S&P 500 Analyst Moves: ABT

S&P 500 Analyst Moves: ABT
This rank is formed by averaging the analyst opinions for each component from each broker, and then ranking the 500 components by those average opinion values. Looking at the stock price movement year to date, Abbott Laboratories (. ABT.
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Connecticut's Runners Rank State's Toughest Hills
It may not even be the steepest, although it ranks up there with a nine percent grade. But in 2008, it was ranked as one of "The Sublime Climbs: The Greatest, Most Daunting Hills in U.S. Races" by Runners World. Bill Rodgers, who won the race in 1977 …
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How Much Backlink Data Do You Really Need?
If you aren't familiar with PageRank, it's algorithm determines the likelihood that a person randomly clicking on links will arrive at any particular page on the Internet. I won't go into how it is calculated here, but think of this as a raw or gross …
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Blasted by Congress, IRS apologizes for lavish events

Blasted by Congress, IRS apologizes for lavish events
"I swear to God, I have looked at that video over and over again, and I swear I do not see the redeeming value," said Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, which is investigating the $ 49 million in …
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Xi's tough moves on academia, media disappoint Chinese reformers
BEIJING With his photogenic wife at his side and willingness to make eye contact and engage in small talk, Xi Jinping looks more like an American politician than the gray suits who populate the upper ranks of Chinese politics. One of his first acts as …
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Waxahachie Fire promotes eight firefighters
The Waxahachie Fire Department held a promotional ceremony Friday, June 7 to elevate four engineers to the rank of lieutenant and four firefighters to the rank of pump engineer. New lieutenants included … You must login to view the full content on …
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Flickr Tagging

Flickr Tagging

Image by @Doug88888
Flickr Tagging – Top tips on the Best ways to Tag your Pictures to Maximise Views
Today, a blog on tagging through Flickr.

Tagging is an important part of getting your pictures seen and found. There are other sites that tell you why tagging is so important. Below, I’ve set out a few ways to super charge your tags.

75 is the magic number

Flickr allows seventy five tags per uploaded picture. Use them all and you will have a very powerful combination of words for any search engine to search for. Sounds obvious but very few users seem to max out their tags. Why not try it?

My picture tags tend to be found through a Flickr search, Google and Yahoo. These should be your main targets for speculative viewings.

Combine words in tags? pink pink yellow EXPLORE

Is it better to have a tag saying "pink flower" or separately pink and flower. The short answer, in my opinion, is use both methods for you keywords. Separating the words means if someone just searches for pink or flower, they may find your shot. This is much more likely than a combined search. If someone does do a combined search, you’ve covered that one off too. On top of this, when Google spiders your site it will find multiple occurrences of your key words, which is good news for your page ranking.

An excellent study on the science behind this can be found here.

Mega title

Google puts heavy emphasis on words in the title and so does Flickr when searching for keywords. Make sure you pick the words in the title wisely – what will most drive people to your picture.

The shot below regularly gets visits – months after I first posted it. Why?

Hairy balls

Its titled "Hairy Balls"!

Combined power of key words across your site

Even stronger – combine keywords in the title, description and tags. Provided you don’t over do it, featuring your key words in all of these locations will really increase their relevance. You could even go crazy and include the key words in notes on the picture and comments under the picture. Hey, go mad and make your Flickr name the key word!

A master of this is Kevin Dooley – check out his thoughts on the subject of tags.

Hot tags and related tags

Flicker gives you a great head-start in finding terms. Flickr’s popular tags page lists out hot tags in the last 24 hours and last seven days plus the all time most popular tags.

First, look at the hot tags. Do any immediately relate to your picture? For example, yesterday’s date is almost always a hot tag Feb4 is hot today, and Feb3, Feb2 and Feb1 were all popular this week. Why add? Because its listed as a hot tag, people will search for it – its a self fulfilling prophecy.

Still in the hot tags, you are also likely to see mysterious terms like hff, hpps and tigf. These are the terms the insiders in Flickr use to flag up ceratin types of post. If you are unsure of what they mean, do a bit of detective work. Click on the tag and search for the most interesting pictures with the tag. It will soon become apparent that, for example, hff stands for Happy Furry Friday – Flickr fans post animals on this day with this tag, the cuter the better! So join in. Take a picture of you pooch or moggy, upload and tag.

All time most popular tags gives you a simple list of the words people have used to describe their pictures. If you see any that relate to your picture, use them. Word of warning – because they are so popular, your picture will be competing against hundreds of other pictures. So don’t just rely on these – you need to be unique.

Flickr will also do your the favour of telling you related tags to yours, simply search for a tag and related tags will be thrown up. Searching for Green Goblin through popular tags gives you spiderman, marvel, toys, toy, marvelcomics, green, goblin, hulk, actionfigure, comics. Copy and paste as relevant.

Beware the Green Goblin

Give them what they want

Certain words are searched for more than others.

Google Zeitgeist may offer inspiration. The Hot Trends section lists the 100 hottest search trends on Google today. If people are searching on Google, they can find it on Flickr. If any of the terms in Hot Trends relate to your upload, add them.

For example, today – a top 3 hot trend is ‘World Nude Day’. Immediately, I thought that my photograph of Eve (below) needed world, nude, day added as tags.


You might find this article on the most popular search terms on Google last year will provide you with further food for thought.

Sourcing tags

Sometimes you have a mental blank – 75 tags is very tall order after all. The key is to do a tiny bit of research.

First stop, Thesaurus.com – type in a tag you can think of. The shot below might be described as a pile of green cars.

Traffic pile-up EXPLORED

After a trip to Thesaurus.com it becomes a heap, collection,accumulation, aggregate, aggregation, amassment, assemblage, assortment, bank, barrel, buildup, chunk, conglomeration, drift, gob, great deal, hill, hoard, hunk, jumble, lump, mass, mound, mountain, much, ocean, oodles*, pack, peck, pyramid, quantity, shock, stack, stockpile of emerald, apple, aquamarine, beryl, chartreuse, fir, forest, grass, jade, kelly, lime, malachite, moss, olive, pea, peacock, pine, sage, sap, sea, spinach, verdigris, vert, viridian, willow.

The great thing here is that you can copy the list and paste straight into your tags list. Instant vocabulary explosion!

Clearly, you might want to delete some of the less relevant terms but this is a great way of topping up to 75.

Once you’ve filled up here, next stops should be Wikipedia.org, Google and Yahoo – with each, search using a key word and then pick and choose any word that springs out to you.

Tag geography

I’m English. I think in English and tag in English. Flicker is global and its users global. Google Trends lists the nations that search most for the term Flickr as:

1. Malaysia
2. United Kingdom
3. Singapore
4. Italy
5. United States
6. Ireland
7. Canada
8. Spain
9. Taiwan
10. Philippines

So only five out of ten speak English as their first language. To turn yourself international, head over to Babel Fish on Yahoo or better, NiceTranslator, add your most relevant tags to your photos, pick English to Italian and to Pile, Green, Cars you can add automobili, verdi, mucchio.

Instantly, your multi-lingual and could be sipping an Expresso in Rome rather than snowed in in Stevenage. This is such an overlooked area of Flickr – its time for you to think more globally.

Niche tags

Some topics are very well represented on Flickr – sunsets, kittens and flowers are pretty well covered. One key to the longevity of your pictures is to make them niche and tag them. Search for obscure terms to see what images already exist – if there’s a gap – fill it.

One of my favourite searches if for the most interesting pictures on Flickr tagged with the word "Boring". Some great shots can be found here.

Warning: Hazards to Interestingness

There are some who believe that cetain tags damage your chance of interestingness. Words that are offensive or inappropriate may well be screened out or you risk being classified as an adult themed site. Common sense is required.

Its also rumoured that the Explore alogorithym will score you higher or lower depending on your tags. For example, if every person uses the tag Bokeh, Flickr may rate each Bokeh picture against each other to find the most interesting. Using unusual or interesting tags is your best weapon against this kind of competition if you’re focussed on getting explored.

Now you are armed – get tagging. Let me know any ideas you have for getting more of the best out of tagging.

Penguin and Googles View of Links

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) April 26, 2013

The next major update for Googles search engine algorithm is called Penguin, and Think Big SEO has been watching this update and the news surrounding it to best learn how to modify linking practices. Its been no secret that Google has been working diligently to punish those who try to use bad links as a way of increasing their page rank. In an article by Eric Enge written on Search Engine Watch, he delves into how Google views links.

One of the best ways of describing what Google wants links to be is to think of them as citations in an academic research paper. The links should support what the content says, not be the content themselves. The links also must be relevant to the content. Thus, the whole idea of link building is, to Google, absolutely the wrong way of creating content for a webpage.

There are a number of different ways of judging if a link is going to be seen as helpful or be penalized by Google. One question to ask is would the link be on the website if Google was not a factor. Another thing to consider is how the link affects the content on that page. Would the business use that link as an example of their content?

Dealing with the challenges Google presents when it comes to links is one of the reasons why SEO consultants are worth the money. Hiring a knowledgeable SEO consultant who knows how Google Penguin works will be able to create natural links that fit a websites content and context while building traffic.

As Think Big Online founder Samuel Junghenn points out, A knowledgeable person that breathes SEO will give you sound advice all throughout. This expert should be well-versed in Googles newest algorithms and how the will affect a website. A full SEO service will understand these algorithms and know which strategies are best for each clients website.

About Think Big SEO

Thing Big SEO is a search engine optimization company headquartered in Australia. As one of the leading SEO businesses in the area, Think Big SEO has proven itself time and again by creating top-quality SEO campaigns that have helped businesses grow and increase their profits.

Stock Split at Cerner

Stock Split at Cerner
This page is temporarily not available. Please check later as it should be available shortly. If you have any questions, please email customer support at … doctors, 2,700 hospitals and 4,150 physician practices. We currently have a Zacks Rank #3 …
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Lynn: Keep your WWII stories coming
Last week, before the page went live for Memorial Day weekend, I received recommendations for at least a half-dozen World War II veterans to interview. They included a man who was in the European … We want to know their name, rank and branch …
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Frank Peterson
While in the Air Corps, Frank earned the rank of staff sergeant and served as an Aerial Engineer Gunner, flying 37 missions on both B-17 and B-24 aircraft. His plane and crew were shot down behind enemy lines over Poland on Dec,18, 1944, parachuting …
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Internet Marketing Agency Ajax Union Introduces Updated FAQ for RankZen

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 25, 2013

Ajax Union, an internet marketing company that has helped hundreds of small businesses strengthen their online presence, is introducing the newly updated FAQ page for RankZen, its keyword research software. Available online at http://www.RankZen.com, the recently improved page highlights the benefits RankZen offers and also explains a number of SEO basics and commonly used terms like Pay-Per-Click, keyword, and rank.

Small business owners who visit the RankZen FAQ page can learn about the keyword research softwares easy month-to-month plans that feature no hidden fees or secret billing requirements. For those who are new to online marketing, the page also explains what a keyword is, why it matters, and how it relates to rank. The wealth of information included in the newly updated FAQ page makes it an excellent resource for individuals who already have an existing online marketing plan as well as for those who are just beginning to navigate the world of search engine optimization.

Ajax Unions RankZen is a great starting point – it shows what a company is already ranking for, it provides the option of scoping out the competition, and the basic plan is available at absolutely no cost. Its also a great addition to any existing online marketing plan, as it provides keyword tracking and consistent updates that are ideal for determining how campaigns are performing. With our easy and affordable month-to-month plans, were encouraging small business owners to try the keyword research software and discover how it can improve their online marketing efforts, said Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of the Brooklyn-based internet marketing agency.

In addition to RankZen, Ajax Union offers a number of other tools designed to help small businesses strengthen their online presence. One of the latest options is KiwiSEO, a tool that analyzes onsite SEO efforts and highlights what needs to be improved. Other programs available from the internet marketing agency include EmailSpark for email marketing, Pop VoIP for hosted PBX systems, and Intromoose, a networking solution for the business professional.

For more about Ajax Union and the multitude of tools it offers, visit its website or call 1-800-594-0444. The New York SEO company also connects with small business owners via social media, utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and a variety of other sites to provide updates about its products, tips for search engine optimization, and information about upcoming events.

14 Good Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree

14 Good Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree
The site used a variety of criteria to assess the quality of the careers, including salary, how physically demanding the positions are, and emotional factors such as the fields' competitiveness, potential hazards and stress. Those with the lowest score …
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A fair media – let no threat get in the way

A fair media – let no threat get in the way
“In September 2010 the front page of The Herald ran a story by Linton under the headline, 'Secret favours greased Rocks deal' and 'Harbour official took developers' junkets.” …. It may surprise some to find out that Australia did not rank in the top …
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2012-13: The season you couldn't make up
Inside nine days Alex Ferguson had gone after 27 years at Manchester United, rank outsiders Wigan had won the FA Cup only to lose at Arsenal three days later and be relegated, Roberto Mancini had been sacked by Manchester City, Chelsea had won their …
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Fantasy daily notes for May 26
Rk.: The author's ranking of that pitcher for that day only. T: Pitcher throws left-handed or right-handed. Opp: The pitcher's opponent for the day. QR: "Quality Rating," or the starting pitcher's matchup rating — separate from the author's ranking …
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