rethinking Macroeconomic Policy
… what the appropriate financial regulation should be. You may remember the famous quote by Paul Volcker that the only useful financial innovation of the last 40 years has been the ATM machine. This is surely an exaggeration. … But as more and more …
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UMd. students carry dreams of vertical flight
Thirty years ago, the American Helicopter Society International launched an engineering competition in the hope of sparking invention — a challenge that would trigger innovation but, as executive director Mike Hirschberg put it, “start with something …
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Local star returns for film screening – Hyde Park Herald

Local star returns for film screening – Hyde Park Herald
Brown said despite the challenge of movie acting, he is excited about doing more film work. He said he working on this movie was a great learning experience for him. “I got tips on how to know where the camera is and how to cheat out, which is when a …
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Laurel Halo Talks Turbulence, Techno, and Her Moving New Hyperdub EP
Starting with a sampler and drum machine, versus making something on the computer and then retro-engineering it and figuring out how to play it live, is a completely different approach. Working on material just to be played live also shapes …. It's …
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How the Crowd Is Solving an 800-Year-Old Mystery
Dr. Lin, enthralled by the mystery, took on the challenge. An engineering PhD, he theorized that machine-learning algorithms could be deployed on high resolution satellite imagery of Mongolia to help identify Khan's burial ground. However, he quickly …
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Your Students, Your Schools — West Des Moines and Waukee

Your Students, Your Schools — West Des Moines and Waukee
They will review the coins they know and then learn about the dollar bill and how to count and write values more than one dollar using the dollar sign and the decimal point. … They prepared the dough and pressed it through a pasta machine to make …
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If You're Confident About Competence, Admit Your Flaws
The Vatican PR machine noted that Pope Francis was an incredibly humble Cardinal who, as was befitting a Jesuit, had an abiding concern for the poor, rode the subway, and cooked his own meals. Oh… and … I'll need to learn it, but don't expect me to …
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Gov. Rick Scott signs Internet cafe ban into law
Arcade machine manufacturers say they will challenge the law and are seeking ways to retrofit the machines. For the past three … After learning the governor had signed the bill, Shaa called employees at his cafes in Clearwater and Largo. "We have to …
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How Defence tackles the challenge of big data with machine learning

How Defence tackles the challenge of big data with machine learning
Australian defence and national security organisations are "drowning in the data" they generate, Brenton Cooper from the Defence Systems Innovation Centre told a Canberra summit on big data today. Addressing the Australian Information Industry …
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DARPA Envisions the Future of Machine Learning
The Probabilistic Programming for Advanced Machine Learning (PPAML) program was launched to address this challenge. Probabilistic programming is a new programming paradigm for managing uncertain information. By incorporating it into machine …
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Seattle's bread bakers blend science and art for those perfect loaves
In reality, "there's a million things to learn about that one loaf of bread." One loaf. That's how it … On the ground floor of a new condo complex, Mackie installed a French Bongard oven, a commercial mixer, an espresso machine and an antique display …
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