PyCon Announces Schedule, 95 Talks Selected

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) January 09, 2012

After an intense series of meetings to choose 95 talks out of nearly 400 submissions, the PyCon organizers have settled on what looks like the best conference schedule yet. Initial feedback on the schedule has been glowing, with most responses centering on the fact that every slot has multiple talks that everyone will want to attend. Some responses have shown a want to attend each and every talk in a given time slot. Preceded by two days of tutorials, the talks run Friday March 9-11, 2012, followed by four days of sprints. The schedule is available at

Friday kicks off the Santa Clara, CA conference with a selection of testing, accessibility, and object oriented topics. In the first 90 minutes of the conference, experts Raymond Hettinger and Jack Diederich go back-to-back on the topics of subclassing and not writing classes at all. After lunch and throughout the rest of the day the onslaught of testing talks continue and are joined by a sampling of security, debugging, database, and diversity talks.

Among the impressive range of topics on Saturday is a track of alternative VMs, featuring the PyPy developers introducing their interpreter and providing a deep dive into their JIT, followed by Jython developer Jim Baker speaking on making Jython faster. Come back from lunch and check out how to build a computer vision driven, Python powered, garden protecting, squirrel shooting water cannon. Wrap up the afternoon with two email experts: CPython developers R. David Murray and Barry Warsaw. David brings the audience through the story of the standard library email packages recent overhaul and Barry outlines the modernization of the ever popular Mailman project.

The abbreviated Sunday schedule still packs a punch. The poster session runs for 90 minutes prior to the first talks and provides a great space to walk right up to a presenter and talk one-on-one. Later, designer Idan Gazit walks through the art of sketching during the iterative process of product design. Carlos de la Guardia introduces useful patterns from configuration to deployment of Pyramid applications. Brandon Craig Rhodes, who is also giving a talk on Saturday as well as a tutorial, offers a whirlwind tour of compilation, linkage, virtual memory, and other operating system goodies.

Though the keynote schedule hasnt been finalized, two keynote speakers have been announced: Paul Graham of Y Combinator and Stormy Peters of Mozilla. Paul will return for his second PyCon keynote, bringing the experience and perspective of a Lisp hacker turned startup investor. Stormys position as Head of Developer Engagement and her numerous other engagements including founding and leading Kids on Computers, will make for a unique presentation.

Early bird ticket rates have been extended through January 25, 2012, but dont wait. Attendance is being capped at 1500 attendees and the conference is sure to sell out, so get your tickets early. For more information about registration, see

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George Watsky- S for Lisp

George Watsky- S for Lisp

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Do You Speak My Language? Now CAD Plant & Piping Software Does – Both German & Spanish Now Offered Along with Standard English Release

Bend, OR (PRWEB) January 11, 2012, a U.S. based site for 2D/3D Plant and Piping Software, announced today that it’s CAD software is now available in three languages.

In addition to English, AViCAD and it’s trial demos are now available in both German and Spanish. Users can access their specific language in the download section of’s website.

Owner Victor Abella explains, “We’ve been hard at work adding unique features to AViCAD. Being that AViCAD sells worldwide, we feel the addition of German and Spanish CAD versions will be highly beneficial to many CAD users in Europe and The Americas.”

Victor continues “Even if you are not an Engineer or Architect, AViCAD offers something different for everyone. I guess you could say AViCAD is like a Swiss Army Knife when it comes to CAD.” highlights the various CAD features as follows:

Android Developers Gain the Knowledge and Experience to Create Stunning, Cutting-edge Apps with Pro Android 4 just Released by Apress Media

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 07, 2012

Fresh off the heels of being awarded a featured spot on Intels Recommended Reading List for Developers for “Pro Android 3,” acclaimed authors Satya Komatineni and Dave MacLean are back with their latest take on the mobile platform with Pro Android 4. Just released by Apress Media, this new edition promises to give users an advanced mobile resource that will guide them in creating apps with wow-factor on the worlds fastest growing mobile platform. This means that apps developers have a multitude of opportunities to showcase their innovations.

Pro Android 4 offers app developers a chance to get the most out of the latest versionAndroid 4, Ice Cream Sandwichand it covers everything from the fundamentals of building apps for embedded devices, phones, and tablets to advanced concepts such as custom 3D components and multi-tasking. Using the tutorials and expert advice within, readers will quickly be able to build slick mobile apps and run them on dozens of Android-based smart phones. Developers will explore and use the Android APIs, including those for media and sensors. Theyll learn how to build irresistible standard and custom User Interfaces and User Experiences across Android devices and location-based services.

After reading Pro Android 4, developers will gain the knowledge and experience to create stunning, cutting-edge Java-based Android 4 apps that will get noticed in the marketplace and bring in revenue. Using Content Providers, users will populate their application with data from data sources. They will also become well versed in Androids location-based services, network-based services and security. Best of all, they will learn how to create 3D graphics with OpenGL and custom components, as well as build multimedia and game apps using Android’s media APIs and OpenGL. This must-have resource is for professional software engineers and programmers who want their ideas and applications become a success in the mobile space with Android.