Top Bloggers Choose Their Dream De Beers Diamond Engagement Rings

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 12, 2012

Five international bloggers were invited to De Beers stores in London and New York earlier this month to play out every girls dream for the day and pick out their perfect De Beers engagement ring for when that special moment arrives. The bloggers were delighted to admire the beautiful De Beers collections and select their dream engagement rings.

Emily Johnston of Fashion Foie Gras was in awe of the De Beers magnificent carat weights and selected a wondrous 5-carat DB Classic Simple Shank ring, allowing the diamond to take all of the focus with a simple yet elegant setting. Writing on her blog, Emily said: We were playing a little game called pick out your dream engagement ring and I asked for the biggest one that De Beers had on the counter!

Hedvig Opshaug of The Northern Light also went for a DB Classic Simple Shank, selecting a more understated look with a 0.7-carat diamond solitaire to complement her timeless, effortless contemporary style.

Peony Lim of Peony Lim matched her unique sense of style to the unique character of De Beers fancy cuts with an Asscher-cut Aura Pav

City Bike Developer Linus Bike Wishes the Children of the Northern Lights Charity a Happy Christmas after a Successful Cycling Fundraiser

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) December 10, 2012

On December 10, Linus Bike, in an effort to promote a charitable organization, wishes the Northern Lights Charity a Happy Christmas after cyclists rode 2,235 miles from Neston to Lapland to raise funds for seriously ill children.

Northern Lights, a Wirral based charity, has been fundraising to send seriously ill children between the ages of six and eleven years old to Lapland since 1987, reports Wirral News. According to article, Each year the children visit Lapland for five days meeting Father Christmas himself, riding with husky dogs and visiting reindeer’s.

Wirral News reported that 111 riders took place in the event pedaling on the specially designed turbo trainers, their own bikes and some took it in turn the ride the miles away on an exercise bike. The final mileage of the ride was a record breaking 3,033 miles traveled and [$ 4525] was raised for the Northern Lights Charity reported the article.

According to the article, Karen Jones, Chairman of the Northern Lights Charity stated, Thanks to all the volunteers who gave their time to collect money in buckets during a very cold November weekend.

Of the riders, according to Wirral News, Graeme Cummings rode 102 miles on Friday November 23 and Beth Maggs rode 110 miles on Sunday, November 25.

Linus Bike sales representative Jason Latty comments on the cycling event as a holiday miracle. There are not many opportunities for people to gather under one banner and give back to those in need. While most of us will send a check or drop a couple of quarters into a bucket, these cyclists came together and rode over 3,000 miles to give children a moment of laughter and holiday bliss. Latty adds, Not everyone has to believe in Santa to believe that holiday miracles are real and can come true for the less fortunate.

Linus Bike is a California-based bicycle manufacturer that specializes in creating vintage style city bikes and commuter bikes. Not simply a bicycle company, Linus Bike sells a complete line of accessories for the environmentally conscious and for those who have a fondness for European style bicycles and the great tradition of European cycling.


Lonely Planet Announces Top 10 US Destinations for 2013

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) December 05, 2012

Lonely Planet, the world’s #1 guidebook publisher, has released its list of the Top US Destinations for 2013. Lonely Planets Top 10 US Destinations for 2013 was selected and ranked by the companys team of US-based editors (Oakland, CA) and expert authors. It features locations all over the map that are either emerging or up-and-coming, or perennial favorites that have a new and timely angle that make them prime for visiting in 2013. Once-in-a-lifetime northern lights, new top-tier museums, moose trails, Polynesian paradise, and barrels of bourbon are some of the elements that make these destinations amongst the top 10 places Lonely Planet thinks travelers should add to their wish lists for the year ahead.

Lonely Planets Top 10 US Destinations for 2013:

1.Louisville, Kentucky

Is Louisvilles lively, offbeat cultural scene quickly on the verge of making it the new Portland? It would seem so, what with old warehouses-turned local breweries, antique shops, and the citys coolest restaurants in NuLu or New Louisville in the East Market District; hipster shops and bars on Bardstown Rd in the Highlands; and the new wave of microdistilleries that serve as the jump-off for the Bourbon Trail. And then, of course, theres the Kentucky Derby.

2.Fairbanks, Alaska

If you havent seen aurora borealis (aka the northern lights), get to Fairbanks. 2013 marks the end of a fiery 11-year-cycle, when sunspots are particularly feisty, making for a big show in the sky for locals and visitors 240 nights next year. Go starting in late summer, when the daylight isnt too strong. On the ground, curious foodies can sample traditional Athabascan cuisine at Taste of Alaska at the Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center, or take part in a unique pub crawl, The Great Fairbanks Pub Paddle.

3.San Juan Islands, Washington

Called the gourmet archipelago by Lonely Planet author Brendan Sainsbury, these Pacific Northwest islands have 250 days of sunshine and are entirely self-sufficient when it comes to food. Explore the beaches and scenery by bike, but be sure to eat throughout your visit. San Juan Islands are filled with fresh, fresh food, with local artichokes and marionberries from farmers markets, seafood plates of oysters, razor clams, and freshly caught salmon, and foraged edibles like seaweed and elderflowers.

4.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Forget the cheesesteaks and tri-corner hats. Philadelphia is becoming known as an art capital. In addition to the world-renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art, the formerly remote Barnes Foundation a once private collection of Matisse, Renoir, and C

Wooden Hot Tub Manufacure is awarded Top 10 Hot Tub for 2012

Winnipeg, MB (PRWEB) November 12, 2012

Wooden hot tub manufacture Northern Lights Cedar Tubs Inc. receives the industries Top 10 Hot Tub Award for 2012. This marks the 1st time a Wood Hot Tub Manufacture has received this prestigious award that is issued by Pool & Spa Publications. This award is based on various sources of information that are gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. Polling data was derived from various third-party consumer & industry surveys, as well as input from many of their own in-house editors and CSA’s.

Northern Lights Cedar Tubs manufactures barrel cooperage hot tubs made from western red cedar. These tubs come equipped with modern amenities such as Hydro therapy jets, LED lighting, and a variety of popular heating methods including a wood fired hot tub heating option.

The wooden hot tub manufacture offers multiple hot tub sizes ranging from their popular small 2-person Japanese soaking tub called an Ofuro, to their large 10 person round wood hot tub. They also offer a unique Hydro Therapy Tub that is a large 7 diameter and 5 deep. President Dan Jung, comments that this unique tub design was made for those that need to do exercise or aqua aerobics. This tub contains only a small step in seat, leaving the rest of this giant wooden tub with open space to move around.

The wood hot tubs are distributed in an easy to assemble kit format. This allows the tubs to be installed in places that a standard plastic molded spa cannot be placed such as upstairs, and in back yards with existing fences. The modular hot tub kits are quick to assemble and give the owner a sense of pride and ownership says President Dan Jung.

The company has been making wooden hot tubs for over 15 years and says that over

The Boob Tour: Laughing toward a cure

The Boob Tour: Laughing toward a cure
North Whatcom County Relay for Life (NWCRL) and the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds are bringing a dynamic show to Whatcom county. The Boob Tour was started in 2007 by James Uloth who sold shirts and bumper stickers to raise awareness about …
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Whiskey A-Go-Go supports Habitat for Humanity
The state of Washington is filled to the brim with small craft distilleries. From Lynden to Spokane and back again, these niche operations have cropped up with their own unique takes on whiskey. The Whiskey A-Go-Go event, hosted by Whiz-Bang Events on …
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Anacortes soccer leaves Blaine in the dust, wins 7-1
Through more than half of a home soccer game against 2A Anacortes, Blaine matched the larger team stride for stride, keeping within one goal well into the second half. Fatigue due to lack of substitutes proved to be Blaine's Achilles' heel, as …
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Since their inception, Grammy-winning alternative band Deftones have quietly been pursuing two paths, delivering songs defined by churning, double-fisted aggression while also quietly testing the boundaries of music by incorporating elements of psychedelia and shoegaze. Their platinum-certified, Billboard chart-topping 2000 album White Pony earned raves for blending the moodiness of bands like the Cure and Slowdive, but the group has only gotten more experimental since then, evincing a clear restlessness with convention and repetition. Picking up where 2010's lauded Diamond Eyes left off, the group's seventh album, Koi No Yokan is their boldest yet. Both ferociously melodic and dizzyingly expansive, the album moves from pensive to pulverizing – often in the space of a single song.

"I think one of the things we were really conscious of was making sure the songs had real dynamics," says front man Chino Moreno. "I love Stephen [Carpenter]'s aggressive, chunky guitar riffs, but we always wanted there to be that kind of yin and yang in the songs – that push and pull between heaviness and beauty."

That tension is evident in songs like first single “Tempest,” which opens with a tense, pulsing guitar and hushed vocal from Moreno before it's swept away beneath great black waves of guitar. Its chorus is ominous and otherworldly, Moreno darkly prophesying about an "ancient arrival" against thunder clapping riffs. "When we started the record, we were all joking a little bit about the Mayan prophecy about the end of the world coming in December of 2012, and I some of that filtered into this song, kind of dealing with those ideas a little bit." Street track "Leathers" also volleys between two extremes, opening with a storm of falling-anvil guitars before gliding into a gorgeous, high-arcing chorus.

For Koi No Yokan, the group reunited with producer Nick Raskulinecz who also worked on Diamond Eyes. As they did for that record, the band set a rigorous daily work schedule. "We kind of adopted this new way of doing things, where we'd have a 7 or 8 hour work day instead of just working on things a piece at a time," drummer Abe Cunningham said, "It enabled us to be a lot more efficient." Moreno agrees. "In the past, one of us would write something, record it, and then weeks — or even months — later, someone else would come along and add to it. We had totally lost that communal vibe. This time, all of the songs started with just the five of us together in a room, playing." Those close collaborations led to a more deliberate drive and cohesive final product. "It gave us a real sense of focus," says Cunningham.

Those moments of give-and-take are audible, and the songs are united by a sense of impassioned optimism. In "Romantic Dreams," Moreno sings "I'm hypnotized by your name/ I wish this night would never end," and on the surprisingly tender "Entombed," he swears "From the day you arrived/ I remain by your side" over Carpenter's gently spiraling constellations of guitar. "I'm talking about being someone's prize that they keep next to them," he says of “Tempest’s lyrics, "so it's being alive, but being in kind of a stasis – it's about being someone's possession, but loving to be that way."

Moreno insists the record's title, a Japanese term for the notion of love at first sight, is not meant to be taken literally. "It's really just trying to get at those tingling feelings that everybody gets from time to time. I just wanted to give people a descriptive emotion to work off of when approaching the record."

More than anything else, that's what comes across in Koi No Yokan — a sense of euphoria. With their forward-thinking, genre-agnostic rock, Deftones ride strange waves of inspiration to always-engrossing, always-surprising ends. The songs are as eerie and ghostly and glimmering as the Northern Lights – both strange and strangely beautiful, and firmly positioned at the intersection of blunt force and haunting elegance. Koi No Yokan is Deftones at their finest.

at The Pageant
6161 Delmar Boulevard
Saint Louis, United States