1-800-GO-VAPOR.com Offers Toxic-Free Vapor Steam Cleaner for Emergency Medical Services

Lake Forest, Illinois (PRWEB) June 15, 2013

1-800-GO-VAPOR.com, a leading global retailer specializing in outstanding vapor steam cleaners for home and commercial use, today announced that it is offering the Ladybug Tekno 2350 vapor steam cleaner to Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

The Tekno qualifies as a disinfection device for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), making it more suitable than traditional hard-surface disinfectants for cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting ambulances.

Ambulances that are used for patient transport must be properly cleaned after every transport, says a 1-800-GO-VAPOR.com spokesperson. But you dont need the toxic products most EMS agencies use. Using ordinary tap water, the Ladybug Tekno 2350 vapor steam cleaner offers a level of performance that chemical disinfectants may never achieve, all while ensuring employee and patient safety.

Current research shows that the simplified water-only protocol of the Tekno 2350 achieves a greater kill rate in 3 seconds than a 20-minute exposure to bleach. This is significant because according to the Integrated Benefits Institute, exposure to cleaning chemicals is the largest contributing risk factor for occupational illness and injury.

The Ladybug Tekno 2350 is a double plus, says 1-800-GO-VAPOR.com. EMS agencies using the Tekno, in addition to sparing their lungs from toxic chemical fumes, will spend less time squatting, stooping and scrubbing on their hands and kneeswhich helps increase productivity and reduce workman’s comp claims.



Event on 2013-05-11 18:00:00
There is live bluegrass music every Saturday night from 6 p.m. till 8 p.m. at Sutton. Also, 1 hour of the show is recorded for a Radio Broadcast, called Sutton Ole Time Music Hour.
……It can be found each Saturday at 10:00 am on WTKY FM 92.1, WKWY FM 102.7, …WTKY AM 1370, and WVFB FM 101.5 also the show Broadcasts Saturdays at 11:00 am in Cookeville WPTN AM 780 and on Sunday at 6:00 pm. on Leb…anon's WA…NT… FM 98.9 and WCOR AM 1490.

The show can now be heard worldwide at three different times each week.

Every day from Vienna West Virginia on

Streaming from Knoxville, Tennessee on www.SouthernBranchBluegrass.com
Friday’s 9pm EST – 8pm Central.
Tuesday's 7am EST – 6am Central

and from Oxford, Alabama on
Sunday's 8am CST.

Southern Style Dinner – Great Country Cooking!
Consists of Meat, 3 Vegetables, Bread, Salad, Homemade Desserts & Drinks!
Call the store for reservations – 931-653-4151

From I-40 take exit 258, Gordonsville/ Carthage, turn north onto Hwy. 53, go Several miles to 70N/53E, turn right and go about 7 miles to Chestnut Mound. Turn left onto Hwy. 53 (70N keeps going straight). Go 5 miles turn right on Hwy 96 on left 1000 yrds


Sutton Ole Time Music Hour is sponsored by:

Cookeville Regional Medical Center,

Meadows Homes,

Coca-Cola of Cookeville,

Jackson Bank & Trust,

Granville Marina & Resort,

Purity Dairy,

& Anderson Upper Cumberland Funeral Home.See More

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at Sutton General Store
169 Clover St.
Granville, United States

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The Moore Company will Participate in AAPN Annual Meeting

(PRWEB) April 19, 2013

Members of the Salvadoran synthetic textile and apparel cluster are preparing to participate in the annual American Apparel Producers Network (AAPN) forum in which the theme will be Apparel Made in the Americas. This forum seeks to educate and facilitate the exchange of experiences and information on Americas shorter cycle times, new capabilities, speed to market, flexibility, among other important criterion taken into consideration by apparel sourcing executives to select vendors since there seems to be mixed perceptions on the Western Hemispheres performance versus the East. Sourcing shifted from the Western Hemisphere due to cost reasons but in the process the region has managed to attract new investments in yarn and fabric production, trims, apparel and related product and services that have strengthen and reinforced the regions capabilities and have positioned the region as an alternative now that energy and transportation costs in Asia are rising and apparel labor availability in China shrinks.

As textile mills we have definitely perceived a renewed interest in the DR-CAFTA region on behalf of U.S. and Global apparel sourcing executives in the past three years. We have been constantly receiving sourcing executives in our manufacturing facilities that are exploring and evaluating coming back to the region. They are interested in learning about our capabilities as narrow and wide fabric manufacturers in El Salvador and rediscovering the apparel value chain in the region, said Dana Barlow, CEO of The Moore Company.

The DR-CAFTA Exports to the U.S. in 2012 reached $ 7.8 billion and El Salvador (positioned as the 9th apparel supplier) contributed with $ 1.8 billion in exports and was the only DR-CAFTA country that actually experienced a growth in apparel exports to the U.S.

A robust and vertically integrated synthetic textile manufacturing cluster has developed over the past several years in El Salvador. The eight companies joining forces to promote the cluster include: George C. Moore Company, Darlington Fabrics, Apparel Production Services (APS), CS Central America, Pettenati, TexOps, ProDept and Unifi. For example, George C. Moore and Darlington Fabrics have combined their efforts to expand the regions capability by locally producing and supplying apparel manufacturers with woven and knit narrow fabric, as well as warp knit stretch fabric for the underwear, intimate apparel, athletic compression, performance apparel, swimwear, orthopedic & medical, industrial and military markets. George C. Moore has almost seven years of successfully operating in El Salvador where we have received several recognitions from our customers. We have recently been selected for the 2012 Supplier Innovation of the Year Award granted by Fruit of the Loom, Inc. This innovation award is very important for us since it came as a result of our teams capacity to develop a new style of elastic and to lead the transition without any lost production and on-time delivery. I am very proud of our workforce in El Salvador since they constantly maintain the highest levels of quality and service and the company supports innovation executed by our employees by making the necessary investments in equipment to satisfy the specific needs of our customers, said Andrew Dreher, Senior Vice President of George C. Moore.

The AAPN carried out a research to understand the perceptions of 13 senior sourcing executives about sourcing in Asia versus sourcing in the Americas. This research provided feedback on the performance of the Western Hemisphere in areas such as apparel suppliers knowledge and experience with US markets, vertical integration of the value chain, speed, costs, ease of doing business, product development capabilities, social compliance and risk assessment. One of the biggest advantages of the East is the greater number and selection of textile inputs, although they do acknowledge West is definitely expanding in performance fabrics. On this survey it was mentioned that the West needs more synthetics, for which as members of the synthetic textile and apparel cluster in El Salvador we definitely know we are on the right path but we are also well aware of the fact that sourcing in the region will not increase only for one country or one company, we need to grow and work as a region said Steve Perry, Senior Vice President of Darlington Fabrics. Despite the challenges of the West versus the East in terms of costs, flexibility, verticality, among others, the gap between the two regions is not as pronounced as we would have expected (3.1 vs. 3.5), so this is definitely an opportunity to take this feedback and work as a region to address and overcome our weaknesses, S. Perry added.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Introduces New Diet Plans Built Around an Eating Schedule to Produce the Best Weight Loss with Little Effort

Wichita, KS (PRWEB) April 03, 2013

Diet Doc has based a new hCG diet plans on recent studies that show eating schedule’s make fast weight loss easily capable by providing much needed structure to dieters. These studies reveal that dieters who follow a strict eating schedule will experience greater long-term results. Diet Doc introduced new diet plans focused on effective diet aids and supplements and a custom eating schedule to produce the best weight loss and teach clients how to improve poor eating habits. These studies published in the January 29, 2013 International Journal of Obesity show that when people eat could be as important as what they eat. Diet Doc individually evaluates each client, and then builds custom diet plans around the client’s individual factors like age, weight, gender, and long term goals, as well as placing added emphasis on developing individualized eating schedules for every client. For over a decade, Diet Doc has been producing the nation’s best weight loss, providing a wide range of diet aids, supplements, and prescription hCG treatments.

Over 97 percent of clients report effective results with Diet Doc hCG diets. The diet institutes an initial loading phase, allowing up to 3000 calories to be consumed during phase 1. This phase works by building up glycogen and triglyceride stores in the body, thereby reducing fatigue or mental dullness while the body transitions from imbalance into a stabilized and healthy metabolic state. Dieters need this initial buildup because once they begin phase 2 of the hCG diet, allowing restricted caloric intake (up to 1250 daily), unhealthy carbohydrates are restricted, and without a loaded supply of glycogen, dieters may become weary. During this phase, the prescribed eating schedule is paramount in order for clients to experience the best weight loss. During phase II, the body accesses this store of calories which helps to carry the body through the initial transition, from the traditionally unhealthy American fast-food diet, into a healthier eating schedule filled with healthy eating habits. The body transitions from a detrimental state of relying on empty calories to a diet that is healthier, packed with energizing proteins and nutritious foods that support better metabolic function, aiding the diet and weight maintenance, and producing the best weight loss available. Diet Doc’s clients report an increase in energy, better sleep, and improved mobility, all as a direct result from an hCG weight loss and nutrition plan and individualized treatment including prescription hCG treatments and perpetual health evaluation.

Diet Doc offers the best weight loss with new prescription only hCG diet plans, found to produce a loss of 30 pounds in 30 days, safely and fully monitored by leading physicians. In adapting to ever-changing trends and technology, Diet Doc is able to offer their hCG diet plans nationwide. Patients all over America can now consult with an in-house physician, receive a complimentary consultation and medical evaluation, have a custom eating schedule developed around their bodies, and if necessary to lose weight fast and naturally, receive prescriptions for any of Diet Doc’s proprietary prescription diet aids. Telehealth now allows physicians to connect with patients who would otherwise not have access to certain services, extending the availability of high quality weight loss to those who otherwise would not be able to participate.

Contact Diet Doc:


New Features Hit Google+, Medical Tattoos & The UK Gets the Galaxy Nexus – GeekBeat.TV

New Features Hit Google+, Medical Tattoos & The UK Gets the Galaxy Nexus - GeekBeat.TV

GeekBeatTV #316: revision3.com Improvements in the air, a Galaxy Nexus release date, new features on Google+, artificial super skin, and tattoos that could help diabetics say goodbye to needles! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 0:29 ANA’s Improvements in the Sky All Nippon Airways is rolling out some impressive changes in all the classes of their international flights – I’ll be trying them out soon on a trip to Tokyo and will let you know what it’s like! geekbeat.tv 0:50 Galaxy Nexus Release Info Eager future owners of the Galaxy Nexus can expect the phone to land in the UK on November 17 for a price of 550 pounds. 1:00 Google+ Additions Google+ announced several updates, including availability to Google Apps accounts, a graph of sharing called Ripples, and changes to the photo capabilities. geekbeat.tv geekbeat.tv geekbeat.tv 1:20 Super Skin Technology similar to that in the faces of touch screen phones may soon give us artificial “super skin”. mashable.com 2:21 Medical Tattoos Researchers are developing special tattoos that change color and can be read by an iPhone to track changes in glucose and sodium. geekbeat.tv ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Checkout all of the Revision3 Halloween episodes! www.revision3.com We’d love for your to Like, Favorite and Share today’s episode on YouTube! www.youtube.com GeekBeatTV #316: revision3.com Thank you to all of you Geekers for participating and commenting! What do you think about the super skin and medical tattoo news?!?! Technology never ceases to
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2013 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino - Part 1

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