International Conference on Nonlinear Quantum Dynamics Oslo

International Conference on Nonlinear Quantum Dynamics Oslo
Event on 2013-07-22 00:00:00
International Conference on Nonlinear Quantum Dynamics Oslo is going to be held in Oslo, Norway for two consecutive days. This conference will consist of discussion panel, papers, short courses, posters presentation and abstracts. Masses from all over the world will join this conference.
Possible topics that will be raised for discussion in International Conference on Nonlinear Quantum Dynamics Oslo are condensed matter physics, quantum, atomic and nuclear physics, chaos and nonlinear dynamics, materials science and engineering, crystallography, nanoscience and nanotechnology, optical physics, quantum electronics and photonics, engineering and industrial physics, instrumentation metrology and standards, semiconductors physics and devices. Information received from the conference will be beneficial for the participants.

at Scandic KNA Hotel

Oslo, Norway

ISI Announces Availability of Strategic Insight in Partnership with WinterGreen Research, Inc. and the GreenWay Collaborative

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) April 29, 2013

Infrastructure Solutions, Inc. (ISI,) WinterGreen Research, Inc., and the GreenWay Collaborative together announce the immediate availability of Strategic Insight, analytical data center planning and operating cost reduction resources. Strategic Insight provides real-time scientific assessment and planning resources to data center managers that will help them drive down ongoing operating costs by minimizing inefficiencies in IT resources and energy consumption as compared to industry best practices.

Strategic Insight is a highly automated service designed to give data center management insight into the current status of their IT infrastructure as compared to industry best practices, based on hundreds of clients and industry studies. This powerful IT analysis and review combines:

Snapshots comprehensive inventory of IT systems over physical, virtual, cloud, or a combination of these platforms

ISISCons in-depth platform configuration analysis

Wintergreens Spider Chart IT health summary comparison against industry best practices

Wintergreens Server Heatmaps

Greenways on-going data center analytics with over 100 data points

Key strategic recommendations for cost savings and energy savings are provided for seven industry standard workload types. These actionable recommendations include server consolidation; main frame utilization; power savings; personnel savings; improved hardware utilization; reduced software costs; better storage; vendor analysis; and ROI. Industry best practices show that these cost savings and energy savings are between 10 -80 percent of costs, depending on IT system component and can save companies, depending on size, from tens of thousands to millions of dollars.

Using Strategic Insight is designed to be an on-going process, as opposed to a traditional once a year IT benchmark, to provide a more accurate picture of data center health and more frequent cost savings opportunities, since IT workloads and business priorities evolve over time.

We believe that Strategic Insights resulting plans for reducing data center and energy consumption inefficiencies, compared against industry best practices, will surpass anything data center operators can get today , said Willard (Bill) Cecchi, President of ISI. Strategic Insight is designed to provide data center managers with resources to better manage their infrastructure and energy use over time to save more money.

Snapshot has been used to help public and private clientsacross a wide range of industrieswith IT security and performance optimization. To learn more about ISIs Snapshot software or to request a demo, visit

About Infrastructure Solutions, Inc. (ISI)

Infrastructure Solutions, Inc. (ISI) is based in St. Paul, Minnesota and has been providing leading software solutions to enterprise IT organizations worldwide through distinguished international channel partners, including IBM and Cisco Systems, Inc. ISI products help organizations manage IT security and performance optimization. For more information, visit

About WinterGreen Research, Inc.

The principals of WinterGreen Research have been involved in analysis and forecasting of international business opportunities in telecommunications and advanced computer technology markets for over 30 years. Founded in 1985, WinterGreen Research provides strategic market assessments of the internet, software, hardware, telecommunications, security, nanotechnology, healthcare, energy, and pharmaceutical industries. For more information, visit


CNSE Welcomes Record Number of Students, Majority of Whom are New

CNSE Welcomes Record Number of Students, Majority of Whom are New
"These students will spend the summer engaged in unparalleled nanotechnology-based education and research at CNSE, underscoring New York's reputation as a hub for developing our nation's best and brightest young scientists and engineers." Chosen …
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Nanotechnology in Victoria, Australia: Market Report
Have we missed you? Are you a company, organisation or research group operating in this region and feel you warrant inclusion on this page? Also please feel free to help us keep this page up to date with the latest news or research from your …

Rushford event celebrates nanotechnology
RUSHFORD — It's the reason baseballs come off bats with a resounding crack, why dress shirts can be wrinkle-free and how doctors can treat breast cancer without invasive procedures: nanotechnology. Alice Zimmer, a board member of Rushford Institute …
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4th International Conference on Pervasive and Embedded Computing and Communications Systems – PECCS 2014

4th International Conference on Pervasive and Embedded Computing and Communications Systems – PECCS 2014
Event on 2014-01-07 00:00:00
Pervasive and embedded computing and communication is a paradigm that aims at providing trustworthy computing solutions and communication services all the time and everywhere. This entails the need for an interdisciplinary field of R&D that combines signal processing with computer hardware and software technologies, and utilizes and integrates pervasive, wireless, embedded, wearable and/or mobile systems. Applications range from ambient intelligence to ubiquitous multimedia, multidimensional signal processing, sensors, robotics, integrated communication systems and nanotechnologies. PECCS will bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the theory and applications in these areas.
Conference Areas:
Each of these topic areas is expanded below but the sub-topics list is not exhaustive. Papers may address one or more of the listed sub-topics, although authors should not feel limited by them. Unlisted but related sub-topics are also acceptable, provided they fit in one of the following main topic areas:

at SANA Lisboa Hotel
Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 8
Lisbon, Portugal

Nanotechnology in Virology Featured in Global Antiviral Therapeutics Report

Nanotechnology in Virology Featured in Global Antiviral Therapeutics Report
Research and Markets has announced the addition of Jain PharmaBiotech's new report "Antiviral Therapeutics – Technologies, Markets and Companies" to their offering. This report reviews the current state-of-art of antiviral approaches including vaccines …

Power Grab Trumps Nanotechnology in Putin's Russia
They involved multibillion-dollar government investments, the first in nanotechnology and the second in a new city that would become Russia's answer to Silicon Valley. They were supposed to provide the infrastructure and stability required to attract …
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Hair sensor uncovers hidden signals
The study was conducted by the Transducers Science and Technology group, which is part of the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology at the University of Twente. It is being carried out in the context of BioEARS (Prof. Gijs Krijnen's VICI project), with …
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International Conference on Biotechnology and Nanotechnology Malaga

International Conference on Biotechnology and Nanotechnology Malaga
Event on 2013-11-28 00:00:00
International Conference on Biotechnology and Nanotechnology Malaga will be hosted for two days in Malaga, Spai. This conference will specially focus on the advances made advances made in the field of biotechnology and nanotechnology. Renowned speakers holding commendable designation will show their guest appearance in the conference.
Some of the major topics that will be emphasized in International Conference on Biotechnology and Nanotechnology Malaga are medical and biological devices, biosensors and molecular diagnostics, drug screning and pharmaceutical synthesis, nanoparticle delivery, supramolecular and polymeric delivery systems, biocatalysis, organocatalysis and nanobiotechnology, nanofabricated and nano patterned surfaces, protein structure prediction and molecular simulation, molecular evolution and phylogeny, functional genomics, proteomics and drug discovery.

at AC Hotel Malaga Palacio

Málaga, Spain