Ford puts robots in the driver's seat

Ford puts robots in the driver's seat
Ford puts robots in the driver's seat. Rigorous durability tests have lead Ford to start using the world's first robot-driven tester. Officials say it gives drivers a break from the toughest, most dangerous testing. Post to Facebook …
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Watch 'Cheetah Cub' Robot Speedster Run Like a Cat (Video)
We've seen the robot that walks like a lizard, now meet the one that walks like a cat. Scientists have developed a four-legged "cheetah cub robot" that is small, light and fast. The new machine could serve as a platform for research in both locomotion …
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This robot will beat you in air hockey all day
Armed and dangerous (Credit: Namiki Lab)Our robot overlords are coming, and they're really good at leisure games. In an apparent effort to create a Skynet scenario in which humankind is demoted to second-banana status in the evolutionary food chain, …
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The International Essential Tremor Foundation Funds Ground-Breaking Essential Tremor Research

Lenexa, KS (PRWEB) June 06, 2013

The International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF) will fund three essential tremor (ET) research grants totaling nearly $ 85,000 this year. Grant funding was provided to the IETF from its own members, people directly affected by this life-altering neurological condition.

The IETF and Board of Directors are pleased and excited to announce the funding of these ET research projects, says Catherine Rice, IETF Executive Director. This research is yet another step toward developing better treatment options for those with ET and, one day, finding the cause of the condition. Funding ET research now is critical in order to help the millions of people around the world with ET.

Erika Augustine, MD, University of Rochester, Rochester NY was awarded $ 25,000 for her proposal entitled, Clinical characteristics of essential tremor and enhanced physiological tremor in childhood. Dr. Augustine will work with children between the ages of 5 and 18, focusing on the similarities and differences between ET and Enhanced Physiological Tremor (ePT), another common form of tremor in children.

Carlo Menon, PhD, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, CANADA was fully funded with a $ 24,992 grant for his proposal entitled, An innovative damping exoskeleton approach to essential tremor treatment. This project explores a new assistive device for ET that utilizes state-of-the-art wearable robotics to suppress tremor symptoms.

Finally, a grant award in the amount of $ 35,000, for the second year in support of the project Essential Tremor Brain Bank at the Arizona Study of Aging and Neurodegenerative Disorders was awarded to Holly Shill, MD, Director, Christopher Center for Parkinson Research, Cleo Roberts Center for Clinical Research, and to Charles H. Adler, Co-PI and Clinical Core Director of the Arizona Parkinsons Disease Consortium (APDC) and Professor of Neurology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ. The researchers expect to find that those with ET have no greater risk of developing dementia or have cognitive impairment than the general public. They will also compare the clinical findings of early onset ET and ET beginning after age 65. The team will continue to examine the brain tissue of those with ET and other neurological disorders after death, searching for a greater understanding of how ET changes the features of the brain, and hopefully leading to more effective diagnostic tools.

Essential tremor, a neurological movement disorder commonly referred to as ET, affects nearly 10 million people in the U.S. alone. ET is very frequently misdiagnosed as Parkinsons disease. The condition is often characterized by rhythmic, involuntary and uncontrollable shaking of the hands and arms during movement, but it sometimes can also affect the head, voice, legs and trunk.

About the International Essential Tremor Foundation:

Headquartered in Lenexa, KS, and founded in 1988, the International Essential Tremor Foundation is the leading organization in the world dedicated to those affected by essential tremor. The mission of the IETF is to fund research that will find the cause of essential tremor and lead to better treatments and a cure, increase awareness about ET, and provide educational materials, tools and support to healthcare providers, the public, and those directly affected by ET.

The IETF has distributed more than $ 675,000 in research grants, to fund 27 promising studies, in the search for the cause of ET. The Foundation has hosted numerous community awareness events across the U.S. to provide those affected with the basic knowledge necessary to become their own advocate when seeking treatment. And, the IETF also provides assistance to a vast network of support groups around the world. To learn more about essential tremor and the IETF mission, visit the IETF website at

For an interview or more information:

Catherine Rice, IETF Executive Director



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Sosign Releases in Private Beta: a Unique Shopping Discovery Experience for Fans of Brands

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) June 06, 2013

Sosign, a Montreal-based e-commerce solution provider for brands, launches Brandicted, a unique shopping discovery and social network site, in private beta.

With Brandicted, people looking at user-posted pictures can act on their love-that-thing feeling and buy it quickly and easily. They can also share the image, or one theyve taken, at Instagram speed, and talk about it using Brandicteds social tools. Friends as well as Brandicteds algorithms will suggest other products just like it, which shoppers can buy and comment on.

People fall in love with stuff when theyre with friends or simply out, and they talk about it, said Jonathan Stoikovitch, CEO of Sosign. Brandicted replicates that social experience, while eliminating the hassle of where to find the item, how to find other stuff like it, and how to get your hands on it fast.

Brandicted is betting that consumers who are passionate about the brands they love will increasingly create the most credible brand-promoting messages in the marketplace. As a result, these brand evangelists will influence fellow fans looking for purchase advice.

Brandicted already has over 20,000 products and 300 brands, and is growing every day due to its Web-crawling technology, which is similar to Googles search robots. The user base for the private beta will provide helpful feedback as Sosign fine-tunes features based on user comments. For an invitation, users can join the wait-list at this address:

About Sosign

As a Montreal-based e-commerce solution provider, Sosign Interactive Inc. helps brands generate more demand for their products through patented technology that distributes products across the Web. This software offers brands the options of advertising and selling products, or gathering compelling intelligence on their products activity, users, and competition. Leveraging this intelligence, brands can drive revenues and potential product improvement.

Backed by the Montreal angel community, Sosign was established in 2007 and serves over 50 national and multinational brands. Currently, Sosign is focusing its capacity on the development of Brandicted.

Media Inquiries:

Jonathan Stoikovitch



T: (514) 510 7580, Ext. 1001


Bay Area Boy Makes a "Wish," Gets Robotic Tour

Bay Area Boy Makes a "Wish," Gets Robotic Tour
Today, Peter gets to take a special tour of Anybots, a maker of robots in Silicon Valley. Anybots makes them, and is eager to show them off to a young person who says it would be great to have a robot, so "whnever I break something, I can blame it on …
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This Robot Will Beat You at Air Hockey
If you fancy yourself a good air hockey player, this robot may have a thing or two to teach you. It comes from Japanese researchers at Chiba University's Namiki Lab. It is pretty good at competing against human players because the robot changes its …
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Robots teaching social skills to kids with autism
… Dr. Warren said. Robbie's parents say his interaction skills are improving. In a study published this year, researchers found that children with autism paid more attention to the robot than the human therapist and followed its instructions almost …

Future Bible Heroes

Future Bible Heroes
Event on 2013-07-09 20:00:00

Supporting Acts: With Claudia Gonson & Shirley Simms (The Magnetic Fields), Christopher Ewen & Anthony Kaczynski, Luxury Liners

Future Bible Heroes

On June 4, Future Bible Heroes will release Partygoing, their third album, on Merge Records. In addition, Merge will compile all three Future Bible Heroes albums and an additional disc of EP tracks into one newly remastered collection entitled Memories of Love, Eternal Youth, and Partygoing. Future Bible Heroes is one of the musical projects from The Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt, who writes all the melodies and lyrics for the band. His longtime friend and collaborator Christopher Ewen composes the instrumental backing tracks. Joining Merritt on lead vocals is the Magnetic Fields' Claudia Gonson. Partygoing features the signature Future Bible Heroes mix of dancefloor-filling club anthems and super-sad ballads. The record is their first release since 2002's Eternal Youth. Why the long break between albums? Well, the trio has been busy. Merritt has made four stage musicals, four Magnetic Fields albums, a Gothic Archies album, and done some film work. Ewen has been working on another band, the Hidden Variable, and DJing in Boston. Gonson has discovered parenthood while navigating the Magnetic Fields' busy post-69 Love Songs schedule. Future Bible Heroes are known for their fantastical lyrical themes, which on prior albums were frequently preoccupied with B-movies, science fiction, aliens, robots, disco dancing, and committing suicide on camera. Along with songs like "Keep Your Children in a Coma," which is about keeping youngsters under sedation until they pass through their vulnerable teenage years, Partygoing features a number of songs that meditate upon both the good and bad sides of parties: there's the fun, and then there's the morning after. Running themes for this album are drinking, dancing, and death. "The songs 'When Evening Falls on Tinseltown' and 'A Drink Is Just the Thing' are quite old," Merritt says. "The first describes my experience of living in Los Angeles, and leaving it, which I did while recording Partygoing; the second describes solving all your problems with alcohol, which I don't do much anymore either. Writing true and heartfelt lyrics is pointless because once you get around to singing them, they're lies." Memories of Love, Eternal Youth and Partygoing marks the first time the entire original Future Bible Heroes catalog has been available in one place. In addition to the three full-length albums, the CD collection includes a fourth disc that compiles the band's three EPs – The Lonely Robot, I'm Lonely (And I Love It), and Lonely Days – plus several tracks from outside compilations, including a song from the soundtrack to the film Welcome to the Dollhouse and the band's hilarious gender-bending rendition of "Don't You Want Me?" from a tribute album to the Human League.

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San Francisco, United States