Drafting of abortion guidelines for medical staff gets under way

Drafting of abortion guidelines for medical staff gets under way
Meanwhile, the HSE said it had now rolled out an early warning score to all maternity units. This is a list of symptoms which doctors and nurses would look out for to indicate if a woman was deteriorating. The HSE's national director of quality and …
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Belgium's 1000 beers are toast of the world
"The quality of our beers attracts the new young professionals," he added. Last year a Chinese businessman bought out the Ultra brewery in the town of Ecaussinnes, which turns out a score of brews. Beer, like bread, is thousands of years old and …
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Anton Rippon's column: Beating the Aussies
On a slow Derby pitch – fast bowler Devon Malcolm had been rested before the Tests – Derbyshire were asked to score 371 off what, ultimately, were 69 overs. They got them with three balls to spare, after Chris Adams had set up victory with 91 off 76 balls.
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Ottawa Senators Offseason Priorities: Does David Clarkson Fit?

Ottawa Senators Offseason Priorities: Does David Clarkson Fit?
One of those questions that is sure to surround the team throughout the offseason is the need for quality scoring talent. The team had a startling season, battling through injuries to seemingly critical pieces on the roster and winning a playoff round …
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Editorial: Parents have to be involved in their kids education
It is about the quality of parenting in the home. … She unveiled a new district "score card" that will rate the schools on key performance measures, from the percentage of students graduating, to the number of teachers and principals who earn high …
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NBA Draft 2013: Each Team's Top Realistic Target in This Year's Draft
Steven Adams is a project, but he has a ton of upside and is already capable of playing quality defense in the NBA. … He doesn't have much offensive upside, but he wont need to score much in this lineup, especially when Derrick Rose returns to action.
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Designers, Artists and Architects are Called to Participate

Como, Italy (PRWEB) January 21, 2013

Today, A Design Awards in collaboration with DesignCompetition.com has announced the release of the Bad Design Awards platform.

Bad Design Awards platform has especially been founded to collect observations, insights and ideas from participants who had sour experiences with various design awards, idea competitions and innovation contests.

Utilizing the Bad Design Awards platform, participants are able to report unethical competitions, misconducts in contests, issues in awards, cheating participants, competition organizers and sponsors. Participants and organizers are also able to provide their constructive suggestions and feedbacks regarding design competitions. Registered complaints will not be made visible to public; however competition organizers are given chance to log in and view all complaints made against them.

Bad Design Awards platform also publishes an annual white paper, presenting the most controversial issues regarding design contests without pin-pointing any of the competition organizers or participants. Within this white-paper, submitted complaints are de-identified and competition names are anonymized. The white paper includes four headings: 1. Policy suggestions for award organizers and competition hosts. 2. Guidelines for participants. 3. Latest trends in design competitions. 4. Statistics on most controversial issues regarding design competitions.

It is aimed that policy suggestions and guidelines included in the Bad Design Awards white paper could be used for organizing better design contests that not only respects designers rights, but provide more value to contestants.

Bad Design Awards platform does not provide or assign any ratings for the reported competitions in order not to encourage submission of false reports. Bad Design Awards platform does not publicly share any of the submitted comments. Comments are kept confidential to avoid bashing or incorrect submissions. However, competitions that have been reported multiple times are directly contacted and made aware of the submitted reports, so that solutions could be found or improvements could be made.

Designers and organizers could submit their insights on any of the design competitions by filling the “Report a Competition” form at http://www.baddesignaward.com

Bad Design Awards platform is supported by DesignCompetition.com which provides a listing of all design competitions and contests organized around the globe.

About DesignCompetition.com

DesignCompetition.com provides a listing of all the design competitions, contests and awards organized throughout the world. Designers, artists and architects are able to view in-depth details for the registered design competitions and their quality scores. Further information and latest competition news could be obtained from http://www.designcompetition.com

About A’ Design Awards

A’ Design Awards is a premier annual juried design competition that honors the best designers, architects, engineers, design studios and design oriented companies worldwide to provide them publicity, fame and recognition. A’ Design Award and Competitions are organized and awarded annually and internationally in a wide range of categories. More information regarding the A’ Design Awards could be obtained from: whatisadesignaward.com

MediWebPR Launches Comprehensive Online Image Management Program for U.S. Physicians

Santa Rosa, CA (PRWEB) January 28, 2013

Todays Internet users demand information about doctors and healthcare services from online sources before they make any attempt to contact a provider for an appointment. In less then ten minutes, an Internet user in need of a new physician can easily browse dozens of physician profiles on physician review websites (PRWs). Many online marketing companies offer quick-fix models of image and reputation management that promise to bring physicians and their practices higher ratings on PRWs and higher on search results. In contrast to these quick-fix models, MediWebPR provides long-term solutions for a sustainable, positive online presence that builds on itself and achieves a greater online market share over time.

Research on Internet usage in the United States consistently shows that the majority of adults use the Internet regularly, and this upward trend will certainly continue as an entire generation of experienced computer users ages. According to Pew Internet, 81% of the adult population already uses the Internet. In addition, the Journal of Urology released a study in December 2012 on Internet usage and PRWs, which purports that 66% of Americans use the Internet to access health information online, and 40%–over 83 million people–access PRWs to look up their providers.

For obvious reasons, reviews posted by patients about their physicians remain anonymous. Anonymity is a necessity in order for people to feel comfortable leaving honest reviews; however, it also makes it very easy for a disgruntled patient to leave a malicious review about his or her physician without fearing repercussion. The 2012 study from the Journal of Urology also determined that, on average, physicians had only 2.4 reviews from patients to make up their overall quality score, leaving the score highly volatile and liable to misrepresent the physicians.

Much like speed dating, a patient conducting research on prospective physicians can, and most likely will, eliminate physicians from consideration if their quality score appears low relative to others, says John Beilharz, PhD, MediWebPR founder and President. Its not that information on PRWs may be inaccurate, its just that a physicians quality score can be easily skewed by one or two negative patient reviews, and physicians deserve better for all the hard work they put in.

In its 25 years experience serving the healthcare industry, MediWebPR has developed a comprehensive approach to meet physicians and practices online marketing needs. It strategically integrates a host of tools to gain online market share, while providing the prospective patients a healthy first impression of the practice. MediWebPR Online Image Management is just one program in a series of synergistic evidence based marketing programs offered.

MediWebPR believes successful online marketing begins with creating or re-creating a practice website for clients. MediWebPR Website Development provides clients with websites that offer well-rounded experiences with unique design and content to help prospective patients find the site, and to give them several reasons to stay on the page.

Once a clients website is developed, MediWebPR Custom Connect offers a program that aids in SEO content creation and social media construction and management. Making use of social media to communicate content provides an excellent way to connect with prospective patients in an engaging way that helps build a positive image, while also boosting client SEO.

MediWebPR Online Image Management is a continuous program that aids in maximizing the return on physician and practice marketing investment. The program helps physicians attain and maintain consistently high ratings on PRWs, while assuring that all of their vital professional information is correct on key internet sites.

Our work with medical professionals is not a quick fix, but a long term online solution that integrates several evidence based strategies, which allow patients to discover the practice organically, while providing them with a positive and informative experience. MediWebPR aids in writing and distributing educational information and practice news online.

Perhaps Mark Twain said it best when he said, A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes, Mr. Beilharz continues. In the sea of information that the Internet provides it is impossible for anyone to know which opinions warrant the most trust. Content written from the physician perspective gives clients back their first-person voices in their initial interactions with patients on the Internet, and shows patients that they are knowledgable and engaged in their professional fields.

MediWebPRs mission is to ensure that clients and their practices are fairly represented on the internet. The most accessible online information about MediWebPR clients will communicate their strengths and accomplishments. Please visit http://mediwebpr.com/our-services/online-reputation-management/ for a complete description of MediWebPRs Online Image Management services.

Eric Lancheres Unveils Panda and Penguin Solution at Traffic and Conversion Summit 2013

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 03, 2013

Eric Lancheres, a leader in search engine optimization, revealed a series of steps that webmasters can take to recover from Panda penalty at the Traffic and Conversion Summit in 2013. The solution outlined revolves around increasing your website’s quality score and increasing the user accomplishment.

Penguin recoveries steps were also covered with examples of successful websites. Steps outlined included both on-page and off-page optimizations, with an emphasis on removing specific back links and re-building lost links.

The presentation, considered one of the fan favorites, has received a lot of praise:

“One of our most popular guest speakers… [delivering] a great presentation on SEO” – Luis Ramirez

“Eric’s presentation was nothing short of mind-blowing… I strongly recommend his work.” Nitin Chboda

The Google Panda update, originally released in February 2011, has been plaguing business owners for almost 2 years. “Panda is integrated into the ranking algorithm and affects all websites” claimed Eric Lancheres during his presentation.

Eric Lancheres, SEO expert since 2002, has been providing SEO solutions for medium and large businesses throughout the world. Currently one of the leaders in SEO, you can find more of his work at Pandabreakthrough.com

Pulse8 Announces its Health Exchange Suite for Risk Adjustment

Annapolis, MD (PRWEB) February 06, 2013

Pulse8s Health Exchange Suite products provide an unprecedented view into Risk Adjustment activities, behaviors, interventions, and data that give health plans the opportunity to quickly address risk adjustment factors, diagnosis trends, quality scores, and comparative performance metrics. Mr. Criswell explains; Pulse8s strategy allows us to quickly customize the approach by implementing complex algorithms, predictive models, and interventions for each plan and metal level, and to adapt to differing models implemented by each state.

Mr. Criswell recognizes the unique characteristics of the Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace and the necessity to reach beyond claims data when applying predictive analytics and risk adjustment solutions. Pulse8s unique use of medical and non-medical data sources significantly improve the accuracy of predictive models and other analytic tools, thus allowing a health plan to be competitive in the exchange marketplace.

HHS uses the concurrent risk adjustment model that compresses timelines proposed for the Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace making collecting accurate and meaningful data from providers a critical focus for health plans. Pulse8 offers unique data collection tools, including mobile applications that allow providers insight at the time of the encounter while providing health plans a direct data feed following a members visit.

Mr. Criswell emphasized the need for plans to directly engage their members. He stated, The lack of patient data could cause loss of revenue, increased utilization, increased cost, and missed benefits. Closing this data gap early improves quality of care and enhances revenue opportunities:% Pulse8 is at the forefront of capturing member-provided data using mobile technology.

Pulse8 provides health plans with the ability to leverage and scale existing infrastructure and systems with independent and informed analytics, data collection tools, and integration systems connecting every component of the medical system from provider to patient.