Starving Artist Market

Starving Artist Market
Event on 2017-12-17 12:00:00
The Starving Artist Market brings together those in the community to view and experience art in all its forms.

Our vendors are all local, handmade artists, that reflect their passion through their artwork.

March kicks off out outdoor markets, so bring the kids, bring the dogs, and join us!!

From bath products, jewelry, candles, accessories, beadwork, silk screening, wood work, prints, paintings, carvings, gift sets, bakeries, chocolate, pottery…. the list goes on and on, no matter your style, there's a piece of art with your name on it! So come find it.

Event is free to the public.

at The Charlotte Art League
1517 Camden Road
Charlotte, United States

Running Springs Farmers Market and Artisan Faire

Running Springs Farmers Market and Artisan Faire
Event on 2017-08-26 10:00:00
Naturally grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and microgreens! Cage Free Eggs, farm fresh chicken, jams, mustards, vinegars, food, live music, art, community groups, jewelry, clothing, and more!

Special Events, Themes, and Promotions every Saturday! See Flyer.

More information:
Running Springs Farmers Market and Artisan Faire Facebook Page – click on the Events tab

at Community Field
2625 Whispering Pines Drive
Running Springs, United States

Downtown St. Louis Architectural Walking Tour West

Downtown St. Louis Architectural Walking Tour West
Event on 2017-07-22 10:00:00
St. Louis’ grandest public buildings are testament to the ambitions of the City during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Explore their history, architectural significance and how they changed the area from residential to monumental.
Highlights: Union Station, Peabody Opera House, City Hall, Central Library, Campbell House Museum
St. Louis' fascinating history and groundbreaking architecture is featured in a walk around downtown led by experienced volunteer guides from Landmarks Association of St. Louis. Every Saturday April through October, 10 AM to Noon. Rain or shine. No reservations required. For the West Tour, meet at the main entrance to the St. Louis Union Station Hotel, 1820 Market St. per person; cash only. Children 12 and under are free. If you have a group of 10 or more please contact us at or 314-690-3140.

at St. Louis Union Station
1820 Market Street
Saint Louis, United States

Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Market
Event on 2017-07-05 09:00:00
The Certified Farmers’ Market at the Promenade Mall in Temecula is a great weekday market. Located outside JCPenney on Wednesday mornings, it is the perfect place to grab your mid-week groceries.

There are over 15 local farmers with a wonderful variety and selection of produce including goat cheese and honey. Our gourmet food section has kettle corn, Mexican entrees, baked goods and sweets, fresh artisan bread, and hummus. Stroll a little farther and you will find handmade jewelry and crafts, eco-friendly bath and body products, and even all-natural dog food.

Promenade Certified Farmers’ Market has plenty of selection and plenty of parking, so you can come and shop easy!

at Promenade Temecula
40820 Winchester Rd.
Temecula, United States

Dahlonega Farmers Market

Dahlonega Farmers Market
Event on 2017-07-01 08:00:00
Going Shopping? Shop the Dahlonega Farmers Market first for fresh, local, and in season produce! Friendly faces as well as the finest quality vegetables, fruits, honeys, culinary herbs, decorative flowers, jams, jellies, garden seeds, and baked goods can be found at Dahlonega's Downtown Farmers Market. Rain or shine, all season long, over a dozen vendors bring their harvest into town for the pleasure of the folks who want to be sure their food comes from the ground around us.

May 6th-October 14th
Saturdays 8am-1pm
Tuesdays 2-6pm
Hancock Park, 52 N Park St
Dahlonega, Georgia

at Hancock Park
13 South Park Street
Dahlonega, United States

Duke Dumont

Duke Dumont
Event on 2017-06-29 22:00:00
with The Dom, DJ Ish
I did 150 DJ shows last year. Thats 3 per week, and 110 of them were overseas, explains Duke Dumont. The problem is, he laughs, Im not the type of person who can record music on the road. Quite how the hell the London producer has finished this debut album, Blas Boys Club, then, is both a total miracle and a tribute to his work ethic. I try to push myself as hard as I can, and I hope this record represents that.In a way, the enormous success of Duke Dumont has somewhat slipped under the radar. So unassuming is Adam George Dyment, that its easy to forget he played one of the most pivotal roles in making UK deep house the thundering global juggernaut it is today. When his single Need U 100% soared straight to number 1 in March 2013, it became the first UK house track to do so in over a decade, reaching Gold certification, and opening up a gap in the British music consciousness for deep house to really prosper on a massive scale. Its fair to say that the success of Need U 100% blew open a void for other deep house acts like Route 94 and Gorgon City to fill, transcending so many from club favourites to serious chart contenders.Dumont followed that success 9 months later with his next single, I Got U, a Whitney Houston inspired Waikiki Beach of a dance track, that, again, topped the UK singles chart. An achievement put into stark context when you think of the acts Pharrell Williams and John Legend that it was keeping from top spot. And when his third big single Wont Look Back rose to number 2 on the UK chart, whilst topping the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart, Dumonts name as a top ten producer was cemented.Away from the charts though, he continued the underground explorations that first made his name, through the For Club Play Only EP series on Turbo Recordings. So while Wont Look Back was snaking into Radio 1s A-list, the more radical and rigid percussive banger Drumapella from his other project was simultaneously permeating the underground club scene. Its this multifaceted success, a fingers on all turntables approach, that unleashed such a relentless touring schedule for Dumont, taking him worldwide and all the while he would be snatching at moments of downtime to work on the material that would comprise his first full length record.At Coachella this year, Dumont put this prospective album material to the test performing a 60 minute live set of all original work to a crowd that swelled from 3,000 to 25,000 during his show. I was between 2 EDM acts, so I was a little scared, he admits. When you are performing music at a live level, things can get very competitive. Is the act before you going to be more aggressive, louder, are their lights going to be bigger and better? The thing a lot of people lose in that respect is that music should have a lot of emotion to it. It should be heartfelt. It should trigger something. I put most of the songs from the album into that set, so it all hinged on my stuff. This was no DJ set. And I felt proud when it really captured the crowds attention.So much tireless work has gone into making his live show what it is, taking cues from acts like Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk, in an effort to create a performance that truly reflects the artistic craft of electronic music rather than pandering to the cultural clichs of hedonistic immediacy. His performances are pulsating, emotional journeys. But, at the end of the day, the show would be nothing if the source material wasnt strong enough, and thats where Dumont excels.The album has also given him a chance to breath some new life into existing material. The Giver first dropped in 2012 on Turbo, and quickly turned a deep house staple, its use becoming almost ritualistic in the way so DJs would consistently deploy it as their peak time banger. And soon, it developed an organic life of its own online. When I wrote it, I dont even think deep house was invented in its current form, says Dumont. Ive always wanted to play it to as wide an audience as possible. It did really well by itself, but that was without any promo or marketing. Now, with the re-polish Ive done on it, I want it to have the best possible chance to do well on radio.Away from Dumonts clear affinity for deep house, prominent vocals and textured electronic pop, theres also one other key influence that bleeds through his work. I came through as a DJ with a lot of the French wave guys like Justice, Sebastian, Mr Oizo, he explains. And Daft Punks Discovery: that just has the perfect balance of incredible music alongside massive dance tracks. Somewhere in his subconscious, this powerful French influence is etched and it comes across most prominently on standout track Ocean Avenue a hard and slinky pop jam that conjures nocturnal visions of a lost scene from Nicolas Winding Refns 2011 film Drive.The record has also given Dumont a chance to widen his scope of collaboration. His fine ear for vocals has already seen him team up with MNEK and AME, and the record boasts further features from Vincent McMorrow, and the legendary 80s house vocalist Robert Owens. The grooving 8 minute disco track that features the latter is like Dumonts very own homage to Daft Punks epic Giorgio.The funny thing about all the success that now surrounds him is that Duke Dumont hasnt really changed the way he makes music, and the re-release of The Giver will pay testament to that. The change has come more in both the UK and American music culture, and the way club music now finds itself positioned so boldly on both sides of the Atlantic. I remember I went to America in 2008, he says, and I played in a nightclub in New York called Studio B. I remember I got heckled by people asking me to play hip-hop. So, when I went back in 2012, I was genuinely petrified, but it ended up being one of the best tours Ive ever done. The scene just seems to get bigger and bigger.With his eyes set on some huge UK shows, and massive forthcoming collaborations, Harrow-born Adam George Dyment looks set to play a huge role in the way UK pop music continues to shift ever further into new realms, just like an early noughties Timbaland did for the US or a recent Pharrell has done for the world. Still, he remains unnervingly grounded: I dont necessarily want to be the biggest DJ or biggest act in the world, but I certainly want to be one of the best.

at The Beacham
46 North Orange Ave
Orlando, United States

Poi Dog Pondering

Poi Dog Pondering
Event on 2017-06-25 20:00:00
with Night Glitter
30 years on, upwards of 15 band members; Poi Dog Pondering continue to thrive & evolve on their 8th full length album entitled "Everybody's Got A Star". Their unique signature 'Acous-tronic' blend of orchestral, rock and dance music influences, shine through with PDP's ever present irreverence to stylistic conformity."Everybody's Got A Star" is an unapologetic off-road venture, a Joy Ride recalling the vibe of 80's/90's Night Club DJs, adventurous enough to careen from one genre to the next, with a slight membrane of madness to the method."Growing up in Honolulu, we really only had one good Live Music/Disco/ Club; The Wave. It was Punk Rock/New Wave kids from 9 to 2am, then a Gay Disco from 2am to 4am. Everybody mixing it up & having fun. You could hear everything from Iggy Pop's "Lust for life", to Loose Joints "Is it all over my face". I'm super thankful for that eclecticism. Music for dancing is like an elliptical orbit, it's always been around me, sometimes it swings in real close and sweeps me along full force for a while.For me… this record is about; trusting & following the spark of an idea. The thought that kept running through my head while working on this album, was… ""if it excites you, follow it / Let the song be what ever it wants be / let the album be what ever it want's to be. Realize each idea, & keep moving". – Frank OrrallPoi Dog Pondering keeps thriving because their ethic has always been about following their musical heart. Their steadfast independence has allowed them to perennially bloom. From bohemian street buskers to impossible to market major label sacrificial lambs, to hard won autonomy with their own record label; Poi dog pondering have ripened into staunchly independent musical voyagers. They have let every sound that excited them flow through their music and flood it with ever changing colors: Orchestral, Acoustic and Electronic textures. Rock Band Disco, Chicago Stepper Soul & their unique 'Soul Sonic Orchestra' Sound. (Threaded all along the way with 'heart on the sleeve' lyrics that embrace the beauty and pain of everyday life).30 years down the line there is a bolstered sense of history within the band now. A swagger that comes from having steadfastly carved their own path. It is quite apparent that PDP has always been, and ever will be, in-it-for-the-love-of-it; creating and performing. Line up changes are par for the course. PDP is an organic entity, it changes like life does. But there is a core with strong roots & deep personal history, open to new ears and ready to experiment. That's what keeps it vibrant.

at Austin City Limits Live @ Moody Theater
310 Willie Nelson Blvd, W. 2nd Street
Austin, United States