New Advertising Campaign Touts Toronto’s “Open Arms” Approach to Gay Marriage!

(PRWEB) July 7, 2004

“We Do! You Can Too!” proclaims the headline of a new Gay Toronto Tourism Guild (GTTG) ad. Supporting visuals and copy confirm that the headline – and the ad – are all about marriage…gay marriage.

“The headline was really designed to communicate two messages,” said Michael Green of MasterMind Communication Strategies, the marketing firm that developed the creative. “The ‘We Do!’ portion of the headline acknowledges the fact that, in Toronto, gay couples can get legally married, and the fact that they are doing it every single day. The second phrase, the ‘You Can Too!’ part of the headline, expands the message by letting the reader know that, in Toronto, getting legally married is an option for them as well. It doesn’t matter where they’re from, or what their nationality is. They can come up to Toronto, follow a few simple steps, and they can be married. A real marriage. A legal marriage. And a fully defensible marriage.”

Canadian marriage is still the most solid option for foreigners, and especially for Americans. And in Toronto, it’s a particularly easy and respectful process. “We’ve followed same sex couples from the very beginning of the process when they go to get their marriage license, to the end, when they’re getting into the limo to leave for their honeymoon,” said Jill Pentrack, MasterMind Communications Strategies partner, “and what we found was that at every single step, the couples were treated with respect and openness. It was amazing, especially for me, as an American, to watch everyone from the clerk at City Hall to the Minister performing the ceremony treat this as if it were just another marriage. No awkwardness. No anxiety. Just regular people celebrating a special moment for two other people. I hope I actually live to see a process that even approaches the ease and respect of the Canadian process in the U.S. some day.”

Getting married in Toronto IS simple. And the Gay Toronto Tourism Guild (GTTG) is committed to helping would-be brides and/or grooms through the process of getting their marriage license. The Guild devotes an entire section of its website ( to a step by step description of the process, and even gives locations where marriage licenses can be obtained.

Ric Tremaine, Guild President, and Owner of the Mansions of Gloucester Square (three exquisitely restored Nineteenth Century Mansions located at the heart of Toronto’s Gay Village), specializes in hosting gay weddings. “Same sex marriages are exactly like their heterosexual counterparts,” Tremaine notes, “You have the same concerns, the same stresses, and the same issues. Those of us in the Guild felt that by providing a step by step guide, both on the website and at member businesses, we could alleviate the stress of getting the license.”

The city of Toronto has been at the forefront of the gay marriage debate ever since its inception as a political and legal issue, and remains at the center of this often polarizing topic. And while the impact of Toronto’s decision to allow, and even encourage same sex marriage is a hot topic for people throughout the rest of the world, from the United States, to Europe, to Asia and even Australia, in Toronto, residents really don’t even think about it. Indeed, the concept has been so universally accepted by the city’s population that most folks wonder what all the fuss is about. Hopefully, the rest of the world will at some point take a lesson, but until then, the Gay Toronto Tourism Guild’s message of “We Do! You Can Too!” will remind the everyone else that in Toronto, the grass really IS greener for same sex couples!

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