Mirna Bard Proudly Announces Launch of Search Engine Marketing Services Firm

Costa Mesa, CA (PRWEB) May 14, 2008

Mirna Bard proudly announced today the launch of NuReach Global, a California-based Search Engine Marketing Services Company. NuReach Global will provide unparalleled industry knowledge and experience in Professional Search Engine Marketing Services including Pay Per Click Advertising Management Services Management Services as well as website consulting and training to help all sizes of businesses improve organic search rankings with Google, Yahoo!, MSN and achieve optimum online marketing success.

“Nowadays, web-savvy consumers are looking online for products and services, so even the smallest of businesses need to increase their web presence by marketing themselves on the Internet,” says Mirna Bard, President of NuReach Global. “We offer Social Media Marketing Services as well as Search Engine Optimization Services tailored to suit businesses of any size. These packages may include analysis of the site’s optimization, keyword research, XML sitemap creation, competitor analysis, search engine submission, meta tag suggestions, link popularity building, RSS, optimized press releases, articles, and the like.”

“We want Search Engine Marketing to be a simple process for our clients. If our customers do not find a package that suits their needs, we will customize one for them. Our approach is to earn our client’s trust and confidence by putting their needs first and providing them with exceptional SEO services beyond compare,” Bard continues.

Search Engine Marketing is for any business that wants to increase their web presence, achieve higher web rankings, increase web traffic, generate new sales leads, and maximize ROI. All business who want to transfer their web site into a high traffic lead generating machine are encouraged to visit nureachglobal.com for complete explanations of our affordable website optimization and marketing services.

About Mirna Bard

Mirna is a social media consultant, an online mentor, and a social media keynote speaker. She is also an instructor at the University of California, Irvine, where she lectures on social media, and the creator of the Social Web Success Blueprint program, a soon to be published author, and has been featured throughout the social web.


Cyber Host Pro Repatriates Servers for Better UK Search Results

Manchester, UK (PRWEB) July 10, 2008

Cyber Host Pro Ltd. (http://www.cyberhostpro.com), the award-winning UK hosting company has announce that its servers, formerly located in the U.S. in Texas, have all been repatriated to the United Kingdom.

“Although it’s less expensive to locate them in the U.S.,” says Chris Danks, Cyber Host Pro president, “virtually all of the companies whose Web sites we host are based in the UK or Europe. With the servers now located here, they’ll start to get much better results from Google and other searches.”

Danks explained that one of the criteria search engines use in ranking search results is the IP address of the Web site. If the server hosting the site is in the U.S., it will have a U.S. IP address and the first search results will be geographically skewed to North America.

In concert with the move of its servers, Cyber Host Pro has also upgraded all of its servers to Dell Poweredge 1950s — the very latest in server technology — running Windows 2008 with IIS 7.

For hosted sites, those changes mean faster performance, greater availability and reliability, and improved security.

“Among other things, these new configurations isolate each Website’s memory from that of other Websites on the same server,” says Danks. “It’s similar to VPS, but less expensive. That means if one or more Websites on the server are making particularly heavy demands on RAM, your site won’t be affected — it will still load and perform as quickly as ever.”

For added security Cyber Host Pro has also upgraded to R1Soft Backup, which makes a complete backup image, twice a day, of each hosted Website. Clients can easily review all changes made to their Websites in the past month and restore any changes with a single click. There’s no need to submit a trouble ticket or pay the hosting company for the restore.

“The typical charge to restore an SQL database is around $ 30,” says Danks. “But we provide our clients with My Little Backup and My Little Admin to manage their sites. Normally, those are expensive pieces of software, but we’ve licensed the software and provide it free to all our clients.”

Danks also points out that Cyber Host Pro has an enviable record when it comes to dealing with trouble tickets, “We officially state that most tickets are responded to within one hour. In fact, it’s usually within 15 minutes, and we also have a live chat feature that gets you online with one of our support staff in a minute, or less, most of the time.”

For providing top technology and high levels of service to its clients, Cyber Host Pro Ltd. was just awarded the Webhostdirectory.com award as the #1 UK Windows Web Hosting provider for June 2008.

Contact: Chris Danks

Tel: (+44) 0161 870 2343

URL: http://www.cyberhostpro.com

Cyber Host Pro Ltd

“Making Web Hosting Easier”

Suite 72 – Cariocca Business Park

2 Sawley Road

Manchester, UK, M40 8BB

About CyberHostPro:

Cyber Host Pro, serves the UK with state of the art, Windows 2008, 2003 and Linux Web hosting and reseller hosting, plus domain name registration and search engine submission. Our servers are 100% UK-based to optimize results from UK- and Europe-based searches.

Our shared hosting and reseller hosting plans are feature rich and backed by 24/7/365 technical support, giving your business a powerful, all-inclusive package, with no need to purchase any extras.

All web hosting and reseller plans offer a wide range of services, including email. When you select windows web hosting, our mail server offers superb integration in to Microsoft Outlook with the ability to synchronise your contact list, calendars, and tasks within Web mail, so you can access your contacts from any computer. This is a standard feature, not an extra.


Free SEO Service Poised to Do Wonders for the Economy

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) October 10, 2008

SEO, (which stands for search engine optimization), is essential if a company plans to succeed online. However, with many firms charging $ 5,000 or more a month, SEO is out of range for most small businesses. The issue is worsened by the fact that the country is experiencing an economic crisis.

Fortunately, 3eleven Creative has come up with the perfection solution for this problem. Instead of charging hundreds or even thousands for their services, they decided they would charge a price everyone could afford $ 0. For $ 0, clients receive top-notch SEO services with no further monetary obligation in the future.

“We perform the tedious SEO techniques that the big SEO firms charge you so much for. Techniques like directory submission, article marketing, link building, blog submission and social marketing. And we do this at no cost to you,” explains Arthur Cundy, company founder.

In exchange for this arrangement, clients are required to place 3eleven’s Google Adsense ads on their sites. These are pay-per-click ads that will generate commission based on the number of clickthroughs received. It is the only way the company will make money through their customers.

As far as 3eleven’s services, customers get an opportunity to take advantage of the SEO techniques used by Internet millionaires and Fortune 500 companies techniques that are often too complex and time-consuming for laymen.

For example, consider the process of link-building. If a person was to do this by themselves, they would have to spend several hours each day finding webmasters who would be willing to initiate one-way linkage arrangements. 3eleven does all this work for you.

Also consider newer techniques including social bookmarking and article submission. Both are the bane of SEO as they generate a ton of backlinks, but they are quite extensive. Not only do you have to write articles and blog posts, but you also have to submit them to the appropriate sites. Such a process could take over 40 hours a week, but with 3eleven, everything is done automatically.

Ultimately, 3Eleven is revolutionizing the very concept of the SEO firm. Through their brilliant innovation, even the smallest business can thrive during a turbulent economy.

For more information please contact Arthur Cundy of http://www.YourFreeSEO.com at 718-407-4352.

About YourFreeSEO.com

YourFreeSEO.com offers search engine optimization services such as directory submission, search engine submission, and link building for free.


Search Engine Marketing Company Submit Express Celebrates Ten-Year Anniversary

Burbank, CA, (PRWEB) November 6, 2008 –

In October of 1998, Submit Express entered the nascent search engine optimization (SEO) industry as a garage-based startup offering free SEO and search engine submission tools. Hundreds of SEO companies have come and gone since then, but Submit Express has prospered, evolving from an SEO pioneer to become a recognized leader in the fields of Internet marketing and social media marketing alongside its year-old premium service, iClimber. Today, Submit Express is very proud to announce the ten-year anniversary of its founding.

Submit Express and iClimber have achieved many notable milestones during their years of search engine marketing (SEM) service. In both 2007 and 2008, Submit Express was ranked on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing privately owned U.S. companies–the latter year with three-year sales growth of 303%. Submit Express has been the top-ranked company in Google for “search engine optimization” for eight consecutive years. Submit Express and iClimber have successfully helped over 6,000 companies–including Newegg, Samsung, Waste Management, and others–to increase their website traffic and improve their rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other major search engines. Submit Express has also provided premium search engine submission services to over 20,000 companies.

Last summer, Submit Express launched iClimber, a premium search engine marketing firm catering to larger companies in need of an intensive, full-service approach to both search engine marketing and social media optimization (SMO). iClimber combines the core Submit Express SEO services such as content writing, keyword research, link development, and international search engine optimization with innovative, leading-edge SEM and SMO services such as blogging and video optimization. Through iClimber, clients can conduct effective and precisely targeted Internet marketing campaigns that will increase website traffic and maximize return on investment (ROI).

“Over the past ten years, our staff has developed a comprehensive knowledge base of proven SEO and SEM techniques,” says President and CEO Pierre Zarokian. “That experience enables iClimber to apply unrivaled technical expertise and marketing acumen to custom design the social media campaigns of mid-size to large companies.”

About iClimber iClimber (http://www.iclimber.com) provides customized search engine marketing and social media services to corporate-level clients in highly competitive industries. For more information, call 1-888-8iclimb.

About Submit Express Submit Express offers search engine marketing services and tools geared toward small and mid-size businesses. For more information about Submit Express and its services, call 1-877-737-3083 or visit http://www.submitexpress.com. Media inquiries may be directed to Pierre Zarokian at media @ submitexpress.com or 818-567-3030 x202.


Visibility December 2008 Released

Plymouth, IN (PRWEB) December 17, 2008

The Visibility team has released the December 2008 issue of this ever so popular internet marketing magazine. This 6th edition is filled with the freshest, most relevant and thought-provoking insights, inputs and observations from the industry’s leading professionals and experts. Since its launch more than a year ago, Visibility Magazine has found a special place amongst all those who take internet marketing seriously.

As a looking glass into an industry that is continually changing, Visibility provides its readers with information that is not only timely but also crucial for development in the industry. Amongst others the December edition of Visibility includes articles like “How Google Applies Science to Search” by Kalena Jordan, a leading SEO expert in Australia, “One-Time vs. Ongoing SEO” by Rob Laporte, the founder and president of DISC, Inc. and “Optimizing ROI in Online Media Operations through Strategic Resource Scaling” by Jay Kulkarni, founder of Theorem.

The magazine also provides readers with a snapshot of the latest happenings in the internet marketing landscape in the ‘Quarterly Roundup’ section, an overview of a leading PPC campaign management software solution called Acquisio SEARCH, and an in depth t

OneStopMarketing.com Announces the Launch of its New Site for Helping Businesses Market on the Internet

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) February 4, 2009

OneStopMarketing.com announces the launch of its new website (onestopmarketing.com). The premise behind OneStopMarketing.com is simple, offer the same type of programs large corporations use to optimize their Internet presence in an easy-to-use and affordable web site. The OneStopmarketing.com web site empowers business owners the ability to market their products and services over the Internet with a program that is cost effective, easy to manage, and has guaranteed results.

A group of seasoned professional marketers and computer engineers developed the program for OneStopMarketing.com. The programs combine proprietary automated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and submission technology along with expert manual web directory and search engine submission. Jim Thompson, General Manager, stated “8 billion consumers used search engines last month, OneStopMarketing.com wanted to deliver a program that would allow small and medium sized businesses the opportunity to affordably market to these consumers.” OneStopMarketing.com offers three proven marketing programs for businesses with varying marketing budgets.

Jim further noted, “With our marketing program we also provide a free starter web site for businesses just entering the Internet market. Consumers that currently have a web site can use the additional site as a means of greater exposure as well as link to their current web site.”

One of OneStopMarketing.com’s current clients who operate a small ecommerce store had this to say: “The results I have been receiving from OneStopMarketing.com marketing program have simply been incredible. Although I am a small company, I feel like a major player. The beauty of the Internet is that I can afford to market like the big guys, the return on my monthly investment is a hundred times over.”

It is estimated that more than $ 100 billion in consumer spending was done on the Internet in 2008. That doesn’t factor any of the additional consumer research and spending driven by the Internet to conventional retail or call in sales. With approximately 95% of Internet users choosing to use search engines when attempting to locate products or services, the advantages and benefits of optimizing a business’s search engine marketing capabilities to capture a portion of this online activity are enormous.

For more information about OneStopMarketing.com’s complete Internet marketing solution, please visit http://www.onestopmarketing.com and use coupon code: PRW1FREE30 during check-out for a free 30 Day Trial of their services.

About OneStopMarketing.com:

OneStopMarketing.com is your single source for your internet marketing needs. The company offers a single, easy to implement and manage web site with traffic building utilities for the small to medium sized business.

# # #

ZipWeb and Localeze Partner to Bring Big Business Exposure to Local Businesses Online

Encino, CA (PRWEB) April 29, 2009

ZipWeb.com has partnered with Localeze.com to provide its local business clients the most effective local online presence possible. Localeze is a data aggregator that provides 85 + search engines on the internet (including Google, Yahoo and MSN) with detailed and optimized local listing information in order to assist businesses and brands in creating a far-reaching yet truly local online identity.

ZipWeb is now supplying Localeze the business listing data they collect through clients, which Localeze is then able to broadcast through their networks to more than 85 search engine partners. More than just big players such as Google and Yahoo, these partners encompass many “third-tier” search sites which comprise a significant amount of the results potential customers will find when searching for businesses online.

“ZipWeb is dedicated to not only providing clear, easy to find local listings on the web, but to making those listings pack as strong a punch as they can” said EBridge’s CEO, Mark Cave. “By incorporating the Localeze service as a value-add to our small business clients, we are able to ensure that our clients are not only more findable on the internet, but more thoroughly represented in their local markets.”

Through this partnership with Localeze, ZipWeb is now able to offer their clients rich content search results, replacing search listings that include merely a company name and phone number with detailed, targeted information. This offers ZipWeb’s clients significantly greater online visibility by making complete, accurate and findable local listing content available to potential customers, no matter where on the internet they may be searching.

“We are thrilled to offer our clients a clear, detailed and strengthened presence on the Internet and their local markets,” noted Mark Cave. By feeding comprehensive information to varied search feeds through Localeze, ZipWeb is able to offer its clients a vastly larger scope of reach on the internet while still maintaining truly local search results.


Economic Stimulus For eCommerce

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 7, 2009

OnlyBusiness.com (http://www.onlybusiness.com), the web’s most comprehensive resource for small business’ web success, is launching its own economic stimulus package: an all-inclusive suite of bundled web business packages, including custom site design, expert consultation, full Content Management System (with unlimited site changes), premium site hosting, ecommerce and search engine submission, plus numerous other tools and features, for as little as $ 39.99 per month.

OnlyBusiness.com has launched this affordable, comprehensive service so small business owners and entrepreneurs can have a web presence that is top quality in design, functionality, and marketing presence.

“Many people are looking at the economy and realizing their business needs to be more competitive than ever, or they are considering launching a business for the very first time,” said Daniel Meyerov, CEO and co-founder of OnlyBusiness.com. “OnlyBusiness.com’s launch of the bundled subscription packages allows these entrepreneurs to get a complete ‘start-to-finish’ web offering, and to compete on the web with the best quality design and services, at affordable, recession-busting prices.”

The subscription packages range from $ 39.99 – $ 89.99 for non-ecommerce sites, and $ 49.99 – $ 119.99 per month for ecommerce bundles. All packages include:

BT Business and Sage Pay Secure Online Riches

London, UK (PRWEB) June 12, 2009

BT Business has launched a new service with Sage Pay to protect small businesses from online payment fraud. The new BT eShop service will include secure online payment processing tools from Sage Pay, the UK’s largest independent Internet Payment Service Provider, to help businesses quickly set-up a secure online store and reduce the risk of fraud across all of their online transactions.

“More than two thirds of businesses admit payment fraud remains one of the most daunting elements of running an online business,” said Simon Black, managing director, Sage Pay. “BT Business has more than one million relationships with small businesses in the UK. By bringing this expertise together with Sage Pay’s knowledge of internet payment security we can now help companies take their businesses online more simply and cost effectively.”

BT eShop (http://business.bt.com/domains-and-web-hosting/web-hosting/eshop ) is a comprehensive package to enable businesses to quickly start selling products and services from their own web site without the need for software installation or any technical knowledge. It includes functionality to manage all of the back office functions that a business needs to operate a successful ecommerce operation e.g. customer orders, warehouse management, multi-language support, shipping and payment methods with a full range of marketing tools.

“Having a strong online retail presence is forming a big part of many businesses’ armoury for fighting the downturn,” said Jerry Thompson, Director Business Products and Online, BT Business. “There is a real need for a service that simplifies ecommerce and removes the administrative complexities of online payment processing for small businesses in particular. The launch of BT eShop with Sage Pay (http://business.bt.com/domains-and-web-hosting/web-hosting/eshop ) does exactly this, helping companies securely pocket their online riches”.

Businesses can get free advice on how to build a successful online presence at the week-long BT Business Experience (http://www.btbusinessexperience.com/ ) event being held from 29 June to 3 July 2009. The event taking place in central London is specifically created to show businesses how the very latest technology and business thinking can help them manage their costs, market their business more effectively and make them more competitive especially in the current environment.

Notes to editors

BT eShop is available from

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