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Intervista a Marco ” Monty” Montemagno “New frontier of digital tourism: ideas for new business models during the Tourism 2.0 era” BTO – Buy Tourism Online Stazione Leopolda, a Firenze… joins battle for best travel meta search!

(PRWEB) September 29, 2004

Transparency is what most online shoppers are out for. The average user searches 3 different travel sites before making a buying decision. The best companies out there today will give the user exactly what they want, cheapest flights, best room rates, great car rentals, and cruises or vacation deals all at reduced search times. Travelgrove is looking for exactly that in one of the most interesting online markets today.

Many of the conventional travel marketing companies like Travelzoo, BookingBuddy, or Virtual Tourist have built super-searches, where users can enter their search criteria once and then select one merchant after the other.

Meta-Search is the newest innovation, mostly controlled by rather unknown smaller companies like Qixo, Mobissimo, Travelgrove,but also bigger players including SideStep and FareChase. What they all have in common is that they all search several travel sites at once and show you all search results on one page. A single click will take you directly to the booking page of the merchant offering the results.

Each of these companies have somewhat different revenue models and also different ways of displaying the offers. Qixo for example tags on a fee on top of the regular price, not telling the user who the merchant is.

Farechase is also similar, in not disclosing the merchant immediately (If it’s a consolidator). Travelgrove and Mobissimo are the more transparent with no user fees, as they display the merchants as well as pricing information. Furthermore, Travelgrove also allows users to select several other merchants in a supersearch fashion. So if people want to instead shop with a particular consolidator, they can choose this option as well instead of searching all at once. While this may not be as important with airfares and car rentals, the company believes that it will add great value for people looking for specific cruises and vacation packages.

The new travel meta searches offer a new and convenient way to search for travel related products. For the airlines they offer an entirely new and more efficient distribution channel.

The new structure let’s us believe that consolidators will be struggling because of this development. What will really happen is that the market will break into more segments. Travel products that can be classified as commodities for instance, such as airline tickets as well as car rentals, will be in the hands of these travel meta searches. All other products that will require somewhat more information and are not readily compareable, will most likely remain in the hands of consolidators and the providers.

The most successful travel meta search companies will not be the ones just finding low prices, as there will most likely not be a comparative advantage. The successors will be companies that can control search times and more importantly, they will be able to present the search results in the best fashion (mainly vacations, cruises and hotels). Look out for smaller players to see more innovative ways to create customer loyalty.

Anyhow, it’s a win win situation for most parties involved in the new search environment, as the development of these travel meta search engines will allow the market to further grow, and at the same time allow competitors to focus on more specific areas to be more profitable.

It will be interesting to see when the more conventional travel marketing companies will actually switch to the more user friendly model going away from the more profitable supersearch model and start focusing on usability again. One thing is certain, Yahoo bought FareChase and more similar acquisitions are going to follow suit.

Try Travelgrove’s travel meta search in action at


Bulgarian Technology Firms to be Showcased at The Gateway Summit 2004 at Stanford University; Event to be Webcast by Speedera Networks

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (PRWEB) November 25, 2004

More than 20 Bulgarian companies and 30 Bulgarian-owned businesses based in California will participate in the three-day ‘Gateway Summit 2004’, Bulgaria’s largest technology event in the U.S. The kick-off for this event will be a one-day conference held in the heart of the Silicon Valley, at Stanford University’s Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center in Palo Alto, California on Nov 29, 2004.

The second and third day of the BulgariaHiTech Summit will feature exclusive meetings with leading Silicon Valley companies. In addition, as part of the Bulgaria HiTech Tour in the United States, the Bulgarian delegation will have meetings with companies in Seattle and Washington, D. C. led by top Bulgarian Government representatives.

The Gateway Summit 2004, organized by BulgariaHiTech, with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Bulgarian Government, will allow participating companies and their CEOs to showcase their technology, services and products to financial and hi-tech companies, venture capitalists and angel investors. Bulgaria is participating in the Silicon Valley Summit with a 40-member delegation, led by Finance Minister Milen Velchev.

“This ground-breaking event and launch of the BulgariaHiTech Tour 2004/05 will demonstrate how Bulgarian resources can play a key role in creating a competitive advantage through the execution of new strategies in the U.S. and European markets,” said Vassil Mladjov, founder of BulgariaHiTech. “Our keynote speakers and panelists will discuss the benefits and challenges of doing business in Eastern Europe and demonstrate how U.S. firms can draw from this region to optimize business profits. We are proud to introduce Bulgaria’s new technology frontier in Eastern Europe to emerging and established Silicon Valley companies, and we look forward to bringing these business opportunities together.”

BulgariaHiTech expects more than 400 conference delegates at the one-day conference, with speakers representing Stanford University, Citigroup, Cisco, HP, Lazard, Sciant, BASSCOM and Mobissimo, as well as a number of hi-tech associations and key Bulgarian government officials.

The Gateway Summit 2004 will be webcast live from Stanford University, with the help of Speedera Networks’ SpeedSuite streaming services and its globally distributed delivery network. All sessions will be available for on-demand viewing after the conference. “Users who were not able to attend this exclusive conference in person will be able to watch it in its entirety from their desktops anywhere in the world.” said Ajit Gupta, president and CEO of Speedera Networks.

“BulgariaHiTech Summit is the first major exhibition and conference that has been devoted principally to the Bulgarian offshore outsourcing proposition and investment opportunities,” said Simeon Nestorov, Managing Director of BulgariaHiTech. “I think it will be immensely successful in raising the awareness in a professional way of consumers of outsourcing services, both in the Unite States and the European Union.”

“To show our commitment to the high-tech sector and to further promote foreign investment in Bulgaria, we are proud to announce the upcoming BulgariaHiTech Tour 2005 and the Sofia HiTech Summit, which are scheduled to take place in the spring of 2005 in Bulgaria,” added Mr. Mladjov. U.S., Asian and EU companies and investors will be able to meet and explore opportunities first hand during the Sofia HiTech Summit,”

Registration for the Gateway Summit 2004 at Stanford University is free.

To register and for additional information on The BulgariaHiTech Tour 2004/05, contact BulgariaHiTech at 415.420.2883 or visit

Vassil Mladjov





Expedia, Mobissimo, TravelZoo, HRS, Orbitz BTO 2009 II

“Will Merchant Models websites become Search Engines?” (II) Luis Anglada – EXPEDIA Chris Loughlin – TRAVELZOO Lucia Carniglia – MOBISSIMO Michael Simon HRS John Ryan – ORBITZ Modera: Tom Jenkins – ETOA European Tour Operators Association BTO – Buy Tourism Online Stazione Leopolda, a Firenze 16 e 17 Novembre 2009 DAY TWO, sessione pomeriggio
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Travel Search Engines Turn Up the Heat for Hotels

Dublin, Ireland (PRWEB) December 13, 2004

Travel search engines are a new development in Internet travel, and include Sidestep (, Yahoo’s Farechase ( and Mobissimo (, with AOL planning to launch its own travel search engine in 2005. They operate like referral services, searching the Internet for the lowest prices and receiving a commission for every sale they make.

The price transparency that travel search engines make possible puts additional price-pressure on hoteliers, who are already paying commissions on an increasing percentage of their bookings coming through online travel agents such as Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz.

“By using travel search engines, customers can now scan the lowest prices available for a particular city or hotel”, said Graham Caswell, CEO of Hotel Sales Online, an Internet marketing company specialising in the hotel industry. “The whole business model of travel search is to help the consumer find the lowest possible price, so this development can only increase price competition in the hotel industry”.

“Everybody wants the lowest possible price and its easy to compare hotel room prices, especially on the Internet”, said Caswell. “The problem is that every hotel is different, and offers different facilities, different levels of service and a different location. In order to emphasise these differences and avoid having their hotel rooms turned into commodities, hoteliers must communicate with the customer directly”, he said.

The Internet has revolutionized hotel marketing, as more and more hotel customers prefer to book online. However many hoteliers, particularly from individual hotels and small hotel groups, have found it difficult to connect with Internet customers directly and so rely on various travel intermediaries for an increasing percentage of their bookings.

About Hotel Sales Online:

Hotel Sales Online provides Internet marketing and consulting services for the hotel industry to enable hotels to increase the bookings that they receive directly from customers, through their own websites. Located near Dublin, Ireland, Hotel Sales Online also publishes an extensive website about all aspects of hotel Internet marketing.

Contact Information:

Graham Caswell

Hotel Sales Online

Tel: +353-402-31314

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mobissimo francetelevisions

Mobissimo débarque pour la première fois sur un portail français et pas n’importe lequel celui de France Télévisions via l’émission sur France 5 L’Echapée Belle
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Langmeier Backup: Remedy Against the Loss of Data

Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) August 4, 2006

Our daily lives and routines increasingly depend on information stored on computer our hard drives: Contracts and contacts, appointments, e-mails, spread sheets, presentations and digital photos. A total or partial loss of such information is equivalent to a major disaster for business users and increasingly, for home users too. The simple reason why such catastrophes happen is the lack of backups and if backups have been made they can be out of date or faulty. The Swiss data security developer Langmeier said: The launch of Backup 3.2 puts special emphasis on making routine backups easier and avoiding backup errors.

In cases of theft, fire or flooding insurance money will cover in most cases the purchase of replacement equipment, though usually not the cost associated with recovering the data. It is an often overlooked fact, that the data is much more valuable than the PC or hard drive. A virus or a defect on the hard disk can quickly cause havoc. In that case, recent versions of files may have been affected and earlier backup versions are required. That is why it is so important to run backups on a regular basis with history and version tracking. According to Langmeier Backup the software was developed with the objective to overcome barriers to running backups by making the routine simpler and automatic, running in the background and avoiding interruptions in the work routine on the PC or network. The backups can also be stored to any location on the computer, the network which Windows can recognize as a drive or to an ftp server over the internet, where the application can also apply 256Bit encryption. The backup data can be accessed at these locations at any time, using a file path resembling the original, which makes the backup files usable.

Any user who considers his or her data relevant should routinely run backups. The latest version 3.2 of Langmeier Backup has been launched on August 2nd, 2006. With this release the Swiss software developer gave the English language interface and services a mayor overhaul. A trial version of Langmeier Backup Software is ready for download, providing an opportunity to test the ease of use and range of practical features, positioning this software high up the league of professional backup applications. The Swiss founder Urs Langmeier said: It has never been as easy for a backup administrator to take care of the complete data backup security.”

Langmeier Backup 3.2 features:

Runs backups of Office documents in the background while they are open.

Langmeier Backup can backup files in the background, even when these are open in the Office-Application.

-Backup Email from Outlook and Outlook Express, as well as Internet Favourites.

The backup application supports all versions of Outlook from 97 to 2000, 2002, XP and 2003. In addition, the latest Outlook Express versions 4, 5 and 6 are also being supported.

Modern, easy to understand, graphic user interface in the familiar Windows XP appearance.

The “Clean-up” feature helps freeing up space.

Backing up to FTP-Servers as well as to a network location.

Langmeier Backup does not interrupt the user.

With the backup technology used, work on the computer can continue interrupted, while a backup is running in the background. Langmeier Backup uses the least resources necessary, so that users can continue working without interruption and at the same path – even when large volumes of data are involved.

100% NTFS-compatible data backup.

File extensions and properties will be backed up, including the file security settings.

Data backup with history and version tracking.

Access older versions of any backup file at anytime. Set-up a history or version logging for any individual file and/or file type.

Data backup online with 256Bit encryption and Zip-compression.

Langmeier Backup can backup files over the internet, using 256Bit-encryption technology and Zip-compression.

Langmeier Backup shows which files have been backed up.

After each backup it can be checked and verified which files have been secured.

Backup to external hard disks, Zip-drives, network locations, ftp-server and most other types of data media.

Central Backup for company networks.

Langmeier Backup can backup workstations on a company network to a central location (requires network license).

When creating shortcuts to the backup commands a double click on the shortcut suffices to start the backup. The computer can be used normally, while the data is being backed up in the background.

An unlimited number of backup orders can be processed for different dates, intervals in manual or automatic form.

Files and folders can be inserted into the backup through drag and drop.

Try before you buy

Langmeier Backup 3.2 is available as a free 30 day trial version (3.4 MB) from A full version single user license costs $ 56.- / 42. The program runs on all versions of Windows from Windows 95 to XP/2003.

Press Release text:

Contact Information:

Langmeier Software, Urs Langmeier, Rosenhof 4, CH-8808 Pf

Mobissimo First Travel Search Engine to Include Private Jets

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 31, 2007

Mobissimo, Inc., the world’s most comprehensive travel search engine, and BusinessJet Class, the first marketing and automated distribution system for private charter jets, announced today that consumers will now be able to search for discounted private jet rates directly on is the first, and only travel search engine to search and display private charter jet rates.

BusinessJet Class has launched early January, a direct-to-consumer version of its travel agent web site at delivers to consumers everything they need for researching, planning, and booking private charters online.

Private air travel solutions complement scheduled airline service in many unique ways. says Peter S. Shin, VP of Business Development at Mobissimo. Private aircraft reach far more destinations, with more departure options than commercial airlines. More importantly, private jet rates are not that much more expensive than first class travel.

Pricing on is very competitive considering the importance we place on high ranking safety standards and world class customer service levels, says George J. Khairallah, President of BusinessJet Class. We are offering steep advance purchase discounts to encourage vacationers to consider private air-transportation. Our listings on Mobissimo will show travelers that private jet travel is affordable and time effective.

This is the only web site where you can actually process the entire booking on-line. It is designed to emulate a standard travel website. The process is identical to booking an airline seat, except in this case you’re booking your own aircraft. said Khairallah.

“The Mobissimo/PrivateJetSpecialist partnership will provide direct access to a broad world-wide selection of private air travel solutions. On Mobissimo, the display is integrated with other travel options to help our users search and compare private charter options with airline options directly.” said Peter S. Shin.

About Mobissimo

In Italian, Mobissimo means the ultimate in mobility. For consumers, Mobissimo is the ultimate travel search tool because it improves the way people discover travel information, saving time and money. Mobissimo simultaneously searches 173 different travel sites in 30 countries and five continents, including major global airlines like American Airlines and Singapore Airlines, low-cost carriers like Jet Blue and EasyJet, major travel sites like Orbitz, eBookers, and Opodo, and hotel/car rental sites, to find the best fares and rates online. Travelers from 188 different countries take advantage of Mobissimo’s powerful Travel 2.0 search tools including OneBox natural language search, PowerSearch for multiple city searches, MobiCombo for dynamic ticket combinations, and ActivitySearch for theme-based travel planning. Launched in 2004, Mobissimo continues to be the leading travel search innovator. Mobissimo ( specializes in international travel search and is the only travel search engine with operations on three continents. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California and is privately held.

About BusinessJet Class:

Headquartered in New York, BusinessJet Class is an IT solutions provider and distribution enabler for the private jet charter industry. The company mission is to promote General Aviation as a private air-transportation alternative by integrating the distribution of the private charter product into mainstream travel distribution. The company launched its travel agent distribution system in September 2004 and enjoyed exponential growth over the last 2+ years. The Private Jet Specialist web site was launched early January 2007.