The Answer. A Search for Meaning

Music: Corrinne May with video except “We have many questions, many restless inquiries, yet we are not satisfied with human answers. God provides answers in …
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Mexico's 'Crisis Of Disappearance': Families Seek Answers

Mexico's 'Crisis Of Disappearance': Families Seek Answers
At a weekly meeting at a downtown Monterrey human-rights center, relatives of the disappeared hold hands and pray. There is no shortage of heartbreaking stories here, says Sister Consuelo Morales Elizondo. Maximina Hernandez's 23-year-old son, …
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Hopkins team explains owls' head-turning abilities
In humans, the same arteries touch bone. "We thought maybe there was one answer; what we found is there are many answers," Gailloud said, adding that owls have developed redundant features over time. "So even if one trick does not work at some point, …
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How Will the Salvatores Handle Dark Elena? The Vampire Diaries Boss
The Vampire Diaries Boss Answers That and More! Zoom … So for us, Elena as a human that had an infinite amount of compassion and humanity, to let her be vampiric with abandon wouldn't sit right with us – but we knew we wanted to see that. So we had …
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(PRWEB) August 22, 2003

“It’s the start of a new football season and my son is visiting his local team this week could I arrange for a message to be displayed on the message board for his birthday?” Not if you are trying to communicate with Manchester city who didn’t answer their phone at all during a recent mystery caller study.

Performance House Ltd carried out a study across the premiership football teams to test their response on their main switchboard telephone number; we found a gulf in the level and effectiveness of service. Many of the clubs employ long winded and quite tedious automated response systems (e.g. Arsenal and Liverpool) whilst others offered a much more approachable and friendly service with a real life human to answer the telephone calls (e.g. Bolton, Charlton and Portsmouth).

Charlton are top of the league through their friendly and helpful staff that answer the phone directly and are genuinely helpful and informative, assisting us with all of our enquiries to a satisfactory conclusion. You can see from the league positions that the football giants like Man United, Liverpool & Chelsea have a lot of work to do to ensure all their potential fans, supporters and ‘spending customers’ can communicate with the clubs in and receive the expected quality of response.

Why Did People Refuse to Abandon Their Dogs?

Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) October 12, 2005

Animal lovers expressed outrage when people affected by Hurricane Katrina were forced to leave behind beloved pets.

As a horrified world watched images of small dogs being snatched from crying children’s arms, it served as a wake-up call that for many, the love and assistance of dogs is necessary for their survival. The importance of dog-human relationships can no longer be dismissed as trivial, glibly ridiculed, or laughed away.

Shedding light on why the bonds between people and dogs have become such a strong current impacting American lifestyles and happiness, best-selling authors Allen and Linda Anderson share true stories, insights, and glimpses into canine-human history in their new anthology, the latest in an ongoing series, “Angel Dogs: Divine Messengers of Love” (New World Library). With a foreword by The Today Show’s resident dog-lover, Willard Scott, “Angel Dogs” contains the most remarkable and beneficial accounts of human-dog relationships from thousands the Andersons have received, from winners of the 2004 Angel Dogs Contest, and from their personal experiences.

65 million dogs live in 39 percent of U.S. households; New York City residents share their lives with 20 million dogs. Movies, books, and Internet dating sites herald the tendency for dogs to be instrumental in bringing humans together as friends, lovers, and everything in-between. Recent scientific findings show that humans and dogs share a similar genetic structure. “Angel Dogs’ presents dramatic true accounts that demonstrate how much life is enriched because dogs and humans seem to instinctively understand each other. Celebrating dogs in mythology and art, the book highlights the dog-human relationship growing over the centuries into intensely satisfying physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual connectedness.

The book includes information about new research on dogs’ abilities to save lives, sniff out cancerous tumors, warn epileptics of impending seizures, and return to human companions in times of need.

Some stories in “Angel Dogs” are touching and others humorous, but they all express what most dog-lovers already know: there is nothing like the unconditional love and loyalty of a dog to see you through tough times and to help you enjoy the good times.

Stories in “Angel Dogs” that illustrate why people love their dogs include:

–Tequila, a dog who brought two young people together and later, prevented their toddler from suffering a serious injury,

–As in the Animal Planet show about inmates training dogs to become companion animals, a deaf prisoner experiences his first success in life through the trust, love, and service of Hershey, a Lee County Sheriff’s Department Cell Dog, whom he trains for adoption,

–Cpl. J. R., a retired Marine Corp officer’s dog, uncovers the neglected grave of a soldier who amazingly has the same name as the dog – reminding us all to never forget those who gave their lives for others,

–Zeke, a newly adopted dog, saves the life of a newborn who has stopped breathing during the night,

–Haley, a therapy dog, makes the difference for a teenager recovering from cancer,

–A musician celebrates the late-in-life relationship between his father, a Tennessee college football coach, and his dog by writing a popular country song about them,

–From the afterlife, the dog Freckles comes to the aid of an officer assigned to guard Air Force One.

The stories are followed by short meditations to help readers focus on the divine messages dogs deliver. Each chapter closes with an “Ask Taylor” column that contains a question posed by curious humans and answered from the doggy point of view of Taylor, the Andersons’ yellow Lab.

ANGEL DOGS by Allen and Linda Anderson

October 10, 2005 * Animals/Pets * Trade Paper * 256 Pages * Price: $ 13.95 * ISBN 1-57731-493-X


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Palomonte Jó napot Hebrew Filmbay (torda) תודה Leer 나 맴 Ard

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Religion in Human Evolution, part 8: the invention of reason

Religion in Human Evolution, part 8: the invention of reason
Reason and faith can go hand in hand, not in terms of answering scientific questions which myths do not adequately address but rather in examining how humans do, can and should live. Recommend? (14); Responses (1); Report · Share; Close. Link to this …
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Arrigoni's Murder Trial in Gaza: Answers Not Just a Verdict
… in a world ruled by sheer interests and military might. Yes, justice for Vittorio Utopia Arrigoni is paramount, but we expect the Gaza government to hand down more than a verdict, but answers to those trying to kill Vittorio's dream—along with our …
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Trickle down
Perhaps we shouldn't be swayed by the emotional testimony of one grieving father and should instead put our faith in researchers who use the fact-based world of science to make humanity bigger, faster, stronger, smarter. Lance Armstrong … Where do …