Baidu hit list on April 22

Baidu hit list on April 22
Want to know the hottest search terms of the day? The Global Times complies the top 5 daily items searched on China's leading engines Baidu and Sogou and links to related news and latest analysis. You may also like Sogou hit list on April 22 · E-mail …
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Chinese Paid Search Report – Q1 2013
Minority Players – Overview and analysis of the competitive strengths and weaknesses of Google, Sogou, and Soso, and the outlook for each to grow or maintain share in the China market. Advertiser Spending Trends – Advertiser Q1 2013 spending trends …
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Earth Day Logos From Google & Bing While Chinese Search Engines Show
But as many of you know, China had a major earthquake yesterday killing almost 200 people and injuring an astonishing 11,000 plus people. So while Baidu and Sogou, Asian based search engines typically have earth day logos – today they have …
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Sogou hit list March 20

Sogou hit list March 20
Sina Weibo user “changchunguomao” posted on March 18 that the famous Japanese pornographic movie star Aoi Sora might get endorsement fees worth around 10 million yuan ($ 1,610,000) for promoting the products of a Chinese company. This payment …
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Sogou hit list March 21
Officials from Hengchuan county, Henan Province denied rumors they had deliberately lit a blaze that erupted on January 19 during a photo shoot. The officials claimed the fire was caused by one of their party's discarded cigarettes, according to the …
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Sogou hit list March 7
The Times Higher Education released its new list of top universities by reputation on March 4. The top three universities are Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and University of Oxford. Two Chinese mainland universities …
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China Blog #9 : The TV Show

I went on a Chinese TV show about a month ago, here is some footage from that experience. Me on twitter: my other youtube channel:
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Pandino Sveikas, Sveiki þakkir Filmbay Þaðfkert Lehe (Ems) 내 멧 Caroy

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China Will Be Second Largest Online Advertising Spender by 2014

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (PRWEB) August 10, 2012

A new forecast this week by eMarketer says that China will overtake the UK as the world’s second largest online advertising spender by 2014. The forecast says that Chinese spending on online advertising will hit $ 11.78 billion against the UK’s $ 11.25 billion. The USA is projected to spend $ 52.8 billion by 2014.

eMarketer summarize the reason for the rapid expansion in spend to the huge growth in the Chinese middle class which are the economy’s consumers. China has over half a billion internet users. It also says that the entire Asia-Pacific region will overtake Europe as the second largest online advertising spending region in the world in 2013. It’s projection says that Asia Pacific will spend $ 33.57 billion against Europe’s $ 31.17 billion and North America’s $ 50.02 billion.

Michael Chen of, an Online PR agency focused on bringing Asian businesses to western markets says, This online advertising spending in China is currently mainly with Baidu though there are some smaller alternatives such as Soso and Sogou. Chinese businesses are just starting to understand their metrics that allow them to roll out online advertising campaigns profitably. The opportunity is huge as the middle class is craving better services and products.

By the end of 2012 online ad spending around the world is predicted by eMarketer to be $ 107.33 billion which is approximately 20% of total ad spend for all media around the world. The UK will be the major trend-bucker as online advertising will be around 33% of the total ad spend in 2012. Latin America is also seeing rapid growth in this area mainly due to Brazil’s robust economic growth.

David Twigg of Online Marketing Specialists OMC: The growth of online advertising around the world at the current rate of 20% per annum is going to continue. Platforms are getting more sophisticated and creating more opportunity for companies that get good advice. The Adwords platform offers fantastic value to businesses when leveraged correctly, media buys can offer incredible brand exposure quickly and there are a growing number of new platforms that can offer microniche targeted advertising to a qualified audience.

Without doubt the freight train that is Online advertising will not be slowing down anytime soon.