System loads Web pages 34 percent faster by fetching files more effectively

System loads Web pages 34 percent faster by fetching files more effectively
When you visit one city, you sometimes discover more cities you have to visit before going home. If someone gave you the entire list of cities ahead of time, you could plan the fastest possible route. Without the list, though, you have to discover new …
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March Madness Malware: All Top 10 US Sports Sites Serve Up Risk
With March Madness in full swing and the Sweet Sixteen kicking off, there's some bad news for basketball fans: most of the Top 10 US sport sites have been found to have vulnerabilities, and are serving active code from risky background sites. Menlo …
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If You Are On A Train And Don't Have Cash, Even Suresh Prabhu Can't Help You!
Next time when you plan a long journey by Indian Railways remember you can tweet to Suresh Prabhu for help on everything from overpriced water to dirty windows and hungry orphans, you can't however, get the railway services to accept your card! He can …

'Thousands of popular sites' at risk of Drown hack attacks

'Thousands of popular sites' at risk of Drown hack attacks
In practice, older email servers would be more likely to have this problem than the newer computers typically used to power websites. But many organisations reuse encryption certificates and keys between the two sets of servers. The researchers dubbed …
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UK Internet Providers Expand Pirate Site Blockades
After a series of High Court orders obtained since 2012, six of the UK's major ISPs are required to block access to dozens of the world's most popular 'pirate' sites. Over the past several years the number of blocked domains has expanded to well over 1 …
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Consumers finding trust in hotels websites over other sources says study
It also picks up on some interesting trends around how many sites consumers visit – it's not the more than 20 sites often cited from Google research. According to Fuel, it's 10 or fewer, but on average between four and six. There's also some …
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Why are some of the ugliest sites on the Web also the most popular?

Why are some of the ugliest sites on the Web also the most popular?
If you've been on the Web in the past decade, you'll likely have visited Reddit, Craigslist, Wikipedia, 4Chan, Hacker News, or The Drudge Report at some point. While these sites are all vastly different, they have two things in common: they're all …
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What is the Dark Web?
But it is possible for any users to access these sites. The most popular way to visit them is by using Tor. It is an anonymity-based Web browser that hides your identity and location. Through Tor's different layers of encryption websites on the Dark …
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'Ux Timeline' Shows What Popular Websites Used To Look Like Way Back In The Day
… has undergone huge changes during the course of its existence, it's still possible to find out what old websites used to look like — and Ux Timeline, created by Jacinthe Busson, makes it easier than ever to track the changes to some of the most …
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New Windows 10 preview embellishes Edge, but is a risky build for PC gamers

New Windows 10 preview embellishes Edge, but is a risky build for PC gamers
This enables you to right-click on the back or forward buttons, whereupon a menu pops up containing your most recently visited sites, enabling you to choose a specific website from that list and quickly return there. Apparently this was a much …
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Microsoft HoloLens Beat All VR Headsets in Traffic, Interest garnered 52.5% of its 2015 traffic from search, which accounted for only about 70,000 visits. Since Sony PlayStation VR and Samsung Gear VR don't have separate dedicated virtual reality websites, SimilarWeb examined virtual reality related …
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Are your photos being copied from social media and used elsewhere?
… emerged of videos and pictures being taken here in Ireland and uploaded on to pornographic website 'xHamster' which has more people logging on every day than both the BBC and CNN and is listed in the top 100 of the world's most popular websites.
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Netaji suffered deep cut on head, burn injuries in plane crash: UK website's

Netaji suffered deep cut on head, burn injuries in plane crash: UK website's
New Delhi: Over the past few days a UK-based website – – has released a series of witness statements seeking to solve the controversy over the death of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. The website claims that its 25 years of investigation …
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Click Bait
Indeed, more than 60 percent of the 10 million most popular websites use Web analytics, according to a 2014 survey. (This high use rate is partly explained by the fact that some powerful tools such as Google Analytics are free.) Even so, the few …
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Your kid is on Be afraid, very afraid
The Pew survey of parents of 13-to-17-year-olds found that, despite the urging from experts, only 61 per cent of parents have ever checked which websites their teen visited; only 60 per cent have ever checked their teen's social-media profile; 39 per …
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The World Comes to a Standstill as Twitter Goes Down

The World Comes to a Standstill as Twitter Goes Down
Now an integral part of all of our lives Twitter undeniably plays a huge role in our day-to-day activities, with modern society being all about connectivity. For this reason the world understandably went into meltdown when Twitter, one of the top most …
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You say advertising, I say block that malware
What should the websites do? The ad networks clearly don't have a handle on this at all, giving us one more reason to use ad blockers. They're practically the most popular malware delivery systems on Earth, and they're making the websites they do …
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IPTC: Many Social Media Sites Still Remove Image Rights Information From Photos
/ — Important image metadata is not retained in images after upload to some of the most popular social media sites, according to a study by the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC). The missing data includes key …
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Meet The Queen Of Imgur, The Image-Sharing Site That's Half The Size Of Twitter

Meet The Queen Of Imgur, The Image-Sharing Site That's Half The Size Of Twitter
Imgur has become the most popular site for millennial males, according to ComScore and one of the top-20 most visited sites in the U.S. Over the summer, Imgur's in-house advertising team sold its first promoted posts, native ads meant to look like the …
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Malvertising: Three Things You Need To Know
Of the three practices, “malvertising” – the practice by which malware is delivered to computers or to networks of computers through fake online ads – is the most public-facing menace. (The portmanteau is … So are widely-trafficked, popular websites …
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The most popular book at the UN library is a bit worrying
The UN Library is home to lots of worthy books and journals but the most popular book of 2015? Well, it takes some … be as it seems. After realising that people were somewhat aghast at the title of “most popular” book, the UN clarified exactly what …
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As one of the largest European piracy streaming sites and one of the 50 most visited websites in Germany, was the biggest fish. However, despite the massive police response the two main operators are still on the run today while the site …
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Tourists throng attraction sites
Among the most visited sites was the Castle Lodge Hotel in the Kamweti section of Mt Kenya Forest where the visitors were able to view various wild animals at close range. White Waters on the Sagana River, which offers water sports like canoeing and …
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Powder play in Korea

Powder play in Korea
Popular among those in their 20s and relatively close to Seoul at around 45 minutes by shuttle bus, Daemyung Vivaldi Park Ski World is one of the most visited resorts in Korea, though don't let the prospect of crowds scare you away; it is known to have …
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"I Felt Set Up": Why More Women Seeking Abortions Are Ending Up at Anti
Alison had visited the Pregnancy Decision center multiple times during her first two pregnancies, when kindly staff had given her referrals to aid agencies and a basket of baby clothes. She hadn't received any indication the center was an anti-abortion …

Don't blame Marissa Mayer: Nobody was going to save Yahoo
If I asked you to name the most-popular websites in the world, you might mention Google, Facebook and Amazon. In another part of the world, candidates might include Tencent, China's social networking phenomenon; and Baidu, its incumbent search engine.

Christian refugees face difficulties, hide religion in Turkey

Christian refugees face difficulties, hide religion in Turkey
Around 45,000 Armenians, Syriacs and Chaldean Christians who fled to Turkey have applied to the United Nations to be able to go on to the U.S., Canada or Austria and have been granted residency in Turkey until 2023. Most now live in small Anatolian …
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'Dear Santa' websites allow kids to send wish lists via e-mail
Today's kids are more tech-savvy than ever. Thanks to technology, they can send their Christmas wish list directly to Santa via email. Dozens of website domain names have been registered in the name of 'Santa Claus.' One of the most popular websites is …
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How to do Eighties party fashion without looking like a disco ball
Catwalk designers, once again, revived the decade for the whole of the autumn/winter 15 season – and there's no better time to embrace the look than right now, when you can go wild with sequins and Quality Street-inspired colour. Lurex, sparkle …