On The Verge: Khoi Vinh talks iOS 7, The Guardian's Spencer Ackerman talks

On The Verge: Khoi Vinh talks iOS 7, The Guardian's Spencer Ackerman talks
Welcome to On The Verge, a zeitgeist for the culture of now. On today's show: Khoi Vinh, the former design director for The New York Times and current head of mobile design for Etsy, sits down with… Welcome to On The Verge, a zeitgeist for the …
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The Playroom is the Coolest Tech Demo You Will Ever See
The menu options for Playroom include Controller Setup, Play With Asobi, and AR Bots – three of the modes shown to me by a Sony rep in the private press area at the company's E3 booth. In Controller Setup, players are treated to a theatrical …
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Deep-sea rubbish tip in Monterey Bay captured by robot cameras
… from the Australian cricket team over an alleged unprovoked attack on an England player. PM blasts sexism on menu. JULIA Gillard says a "grossly sexist and offensive" menu at a Liberals dinner is evidence of a lack of respect for women by the …
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Welcome to cool Melbourne

Welcome to cool Melbourne
A lot of tables get made but Lane has also seen surprise creations, such as 3m-high faux trees, and a robot. Newbies can also sign up for … The indulgent menu starts with some savoury elements and progressively gets sweeter. Every night has different …
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Yahoo fought back against 'unconstitutional' government order before joining
Yahoo failed to overturn a government order in a court dispute that ultimately led the company to join PRISM, the NSA and FBI's controversial surveillance program, the New York Times reported. A heavily redacted document from 2008 shows a company …
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E3 2013: Sony demos The Playroom for PS4 and Playstation 4 Eye
Even opening the menu of the Playroom is cool, as, using "augmented reality" technology similar to Wonderbook, the game shows your living room on screen, and overlays a menu over the top of it, as though it's projecting out the front of your controller …
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News quiz: David Beckham, Justin Verlander and more

News quiz: David Beckham, Justin Verlander and more
What did new Eagles coach Chip Kelly take off the training table menu? A) Taco Tuesdays, Fast Food Fridays and red meat. B) Notre … D) Everybody loved the Bob Costas robot that hosted the last Olympics. Why is international man of soccer David …
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Dispatches from the Scav road trip
The restaurant was inside of an old home and featured no menu, unlimited sweet tea, and your arteries' worst nightmare laid out in a mouth-watering buffet. The food was all fried and terrible for all aspects of my physical health but also fantastic …
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Channel the south of France at South Beach's WD 555

Channel the south of France at South Beach's WD 555
WD 555 might sound like the name of a Star Wars robot, but it's actually a welcoming wine shop and bistro off the beaten track on South Beach. Sit at a wine-barrel table in the industrial-chic warehouse space or on the shaded patio, where a garden is …
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How to Host a Dinner Party reveals the secrets of the Star's serial host
The shame of the human race is that we can put a robot on Mars, yet we can't figure out how to host a dinner party. But really, it's as easy when we take it …. ask them about their food restrictions. You'll need this information before you start …
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The job continues for Dallas firefighters mourning colleague
Eight hours before the 2:50 a.m. fire, it was Wilson's turn to cook — sliced roast beef, salad, mashed potatoes, summer rolls and brownies were on the menu. “He made it all, said Lt. Ryan Truelove, clenching his fist and fighting back tears …
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Bramblett shows off 'Bright Spots'

Bramblett shows off 'Bright Spots'
Local youngsters Kick the Robot open as well. Lots of parents are buzzing about these kids. $ 13. … Well, you should go for the inventive cocktail menu, and also for all the free entertainment. Of the dozen or more events planned in the month of May …
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Adulting Tips from Kelly Williams Brown
A TV adaptation is in the works with J. J. Abrams's famed production company, Bad Robot. And along the … When I met with Bad Robot in la, J. J. Abrams was saying that one of his favorite sitcoms of all time was The Mary Tyler Moore Show. He just …
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3 Concerns About IVR That Shouldn't Be Concerns
Your customers don't have to talk to a robot, silly! That's one of the best parts about IVR—you can record your menu in your own voice so that your customers never deal with anyone other than you. It's easy to setup an IVR: you can use your own phone …
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Mike Tyson, Dan Harmon And More Get Program Pick Ups From Adult Swim

Mike Tyson, Dan Harmon And More Get Program Pick Ups From Adult Swim
… and the final two shows that Adult Swim plans to roll out are specials. Metalocalypse: The Doom Star Requiem will follow the Metalocalypse dudes on a brand new adventure and will run for one hour. In 2014, Adult Swim plans to roll out the Robot …
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Cirkits: Toy Robot Racing
***Cirkits: Toy Robot Racing is free to play, but contains items that can be purchased through in app purchases with real money. If you wish to disable these you can do so through the “Restrictions†menu on your device. Requires iOS 6.0 or …
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Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 Receives Official Android 4.1.2 XXDME1 Jelly Bean
To do so, right-click on odin.exe first and then choose Run as Administrator in context menu. How to Install Official Android 4.1.2 XXDME1 Jelly Bean Firmware on Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100. Step 1: Download … Step 3: Power off the phone and wait for the …
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Umami Mia Pizzeria Sets A Date: May 31st

Umami Mia Pizzeria Sets A Date: May 31st
Umami Mia is a joint venture from Austin restaurant veterans Mark Turner and Rick Engel of Lil' Woodrow's and Austin Java, and Adam Weisberg of Zen and Lucky Robot. Weisberg first … And that's just the tip of the transit-themed menu iceberg. Browse …
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Gunplay Is at an All – Time High
He tells me about the new shrimp items on the menu, and boasts that women love Red Lobster. This latter point his friend readily seconds. …. He robot-walks and zombie-lurches, growling and sneering. "Make some noise if you just happy to fucking be here!
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Please Don't Delete This Interview About Spam
Not the meat-like loaf, but unbidden emails, many of them not even sent by actual people, but robot programs. And their volume is often much greater than the amount of real information people … "And of course one of the most famous Monty Python …
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Papo & Yo: An Uncomfortable Relationship

Papo & Yo: An Uncomfortable Relationship
The main menu is simply a black screen with white text; the only gimmick being that a white silhouette of a frog hops onto the screen every time the cursor highlights one of the buttons. … Also joining Quico on his journey is Lula, his “awesome robot”.
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Would You Make It With a Sexbot? 9 Percent of Americans Say Yes!
According to a poll conducted by The Huffington Post and YouGov, which focused on our secret and pressing need to have intercourse with, well, robots, it showed that 9 percent of Americans agree. Hell yeah, we'd like to try it! Like Us on Facebook …
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Deep Learning
That took lots of time and still left the systems unable to deal with ambiguous data; they were limited to narrow, controlled applications such as phone menu systems that ask you to make queries by saying specific words. Neural networks, developed in …
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The Official Android Authority App Review

The Official Android Authority App Review
In the menu, you'll see options to check out the latest articles, the latest videos, and the latest episodes of our podcast, Android Authority on Air. Each in their own category so if you want to browse around for some older stuff too, it's all there …
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Grantland Reality Fantasy League: The Real World Masshole Power Rankings
Are all ingredients on the Subway menu up for grabs when creating a sandwich? Can I make a Philly cheesesteak, chicken cutlet, and tuna …. Cochran (Survivor, Simmons), 5 points: Cochran received a letter from his loved ones this week that moved him …
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Samsung releases Android 4.2.2 XXUAMDM Jelly Bean official update for
[Press Menu>> Settings>> Applications. From there navigate and click on Development option and ensure the USB Debugging Mode is turned on.] 3) As the tutorial … Now boot the device into Download Mode by pressing and holding the Volume Down + Home …
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FOOD MONSTER: Treat yourself to good, old fashioned pub grub at the Treaty of

FOOD MONSTER: Treat yourself to good, old fashioned pub grub at the Treaty of
The Treaty has a decent menu filled with all the usual pub grub, plus a specials board which includes its steaks. I went big – the giant Yorkshire pudding with beef and chips looked an absolute snip at £5.95. My friend went for the cheeseburger and …
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This arrangement has allowed Linkx to provide a recipe system for configuring the machine to handle different sizes of coupling, with the user subsequently able to select the required size simply a choosing the appropriate option from a menu displayed …
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