ZippyKid Changes the Managed WordPress Hosting Space – Again

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) April 18, 2012

After analyzing more than 7,000 support requests, emails, and phone calls from the past year, it was clear that customers of WordPress hosts across the board needed a better way to manage their sites. The beta launch of MyZippyKid is up and ready to address those needs for agencies, developers, and small business owners.

MyZippyKids features span several previously unfulfilled needs, highlighted by the introduction of social sign-on. Social sign-on simplifies the traditional hosting sign up process, allowing users to start building WordPress sites with no more than their Facebook or Google account. With this, customers no longer need to pay for WordPress development environments. MyZippyKid allows customers to develop sites for free, with merely a Facebook or Google account, only seeking payment when theyre ready to take their site live.

Following in the steps of Github and other code repository sites, MyZippyKid allows multi-user collaboration as a way to accelerate website development and management. Collaboration through MyZippyKid provides the easiest way for programmers to work together on WordPress sites with the ease of an invite, side-stepping the hassle of hunting for FTP credentials and other technical jargon that programmers may request. Most importantly, for ZippyKid clients, this means never having to send sensitive information via email.

The introduction of ZippyClone provides a time saving alternative for clients who were forced to use the same base template to create multiple sites to suit specific verticals. ZippyClone allows customers to take any site on the ZippyKid system, tweak it, and launch as many copies as they want.

The WordPress community is driven by the ability to add complementary services and MyZippyKid takes that into consideration. With the click of a button, Add Ons in MyZippyKid make it simple to purchase, attach, and install complementary products such as SSL certificates, premium WordPress themes, domain names, and more.

The release of MyZippyKid comes on the heels of a new round of investment from prominent figures in the hosting community, who believe this will be the future of web hosting.

Ubiquisys Named #1 Indoor Small Cell Access Point Vendor by ABI Research

London (PRWEB UK) 30 March 2012

Ubiquisys, the developer of 3G and LTE intelligent cells, has been ranked at the top of the latest Indoor Small Cell Vendor Matrix, released by ABI Research. The matrix compares small cell access point vendors and ranks them based on a comprehensive range of criteria linked to Innovation and Implementation. It primarily covers vendor competitiveness in residential and enterprise environments, but also recognises capabilities in public access small cells.

Ubiquisys was ranked #1 overall, thanks to strong commercial momentum in winning contracts and deploying cells through its partners, which include Nokia Siemens Networks and NEC. On the innovation front, Ubiquisys has demonstrated a rapidly expanding set of customer-proven innovations, including:


Prevailing Wage Law

Prevailing Wage Law
Event on 2013-06-06 08:30:00

Discover no-hassle ways to comply with prevailing wage law – and get the job done.

Prevailing wage is a mandatory component of many public works projects. Unfortunately, the law often raises more questions than it answers. What is the prevailing wage? What paperwork do I need? How can I avoid liability and complaints? What if I need help? Let's start with this seminar.

Turn to our experienced panel and you'll get the answers you seek – and the practical guidance you need to avoid penalties and costly litigation. You'll learn the nuts and bolts of complying with prevailing wage law – minus the confusion and worries. Register now and get practical how-to's on surviving prevailing wage predicaments in your next project.

Benefits for You

  • Adhere to complex guidelines surrounding wage determination
  • Get a headache-free approach to fulfilling your apprenticeship obligations
  • Ensure you're acting in accordance with your labor compliance program
  • Sidestep common mistakes by complying with recordkeeping requirements

Learning Objectives

  • You will be able to review which projects are covered by prevailing wages.
  • You will be able to discuss how to determine the prevailing wage rate.
  • You will be able to identify strategies for compliance and limiting liability.
  • You will be able to explain apprenticeship obligations.

Who Should Attend?

This seminar is designed for attorneys, construction and project managers, owners, presidents, vice presidents, compliance officers, accountants, controllers, contractors, subcontractors, engineers and payroll professionals.

Continuing Education Units

  • CC 1.0
  • HR Certification Institute 6.5
  • HRPD 1.0
  • CPE 8.0 including Specialized Knowledge and Applications 8
  • CA CLE 6.5

Detailed Credit Information

Frequently Asked Questions

at Holiday Inn – Stadium- Mission Valley
3805 Murphy Canyon Rd
San Diego, United States

BLINQ Quartet (Brendan Reilly, Liane Carroll, Ian Shaw and Natalie Williams) feat. Gwilym Simcock, Support: The Ronnie Scotts All Stars

BLINQ Quartet (Brendan Reilly, Liane Carroll, Ian Shaw and Natalie Williams) feat. Gwilym Simcock, Support: The Ronnie Scotts All Stars
Event on 2013-05-22 00:00:00

Coming together to form a veritable jazz/soul vocal supergroup exclusive to Ronnie Scott’s – The pairing of two of the UK’s very finest jazz singer-pianists, Ian Shaw and Liane Carroll with top notch soul singers Brendan Reilly and Natalie Williams  – all 4 are individual headline performers in their own right. The band will be backed by 2011 Mercury Prize-nominee pianist Gwilym Simcock

Natalie Williams

“One of the UK’s hottest singers…she effortlessly moves from soul-diva to sensual and sophisticated jazz.”
Time Out

True artistry tends to sidestep the allure of celebrity in favour of championing itself as the sincere alternative; it’s behind the songs that tickle the emotions, whisper the deepest secrets and prove that the artist possesses a genius that’ll ensure they’re remembered as one of the shining lights of our era. This is the story of Natalie Williams – a Mobo nominated singer-songwriter whose accomplishments as one of the UK’s leading soul-jazz stars speak of a woman who understands how to combine her femininity and independence with a superior talent to create songs of love’s highs and woes that resonates with the soul.

Liane Carroll

Having been something of a stalwart of the British jazz scene for many years, Liane has in the last few years gone on to enjoy huge critical acclaim and is now considered by many to be one of the top jazz vocalists not just in the UK, but worldwide. 2009 has so far been an even busier year for Liane, and in May she released a new duo album featuring the acclaimed Scottish jazz pianist Brian Kellock.

Her eagerly awaited second solo album, 'Slow Down,' was released last year and has received superb reviews. In December, the album was picked by the Sunday Times as one of their top five jazz albums of the year. Liane appears here with her beloved trio: her husband, virtuoso bassist Roger Carey teams with drummer Mark Fletcher to create a superb rhythm section. “Close to musical perfection” Jazzwise , “World-class” John Fordham – The Guardian

Ian Shaw

BBC Award winning jazz singer, IAN SHAW returns to the club where, after hearing a recording, Ronnie Scott himself encouraged him to sing jazz. Shaw has appeared here regularly since the late eighties  "Quite simply, the best" (The Independent)

“Best Jazz Vocalist” at the BBC Jazz Awards in 2007 and 2004, Ian Shaw has already amassed a number of highly acclaimed albums and is a popular performer both in the UK and the US. An incredibly colourful character, he has been cited, along with Mark Murphy and Kurt Elling, as one of the world's finest male jazz vocalists.

at Ronnie Scott’s
47 Frith Street
City of London, United Kingdom

Fitness Boot Camp: Effective Core Training Exercises

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 23, 2012

You may think that the military isn’t for you, but if you want to act on your New Year’s resolution and get in shape, the military may be your only hope. After you ring in 2012, commit yourself to a life as a marine with a military-style workout that will send you on your way to developing your own intense workout regimen with tips for effective core training.

At Pure Power Boot Camp, there is a dedicated soldier inside of everyone, and whether you are looking to get in shape or build more muscle in the upcoming year, focusing on effective core training is key for developing a well-balanced and sculpted physique. Building a strong core can help to reduce back pain, improve posture imbalances and enhance athletic performance for better health and productivity.

Your core’s primary goal is to provide a stable platform which launches all of our movement by stabilizing the spine. The core also generates the rotational force needed for many athletic movements including throwing, swinging, striking and twisting. It is important to realize that you are only as strong as your core, and a weak core limits your strength capacity. Therefore, a great way to strengthen your core is to practice the right exercises and Pure Power Boot Camp recommends the most effective workout you can try at home.

Plank Exercise

Start this exercise with your forearms and toes on the floor while keeping your torso straight and rigid facing your body downwards. Your body should be in a straight line from ears to toes with no sagging or bending, and your head should be relaxed while looking at the floor. Slowly raise one leg five to eight inches off the floor and count to five while lifting and lowering your leg. Switch legs and do two to three set of ten reps as desired.

Basic Push Up

The basic push-up is simple and very effective for strengthening your upper body and core strength. When practiced properly, this technique can be used to strengthen muscles in the chest, shoulders, triceps, back abdominals and the legs. Start this position by getting on the floor and positioning your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Raise up onto your toes and be sure to keep your body in a straight line from head-to-toe without sagging or arching your back. Contract your abs and tighten your core by pulling your belly button toward your spine. While keeping a tight core, inhale as you slowly bend your elbows and lower yourself until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Repeat this procedure for as many repetitions as desired.

Oblique Lunge and Twist

This exercise builds lower body strength and performing a walking lunge with alternate twisting from right to left engages the quads, glutes and core while improving balance and proprioception, the reception of stimuli produced within your body. Begin this exercise by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart with your hands at your side. Step forward with your left foot into a lunge position and twist your upper body to the left from your torso, stretching your arms out to the left. Maintain a slow, controlled movement and slowly move your arms to the center and step forward with the opposite foot and twist to the other side. Continue the movement for about ten steps. Complete two steps and repeat as desired.

About Pure Power Boot Camp

Pure Power Boot Camp is a military style fitness boot camp headquartered in New York City. Since 2004, Pure Power Boot Camp consistently trains civilians in a no nonsense, yet positive setting. All platoons are taught by former military, which ensures the authenticity and highest standard of excellence. PPBC is the nation’s only indoor obstacle/confidence course.

For more information on Pure Power Boot Camp or boot camp NY training, please call 212.414.1886 or visit


Bright Medical Promotes FSAs for Cost Savings on Incontinence Products

(PRWEB) March 06, 2012

As a major provider of medical supplies, Bright Medical wants to educate the public about the advantages of using Flexible Spending Accounts for the purchase of incontinence products. Incontinence is a common problem for many adults, men and women alike. Bright Medical believes that FSAs offer a convenient way for incontinent adults to save money on the supplies they need to in order to live healthy and productive lives.

FSAs, offered through most employer-based health insurance programs by way of cafeteria plans, make it possible for employeesand their elderly dependentsto pay for certain medical expenses not covered by insurance, using pre-tax dollars. These medical expenses include products like disposable adult diapers and adult cloth diapers. While not available through Medicare, FSAs are offered by most Medicare supplement providers and Medigap plans. Today, moreover, FSA debit cards make it easy to withdraw money from FSA accounts to pay for these medical supplies.

The drawback of an FSA is that it runs out at the end of the year, and that whatever the insured party has not used will disappear. Many people do not realize, however, that its possible to pay for over-the-counter (OTC) medical items such as incontinence supplies with FSAs. This means that the use it or lose it provision can be easily side-stepped by stocking up on much-needed non-perishable medical supplies. This is especially fortuitous for those who use incontinence products on a daily basis.

Incontinence is a problem for many adults, not just the old and infirm. Many active men and women have this condition, andthanks to a wide range of excellent productsthey need not live in fear of leakage or embarrassing accidents. Similarly, those who are elderly or frail can look to products like Medlines Molicare diapers or Molicare Super Plus briefs for their daily hygiene and comfort.

Urinary Incontinence (UI) is defined as the inability to control urination, or the accidental leakage of urine. Though it affects people of all ages and genders, women are twice as likely as men to develop this condition. There are four basic types of incontinence: 1) stress incontinence, which occurs during coughing, sneezing, laughing, or lifting heavy objects, 2) urge incontinence, which is characterized by a sudden urge to urinate while sleeping, drinking water, or listening to running water, 3) overflow incontinence, which occurs when the bladder, constantly full, overflows and leaks urine, and 4) functional incontinence, which results from disabilities that prevent a person from getting to a bathroom to urinate. Another variety, overactive bladder, is a condition in which the bladder squeezes at the wrong time.

At different ages, men and women have different risks for developing UI. In childhood, girls develop bladder control earlier than boys. However, as adults, women are far more likely than men to experience UI. This is due to several things: the anatomical structure of the female pelvic area, changes brought on by pregnancy and childbirth, and the hormonal changes of menopause. Recent studies have even suggested a possible link between caffeine, menopause, and incontinence.

For men, the prevalence of incontinence increases with age, but it is not an inevitable part of the aging process. UI can be caused, in men, by the enlargement of the prostate gland. This rarely occurs before age 40; but more than half of men in their sixties, and up to 90 percent of men in their seventies and eighties, experience some lower urinary tract symptoms.

For both men and women, anything that damages the nerves can cause urination problems. Diseases that affect the brain and nervous system, such as stroke, Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, or diabetes can cause bladder problemsas can spinal cord injury.

While urinary incontinence is widespread, there are a number of high quality incontinence supplies available today. Bright Medical carries a full range of these products, and offers top brands at discount prices. In conjunction with these value-conscious prices, Bright Medical urges its customers to maximize their savings by using FSAs.

One customer recently exclaimed, I could kick myself for all the money I could have saved on taxes if Id known about FSAs earlier! Im so glad you told me!

Bright Medical stores a massive collection of top quality medical supplies that are sold online to customers across the country. Most of the products are available at a discount. Popular categories include incontinence supplies, wound care products, wheelchairs, bathroom safety assists, enteral feeding, enema bags,exam table paper rolls,patient lifts, surgical supplies,exam gloves and blood pressure monitors.

Women Unlimited Conference: Thrive 2013!

Women Unlimited Conference: Thrive 2013!
Event on 2013-03-08 09:45:00


Our conference is all about you. It's inspiring, motivating, exciting, and invigorating.  We use this day to celebrate our bravery, celebrate our successes, and celebrate each other.  

This year our theme is all about how to make your business THRIVE! in 2012.What to expect

We have an absolutely fantastic line-up, and feel truly blessed to have so many remarkable women who are willing to come along and share their stories, advice and expertise to help your business become the business that you have been dreaming of.

To be successful in business you need to have a lot of passion, self belief and a powerful vision. But you also need really practical marketing tools and techniques that will help you get the message out, get more clients and powerfully sell your business.

We get that. So we are focusing this year on practical and inspirational marketing skills that will help you get more customers, more clients and more revenue.  

All our speakers have achieved fantastic success in their own businesses will share with you what works and what doesn't. They are bringing their specialist knowledge and expertise to you in a beautifully wrapped package.What do we promise?

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll learn and you'll be inspired. At the end of it you'll be so glad that you came, you'll wish you could do it all over again.

Join us for what will be the event of the year for female business owners and entrepreneurs. Soak up the BAFTA vibe from all the successful creators that have walked the corridors before you and give your business a boost for the rest of the year.

This is your chance to THRIVE, SHINE and CELEBRATE ’growing your business your way’ whether you are just sprouting the green shoots of a start-up or harvesting the fruits of your enterprise; you won’t want to miss this unique event.WHAT TO EXPECT

You can expect a day that will leave you underpinned with sessions of practical business advice, inspiration, and motivation with women who are living their business and personal dreams.

Women Unlimited put together an incredible agenda of inspirational speakers. I highly recommend this to any woman who is thinking of becoming an entrepreneur or needs new ideas to take her business to the next level. Reet Wiseman

You will meet and make friends with the most diverse range of female entrepreneurs in the UK and find a support network that will help you grow your business and inspire you for years to come, no matter what the economical backdrop.

At Women Unlimited we understand that ‘Growing your business your way’ means growing your soft and hard skills in equal parts.  You need the passion but you also need the technical skills and our wonderful speakers at this year’s conference will help you become a true and constant ’gardener of your business.’


This year’s line-up of speakers is jam-packed with successful business women who will make you laugh, cry, challenge yourself and return to your business with a renewed sense of what’s possible. Including:- Caroline Redman Lusher

Founder of Rock Choir and Solo Artist

The pioneer of the contemporary choir phenomenon, Caroline Redman Lusher is recognised as a leader of women and as a dynamic and successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. Founder of Rock Choir and a talented solo artist in her own right, she is an inspiration to thousands of women across the UK. Caroline’s dream was realised when Rock Choir was offered a four album record deal with Universal. Caroline will be opening our event and setting the inspirational tone for the day!Wendy Kerr

Owner of Corporate Crossovers. Wendy coaches and inspires women who have left their jobs and set up their own business, and those still in their jobs who may be thinking of leaving.  She enables these women to have more focus, feel more in control and make more income. She has been on Radio 4 Women’s Hour discussing her research and has been the Career Coach in Glamour Magazine. Wendy will be giving a fabulous workshop called  ‘How to best use your time to get to a £100k per year business?’  It’s guaranteed to give you a fresh perspective on how to value your time!   Catherine Watkin

Catherine Watkin owner of Selling From The Heart is a sales expert, coach and trainer who teaches heart-centred business owners how to have effective sales conversations that lead their clients to say a resounding “Yes please!” to working with them –without being pushy or ‘salesy’.  Catherine will be sharing – Why heart-centred sales is more effective than traditional sales approaches, the 3 key elements for a successful heart-centred sales conversation and 5 cardinal rules for (effective) non-pushy sales.Anna Ostergren 

Anna combines freelance directing, acting coaching, motivational speaking, casting (TV and Film) and teaching and will be delivering an exciting practical session covering ‘Voice placement, body language and how to make an impression, in terms of presentations and public speaking.’  They don’t come any better qualified than Anna.  Just take a look at her credits. She is head of acting at CTA Academy in King’s Cross. She works bi-annually in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, where she has close ties with casting directors and agents. She has recently produced, directed and designed her own production of Much Ado About Nothing, which played to full houses and received great acclaim.Kate Hardcastle

There aren’t many people who can say they have set up their own award-winning business, are Founder of a charitable organisation and who have (amongst other things) provided backing vocals for several major recording artistes. This colourful and exciting life story belongs to Kate Hardcastle, a lady who has ridden the highs, overcome the lows and sidestepped the challenges of her life, not for material gain but to offer people around her the benefits of overcoming adversity. Kate’s drive and passion to achieve her ambitions has seen her in some challenging situations (including being very nearly kidnapped in China) but what she learns she loves to share. Her rule of thumb – Passion, Persistence, Persuasion, Patience and Politeness makes a good recipe for success. As the Queen of Customer Service Kate will be sharing her journey with us. You can find Kate at her business Insight With Passion or campaigning with Positive Image, The Charity Dreamgirls and as patron of the RSPCA.And Taking Centre Stage To  Share ’MY JOURNEY’Oma Edoja

Oma, founder and client-attraction coach, through her strategy of Get Clear Get Known Get Clients is passionate about the economic empowerment of women through entrepreneurship! She is a prolific writer, speaker, industry blogger, coach, mentor and hostess of two online radio shows for the empowerment of women. Oma speaks locally and internationally and is featured in both local and international media. A former school teacher, you will love her educational and inspirational style, infused with humour.Viv Oyolu

Viv will be sharing her story of DREAM CORNER – ‘For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a radio presenter, but I never had the confidence to pursue it, and think prior to when I got the gig, would been happy to go through life without fulfilling this dream. But through a chain of events which was written about in the Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine in July 2012, Viv’s Telegraph article, you will see that anything and everything is possible. If I in my 40s can realise my almost-30-year dream, then it’s never too late and nothing is impossible.’Keren Lerner

Keren has been running Top Left Design since January 2002. Keren is an experienced designer and an expert on usability and accessibility and using design to communicate clear marketing messages. She also regularly trains fellow business people and budding entrepreneurs in social media, blogging, the principles of good website design, creating effective email newsletters, and improving their online reputation. Keren will be sharing her tips for success, her mission to ‘clean up the internet’ and empower clients to represent and promote themselves in a way they can be proud of.Galia Orme

Galia will delight you with her success story – ‘Having worked for several years in business development, marketing and communications, dabbling in music and realising it was getting a bit late to become a Rock Chick, I discovered raw chocolate making and set up CHOC Chick in Sept 2008. After spending several months developing recipes and sourcing organic ingredients I created CHOC Chick Kits with all the natural chocolate making ingredients and simple recipes to help anyone who loves chocolate make delicious chocolates that are free from dairy, processed sugars, additives, gluten, soya and guilt! Our mission is to promote the pure goodness of chocolate in its raw state and bring the delights and benefits of natural chocolate making to everyone.’


We will have a special guest appearing before our final close out for the day. So stay tuned for this exciting announcement!!FANTASTIC NETWORKING

We are scheduling in great networking for this event!  You will have multiple opportunities to network with each other and our speakers during the conference.  We believe that meeting and engaging with other women who are experiencing the same challenges and successes as you are can be extremely heartening and motivating, so take this opportunity to meet and learn from each other as much as possible. WHEN WHERE AND HOW MUCH!

Date: March 8th, 2013 (International Women’s Day)

Time: Registration and refreshments from 9:00, conference from 9:45 – 5:00pm

Where: BAFTA 195 Piccadilly

How much: £95 Early Bird (includes lunch and all refreshments)

For those of you who would also like an opportunity to exhibit we have 4 x tables available in the David Lean Room (at price of x 1 ticket).

This really is going to be a FANTASTIC day, so give yourself and your business a boost and book your ticket today.

The Women Unlimited conference will empower you to take your business to the next level, while introducing you to a community of intelligent, ambitious like-minded women who are all overcoming the challenges and enjoying the rewards of running a business.

at British Academy of Film & Television Arts (BAFTA)
195 Piccadilly
Piccadilly, United Kingdom Reflects on Emmy Awards, SPCP Report to Give Real People Reason to Consider Permanent Makeup

Park City, UT (PRWEB) February 22, 2012

The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals says a secret weapon called permanent makeup has made the lives and looks of celebrities easier to manage. The SPCP reports that Wynonna Judd, Raquel Welch and Dolly Parton (among others) have all benefited from the procedure, which is known by many names.

That, in combination with the recent Emmy Awards, has caused to address the topic of permanent makeup a.k.a. micropigmentation, permanent cosmetics or cosmetic tattooing. In a free online article, the site gives real people (a.k.a. non-celebrities) reason to consider how it can benefit them.

While we jokingly start off by describing the messy-morning-after look many women face as they stand in front of their bathroom mirrors, explains Shawn Miele for, there are a wide range of other reasons to consider permanent makeup. Coverage for scar tissue on the face or breasts is just one of them.

According to, micropigmentation services are now offered at day spas, clinics and plastic surgery offices nationwide. Beyond bringing color to the eyes, cheeks and lips, the procedure offers cosmetic camouflage benefits which minimize the emotional scars patients in recovery from breast reconstruction and other surgeries struggle with.

During micropigmentation, or the permanent makeup, process, says Miele, organic pigment is deposited below the skins surface. That color then lasts and lasts. Its like facial tattooing with a super slender needle. Practitioners use fine punctures to push the pigment into place wherever it will most benefit their clients.

The SPCP confirms that permanent makeup can be used in a myriad of ways. It can lift the burden of drawing on eye brows for older patients whose eye sight may be failing and hands are less steady than they were in their youth. It can correct facial scars caused by dog bites which might otherwise make a person highly self-conscious.

Permanent makeup has also helped women (and men) side step the ritual task of spending time, money and energy on topical products cosmetics purchased and applied on a regular basis only to smear, fade or get washed away during the day.

Cosmetic makeup options include permanent eyeliner, eye brows, lip color, full face application and more. Yet, unlike topical products or temporary beauty agents like Botox