The Old School Game Vault Announces a New Twist in Blogging

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 07, 2013

The Old School Game Vault has put together an entertaining blog to enhance customer awareness on how to sell used games online, find video game reviews, and also provide video game news all in one place.

Creating a blog just makes perfect sense to help educate our customers and creating an interactive blog dedicated to my love of video games, said Perton. With the news that the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 video game consoles should be released around December 2013 many gamers have expressed a variety of thoughts about the pros and cons to the new video game consoles including grumblings by gamers already not wanting to purchase the Xbox One. The main factor is the used game market for this console. Microsoft has already said if you wish to play a used game on the Xbox One, customers will have to pay a fee to activate the game thru Xbox Live. A few gamers are wondering if these two new consoles having such huge processors will be able to ventilate the heat drawn that these consoles will produce?

The blog covers subjects about online gaming; one example is Why Online Gaming is Good for the Kids. Online gaming is relatively new and not all parents will be aware of what it really is. Many of the skills used in online gaming are used every day in the real world. Playing these games can benefit kids who are still developing important interpersonal and socializing skills.

Video game console reviews are very informative. Buying a new gaming device is always exciting but overwhelming when the purchaser figures out all the accessories needed to play the console are not included. Educating customers before purchasing that new video game console ensures everyone knows the facts and avoids any unpleasant surprises, said Perton.

The blog also contains informative topics about how to use The Old School Game Vaults Sell Video Games service, as well as how to navigate thru their website. With close to 15,000 prices on their website, finding a price for selling video games should be easy. Every game from ColecoVision to Wii U is listed in alphabetical order. A simple and easy website to navigate is the key when you have lots of games or a collection to sell.

Video game reviews are very helpful to aid in decisions whether to purchase a particular game. The blog contains reviews for The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword and newer game titles such as BioShock Infinite” gameplay overview. While the gameplay itself is capable of elevating BioShock Infinite to hall-of-fame status, since this is a BioShock game, returning players will be expecting a similarly mind-boggling twist. With its complex story, memorable characters and gorgeous visuals, BioShock Infinite is one of the best first-person shooters of all time.

The Old School Game Vault is also into the iPod market. The blog focuses on material on deciding which iPod to buy, discussions about the best apps that should be used on the iPod or iPhone. Knowing the variety of applications offered in the Appstore will help you get its full value out of the device, said Perton.

Its amazing how the iPod touch has impacted every day life for many. The world has been in awe of the iPod touch, since it was one of the first touch screen MP3 players. The iPod touch truly is more than an iPod; it provides users with the basic iPod functionalities, and endless entertainment through a variety of mediums. The iPod touch is an easy way to communicate with others, and has a plethora of resourceful applications.

About: The Old School Game Vault which is located in Chicago, IL just a few blocks south of Wrigley field. The company was founded in 2007, with the ambition to give its customers a fast, fair, and reliable source to sell video games online at. The Old School Game Vault which is registered with all local, state and federal governments with an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Sell iPod Classics and Join App Revolution says Gadget Panda, as App Store Marks 50 Billion Sales

(PRWEB UK) 7 June 2013

Tech recycling firm Gadget Panda is encouraging people with Apple products that pre-date the App Store to sell iPod forebears now, and upgrade to new devices that use apps, as Apple celebrates the 50 billionth download from its App Store (

Since the App Store opened in July 2008, more than 850,000 apps have been made available for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad owners to purchase or download for free.

But older Apple models, like the iPod Classic model, are not compatible with the App Store, and cant use apps.

People who want to sell iPod Classics can send their device to Gadget Panda and get money towards an upgrade. Gadget Panda recycles old devices so they dont end up in waste landfill.

Gadget Panda spokesman, Leonard Stumke, said: Apples sales landmark has brought home just how much we rely on apps for entertainment, shopping, getting work done and loads more day-to-day activities.

But it also shows how much iPod Classic users are missing out on.

The iPod Classic is an iconic piece of technology, and when it launched more than ten years ago, the ability to carry your entire music collection around in your pocket was truly revolutionary.

But with more than 850,000 apps available, and not a single one accessible to iPod Classic owners, it feels like the standalone MP3 player might have had its day.

Apple launched its latest iPod, the fifth-generation iPod Touch, last October (2012).

As well as playing MP3s like the iPod Classic, the Touch has Wi-Fi Internet access, so users can download apps on the go.

It also has a four-inch widescreen Retina display, Multi-Touch IPS technology, and 512MB of memory.

With an iPod Touch, you get all the important features of an iPod Classic, but with Internet connectivity and access to thousands of fun and useful apps from the App Store, Leonard said.

Now is the perfect time to sell iPod pensioners, and get a modern iPod Touch to see what youve been missing.

But rather than chucking your iPod away and contributing to the e-waste problem, or leaving the gadget gathering dust in a draw, you can sell your iPod Classic, Nano and Shuffle models to us.

Youll receive a cash payment, and well recycle the iPod.

As well as allowing users to sell iPods, Gadget Panda accepts other Apple products, such as iPhones and iPads.

The firm also offers cash for smartphones from Samsung, HTC and BlackBerry, as well as Amazon Kindles, Sony PSP handheld consoles, and a host of other gadgets.

For more information about Gadget Panda, visit:

Add Your Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, iTunes, Pinterest and LinkedIn Accounts to The BEAT100 New User Profile Page

(PRWEB) June 07, 2013

After months of preparation and development, the new BEAT100 profile page is finally here for BEAT100 members to utilise and enjoy! The profile page has just been launched and is jam packed with several great new features and ways for musicians to present their music and videos, along with an easier way to connect and socialise with fans and friends.

The aim of the profile page is for users to have easier access to their chart and network music videos, photos, events and friends; therefore, BEAT100 have included a tab at the top of the page, which allows users to do this easily and efficiently. With each users information down the left-hand side of the page, others will be able to quickly read the essentials, as well as find links to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages. The page also includes statistics, meaning musicians can track their music videos progress with ease.

A brand new feature that has been included in the new profile page is the audio player. After plenty of feedbacks from BEAT100 users, it was clear that audio is an essential to musicians progress and growth, due to the time and money that goes into making a video; therefore, BEAT100 have decided to incorporate both. Artists and bands will be able to upload their mp3s to their profile, in order for other BEAT100 users to download/buy the track, plus watch all their videos in one place. This essentially incorporates everything you can do on Soundcloud, YouTube and Facebook, without the hassle of sharing several links to get music and videos out there.

The profile features a new, slick design, with a grey, white and blue colour scheme that is easy on the eyes and users can also create their own personal URL, making it easier to share the page with their friends and fans. Users are able to upload a cover photo, create albums and keep everyone up to date with shows, photos and news, so why not make it easier and give fans access to everything in one place?

Sign up to become a part of BEAT100 and gain access to a personal profile page, enter the music video chart and gain fans today.


By Kelly Donovan

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Not anymore. Just look around. Or attend The Second Annual Crooked Road Youth Music Festival at Heartwood on May 11 in Abingdon. A whopping 15 bands will alight two stages with bluegrass and acoustic Appalachian music in a smorgasbord of sound.

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Best Satellite Internet Providers in 2013 Ranked by

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) May 28, 2013, the independent satellite TV and Internet reviews site recently finished conducting their reviews of the best satellite Internet providers in the nation. The staff looks at several factors when ranking satellite Internet providers. This includes their customer service record, available packages, monthly cost and download and upload speeds to name a few.

The most important decision a consumer has when selecting a satellite Internet service is choosing a plan that offers speeds and bandwidth conducive to their Internet usage. The download speeds are more than adequate for any user even on the lowest plans, however the monthly allowed bandwidth should be looked at a little closer. To put this in easy to understand terms a 20GB per month bandwidth plan is the equivalent of downloading 5,000 songs in MP3 format. The majority of consumers will not come close to ever reaching these limits.

According to Adam Matthews, from, Satellite Internet has drastically improved over the years. Now satellite providers are able to product speeds matching DSL and cable providers. Residents living in areas where the Internet options are few, now have a great alternative to high-speed Internet services with satellite.

The best satellite Internet provider in 2013 is HughesNet. HughesNet provides their customers with free standard installation of their latest Gen4 product that is capable of producing speeds upwards of 15Mbps. To view the plans and see how they compare to the competition, please visit online at:

About is the go to satellite Internet reviews website that offer independent and unbiased reviews of the leading satellite TV and satellite Internet providers. The plans and packages along with the features and options of each satellite provider are outlined and compared on the website. Consumers who are in the market for satellite rely on the reviews at

mp3 Experiment – ImprovAZ – Set

mp3 Experiment – ImprovAZ – Set

Image by sheiladeeisme
On December 12, ImprovAZ executed the mp3 Experiment. Participants downloaded an audio file which told them what to do for roughly 20 mins. at 2p in Tempe, AZ. Participants met, skipped, drew their bows, died, blew bubbles, and high fived through Tempe’s Mill Ave. Roughly 100 "agents" participated.